The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 31

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Chapter 31 – Go ahead and sleep~


The tiger looked like it was pleased when it found the chibi it picked up was awake. It was even more surprising for the tiger when he realized that he was the only living creature beside Sue and him, who was not frightened inside the safety zone.

Sue also discovered the boy’s special exception early on. He did not show any fear of running away. But maybe it was a human trait?! Or perhaps there was something special about the Tobias family or something……. In the novels, some of the old royal family were descendants of some gods or something, which was also good for deceiving the commoners about how special they were…….

The white tiger circled around him in curiosity, but the latter kept his distance in fear. It was mostly because the tiger had become a impressive figure that towered over the chibi. It looked like the tiger was a splendid figure…… except, it would be better if did not act like a cat meowing.

“W-what’s this?!”


The boy who was shaking like a leaf in the wind finally asked a question, but it was out of fear and not curiosity.

Sue smiled: “don’t worry, this is a cat. It’s just that it over-matured a little, really!” When it comes to a child’s education, a white lie was sometimes very necessary.

“…………..” My ass!

The little boy was trembling so much that he nearly did not roll his eyes, how did she not feel embarrassed for saying something such a lie that could not even fool a child?! Which cat could grow up to be so big!

“Meow meow?!” The huge white tiger circled around the boy who nearly fainted out of fear, and tried to communicate with him excitedly.

“Go ahead and talk with the cat, I’ll be done very soon.” The little miss also tried to support their friendship.

“……………..” Talk?! How? I don’t know cat speak!

The little boy was deeply conflicted.

After ten minutes under this terrifying and depressing atmosphere, the little boy was already tired from the distress. Sue finally completed the first potion.

“Try this.” After cooling the medicine, she passed a bottle to the boy and dusted her hands to look at him from the sides, awaiting for the results.

The little boy licked his lips, his pretty face bunching up when he received the potion…….. He did not like medicine!

Once he chugged down the potion, the boy realized the taste was not as bad as he thought, and so he calmed down a little: “It doesn’t feel any different from the previous potions you gave me………” It was apparent from the question…………. If it had the same effect, why did she have to make a new batch and let him drink it?!

“Stupid! This potion completely removes the status of persistent bleeding!” One restores blood, one cures it….. Tsk! A brat obviously could not recognize the good stuff!

The little boy could feel that he did not regress and the blood was returning to his face.



“Ah! It’s true!” The little boy was excited.

“………. Alright, go ahead and sleep!” She kept the crucible and wanted to take a walk when she realized her sleeves were pulled by someone again. When she looked down, it was still the brat who looked expectantly at her: “Then how about the remaining poison in me?!”

Indeed, she only removed one condition, but his affected stats and weak condition were still there. Even though he was out of the danger zone, he was not cured yet. However, his heart was filled with the hope for the future and was confident in Sue’s aid.

“You have to be prepared for the worst. I don’t think your stats can be easily cured.” Sue thought for a while and informed the little boy.

Her goal was to keep him alive so it was more than sufficient when she cured that ailment. It was one of the easiest side effect to cure, like it was a common cold, so it was easy for her to do so. But the other two conditions were not fatal and there was no real benefit to her if she cured him……. At most the brat would not have a shining future.

The dukes in the royal family had it easier than the king. At most it was just some menial task for the kingdom and go overseas to enjoy the culture over there, unlike the king who had to look after the country and stay in the royal castle his entire life and hardly go out…….. Except during warring periods where the dukes had to go out to the frontline and might accidentally sacrifice themselves for the greater good, or maybe marry some ugly girl from a background as a political chip, or as a hostage, or…….

[But the Tobias kingdom’s current situation is currently pretty good, right?!]

Sue thought she at least secured him a future, but she did not spot the boy’s face which immediately paled.

The boy was clear about his own body and his reactions were definitely much slower than before, and he could not even invoke the most basic of magic spells……. And he had to live like this his entire lifetime?!



The little boy felt like doomsday had happened, and his shivering lips parted: “You said that I cannot be cured?!”

[You’re lying to me right?! Didn’t this bumpkin girl make a potion that was pretty effective!? Why won’t she continue to make more potions?!]

“It’s not that I cannot cure it, it’s just difficult to do so.” Sue pondered for a while and try to use a simple explanation that even the brat can understand: “Let me put it this way, you should be out of danger now, but I’m not sure if it’s a single poison or multiple combinations. These two side effects are more complicated and the person who poisoned you obviously did not care whether you died or not, but at the very least, he or she wanted you to have a frail body to prevent you from inheriting positions or something…….”


Chapter 32 – Go ahead and run, steamed bun (TL: Title might be changed.)

A successful cure had to be more than just the person keeping his life. The more important issue was to recover from the injury and get rid of the side effects. Even the person managed to recover……… if there were side effects that were left behind, it was a fate worse than death.