The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 33

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Chapter 33 – The loli saves the shota

[Shit! Why are there so many magical beasts here?! It’s fortunate that I have not been discovered for so long…..] The little boy naively rejoiced, and felt proud of his agility and quick reactions.

[Yup, I’m definitely a genius that could only be found every hundred years………]

But the little boy would never know the truth. The higher ranked magical beasts have already discovered the golden-haired chibi escaping from the home, but due to the events during the afternoon where they gossiped with the little white tiger, everyone recognized this little male creature as the roasting meat lass who kidnapped him to ‘teach’ (?!) him……. The husband of a friend must not be targeted……

Well, she was just barely considered as a friend, since they did interact with each other for the past few months.


Thus, thanks to Sue, the group of magical beasts did not really try and hunt the little boy, and at most they tried to roar at him loudly to scare him, while snickering inwardly to laugh at the little girl’s weak ‘teaching’ skills to her mate. Letting the male running away after dragging him back to the base……

Fedrus obviously did not know that he had been unwittingly categorized as the little girl’s victory loot , and certainly did not know that this dangerous area was actually the safest. If he continued to run out and meet the ordinary magical beasts who did not associate with Sue…….

After hiding in the grass for a long while, he felt that there was no more danger in his surroundings, and the little boy lightly parted the grass and stood up to survey his surroundings quickly…….

[Okay! There doesn’t seem to be any threats around me!]

With a sigh of relief, the chibi continued to run away with his life on the line.

But things were not so fortunate for him in the upcoming event. A familiar web of vines appeared in front of where Fedrus was running to……


The chibi was caught by the vine web which quickly closed around him, and the flurry of red colored roots kept coiling around him. The merfolk elites were also troubled right in this area, and ultimately saved by that wooden card. But Fedrus was not an elite and there was also no one to help him out……

“The Elven king above!” He was frightened out of his wits, not expecting this terrible event to happen after a smooth journey.




There was one magical beast who followed him to relieve its boredom was also going crazy. It wanted to scare the chibi one more time without hurting him, but it was at the murder scene now…….. Was the little lass going to think that it did it and cancel his roasting meat privilege permanently?!

The blood vines was not a big threat to the magical beasts if they did not enter their field, and this beast was not a fire or wind elemental beast that could counter it. This beast was an agility expert……. but it could not be used right here!

So it tried to roar loudly to send a SOS message with good intentions. Sadly, Fedrus lost all hope and felt bitter after hearing its cry, and tears gathered in his eyes. Not only did a plant was after him, there was another magical beast too?!

A little figure descended from the sky: “Repeating wind slash!”

A flurry of flashing lights cut everywhere on the vines with blinding speed. The slashes accurately cut off the vines, and with the howling whistles from the sharp blade, the robust blood vines were cut into pieces with any further movements. Fedrus felt the white lights nearly blinded him, and with several of the cuts stroking his skin, he wondered if he was going to be cut up like the blood vines….. into equal pieces.

“Xiao Bai!”

After keeping the dagger away from her hand, the little girl who appeared like a miracle yelled again. The intimidating tiger seemed to appear from thin air, and flew towards Fedrus with constant meowing. He felt his collar was pulled up and his entire body was lifted up into the air, then thrown upwards…….

This was the first time he flew…… Shit! This was flying?!

The white tiger swished his tail with a delighted meow, and caught Fedrus accurately with a spin to counter the weight, and brought him away from the ground.

Sue decisively chose to retreat before the blood vines from the sidelines surrounded them, and quickly brought out the broom and jumped on it……. She was too familiar with the habits of the plants

The beast on the ground saw everything and was relieved after it saw her rescue the little boy successfully. It was lucky that the situation did not turn towards a tragic end.

Fedrus was still frightened but surprised when he rode the white tiger back to the safety zone. He had thought that she was nothing more than a sham, but she looked like she was stronger than him even during the time when he was not poisoned.

But when he thought about it, he did not feel it was too strange since she lived in this forest, and without any real capability she could not have survived this place…….



“Little bro……..” Sue was riding nearby on the broom, deciding to inform the chibi about the Lin Family Rules.

“I’m older than you!” Fedrus immediately reacted.

“……….” ****! Sue’s mouth twitched, and she checked the boy’s age. It looked like he was a little bigger than her…….. “Cough! Then what is your name?!”

“………. Fedrus! Fedrus Enselba Calsprints!” The chibi said his full name gravely and waited for the girl to be stunned…..

“Ho! Then little Fed……..”

“Fedrus!” He was going crazy: “Do you not know the meaning of my name?!”

Clasprints was the royal name of the Tobias kingdom, and anyone with a little common sense would have heard of that name. The chibi was pretty much useless and nothing more than a royal trophy now, but he still wanted to try and raise his status from his identity after witnessing Sue’s prowess.