The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 32

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Chapter 32 – Go ahead and run, steamed bun

A successful cure had to be more than just the person keeping his life intact. The more important aspect was to recover from the injuries and get rid of the side effects. Even if the person managed to recover……… but the side effects from the injury still remained, it was truly a fate worse than death.

Having to spend a lifetime living as a useless person……. Not everyone’s dream was to merely seek the satiety of satisfying his stomach and lived happily ever after like a leech. This was especially true for a man, or to be more exact, a noble future man of high status, and so the boy was deeply conflicted and highly depressed.

The little boy was angry, the little boy felt hopeless, and the little boy bit his pale lips and opened his puppy starry eyes wide open at Sue. He looked so weak like he was a female protagonist filled with innocent tears in a beautiful and tragic tale……..


“…… Doncha look at me like that, I already tried my best.” Sue felt uncomfortable, like she was a surgeon who just came out from surgery to deliver bad news to the family.

“T-there should be a way right?!” The little boy’s frail body shook a few times, and Sue thought he would fall over, but he stood tall with sheer determination and asked.

“It’s nearly impossible!” Sue thought for a while, and she decided to tell the truth: “There are two ways to let you recover. One would be getting the formula of the original poison and show it to me, and I will try to counter it. The second option is to make a Holy ranked antidote….. I have the formula, but the problem is getting the ingredients; it is roughly the same difficulty of conquering the entire continent…….. Are you sure you want to believe in miracles?!”

There was no need to try extracting the poison forcefully. Never mind about the little boy being in a terrible state of health right now, even if he was in top condition……… This abnormal method was only used on tanking roles in the game, and there are many restrictions as well as having a high HP pool as a must. With the current stats of the boy, even if he was to train till he was a hundred years old, he might still not meet the requirements………..

And because of that cruel fate, the little boy tried escaping in the middle of the night. It was difficult to guess if he wanted to sneak back to the palace to find a solution, or whether he went to seek death because of his hopeless situation.

The little white tiger who went back to a small size flicked his tail and meowed quietly.

The little girl opened her eyes and listened to the sounds that the boy tried to suppress with his best efforts, and she sighed: “Kids are always so audacious, thinking they are able to do anything they want to……..” She was also innocently stupid when she was young.

“Meow~?” The little white tiger flipped his body, and twisted his body with his four claws in the air on Sue’s soft stomach.

“You’re asking why I’m not helping him?!” Sue stretched out her grubby fingers and scratched his belly. She thought for a while before blinking: “To be completely honest, I really don’t know what I’m thinking….. What is this world to me?! I simply just want to go back home…….. ”

She did not think that she would have travel to a parallel world, but she did.



She did not think she would go to a strange world alone, but she did.

No one had ever asked what Sue thought of her situation, and in the end she had to grudgingly accept everything. To use an artistic description of the bullshit she suffered so far, it would be….. F***!

She only wanted to return to her world, what did the sinister plans brewing in the continent have anything to do with her!

The movements in the tree below her gradually moved away from her. The little boy had successfully escaped, congratulations! …….. Sue’s lips twitched at the corners, and she flipped over on her bed to look at the dark sky above her in the treehouse’s window —- The moon was dark and there were strong winds. It was a good day to murder someone, and perhaps when the magical beasts come looking for her tomorrow they would be carrying a specific dead chibi?!

“Meow, meow~” The little white tiger was lonely once again, the person he was talking to was obviously distracted, and he unhappily scratched her elbow with his extended claws.

[Hey! Can you be more professional when we’re talking!]

After a long silence, the little white tiger who was in the little girl’s wondered if she had somehow fallen asleep.

There was a low roar from the magical beast in the forest, and it was a common thing in the night. Not all the beasts hunted in the daytime, in fact there were more magical beasts who were more interested in hunting in the night……….

“Let’s go!” She suddenly sat up from the bed with force, and she lifted the little white tiger by the nape and grabbed the broomstick with the other hand, grinding her teeth: “This damned brat! People who get raised by me have to be prepared, my house rules are especially strict!”



“Meow, meow, meow!!” The little white tiger struggled in violence as he was thrown into her shirt, and he sneezed as the cold air from outside the house froze his nose, then the wind started to whistle in his ears as they flew out……..

[The long night is certainly boring, but going out to see the moon during this timing is a little inappropriate hey!]

Fedrus had never felt so troubled before. (TL: 亚斐德 – Direct TL pronunciation Yafeide)

He merely drank a few mouthfuls of specially made fruit wine, but he had to leave early because of a dizzy spell.

He merely slept in his room for a night, but when he woke up he was poisoned fatally and found himself in the Magical Beast Forest.

He met a strange little girl and kept his life, but her conclusion was so bad that he could not accept it.

It was only a birthday banquet, why did the world change so much when he opened his eyes?!

From a talented magician who was adored by everyone, turning into trash with the blink of an eye, and the most frightening thing that he heard was how he learned that he was unable to recover from it in his lifetime?! …….. No way! It must have been the bumpkin girl’s weak healing skills!

He should have thought of it sooner, a little wench who was smaller than her could never be that amazing!

He still had a teacher, his royal father and mother, as well as the entire magical council. He did not believe that he was unable to recover his entire lifetime……… If he could go back, then everything will be fine…….


A beastly roar could be heard nearby, and shocked the running Fedrus into a stumble. He tried to gather his mana, but found that he was unable to gather even a little of it……. But even if he did, so what?! A small fire or wind blade could not harm the magical beasts even a little in this forest.

Fedrus’s body trembled and shrank into a heap. He tried to hide himself in the tall grass and holding his breath. He was full of courage when he ran out of the huge tree’s area, but now that courage had almost faded by now…………

Chapter 33 – The loli saves the shota

[Shit! Why are there so many magical beasts here?! It’s fortunate that I have not been discovered for so long…..] The little boy naively rejoiced, and felt proud of his agility and quick reactions.

[Yup, I’m definitely a genius that could only be found every hundred years………]