The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 – Young lady, make your move

The merfolks avoided the land but they are not naive.

The team leader quickly guessed the reason why they were stopped…… It was most likely because they discovered the prince was missing.


A even more stringent possibility was the royal family’s magicians had already used magic to determine the rough location of the prince, so this region was naturally designated to be a point of interest……

Under this situation, should he tell the truth?!

Right now there were complicated circumstances. It was hard for them to prove their innocence, and they had no idea who the real culprit who poisoned the prince was.

Even if they told the truth, they might not believe that the merfolks were free from culpability. Even if they did believe in their innocence, they were unable to guarantee that the people who stopped them were people from the mastermind……. Under these unclear conditions, answering without thinking would be seeking their own deaths!

The merfolks gestured at each other and instantly formed a silent agreement.

“Certainly!” The merfolks chose to be silent and careful………..

Sue waited in loneliness for another two hours in the forest. If she chose to set out of the forest, there might be a serious outcome where she did not meet the merfolks as they returned, but if she chose to continue to stay, it appeared as if the merfolks seemed to have completely forgotten about the poor sleeping prince?!

“Tsk! They abandoned him already right.” Sue sighed. The boy was already about to be released from the petrification, and she hesitated whether to continue to petrify him or to go on a strike and stop.



“S…….. Save me………” The boy’s face was pale and his lips were dark, weakly mumbling and his whole body was shivering in a heap. It was evident he was in great pain even when he was unconscious.

[Save you?! I need a huge budget to save you, and even after then there might be twouble from behind the scenes. This transaction cannot be sealed just like that, I have to consider whether I can ensure my safety in this world…….] Sue yawned while supporting her chin. (TL: Sue says Trouble with a lisp on purpose.)

“Save…… me……”

[Hmm, who’s pulling my clothes?!]

When she lowered her head to look at the unconscious—- uhh, the boy actually woke up from the pain and was looking at her with wet puppy eyes…….

[Ack, staph it pwease, I’m still a loli, I’m not suitable to be seduced at this age……]

Sue had massive amount of perspiration forming up —- If this brat continued to sleep she did not have too much pressure as to save or leave him to die. But now that he had woken up, she would feel guilty if she just watched him waste away to death!

What was appropriate for this situation?! Sue spoke with mixed feelings:

“Erm, do you want to sleep for a while again?!”



Sue wanted to slap herself, this line was of awful quality!

Perhaps it was hard for the boy to lose consciousness again after waking up from the pain…… He was a little more alert, and he pulled and gripped the corners of Sue’s clothes even tighter, with huge beads of cold sweat on his forehead: “Please…… save me!”

The physique of the young boy was good. Even though the poison would have taken more than half his HP bar, he was able to wake up and jerk Sue’s clothes with a strong strength.



“Little boy, it’s not that older sis here don’t wanna save you! It’s because I’m lacking the herbs…… ” Sue tried to explain: “Look, your own body condition is just terrible right now, if I’m going to remove the poison by force your HP won’t be able to support it. But if I don’t remove the poison I can only handle the side effects…… I think the person who poisoned you is rich, and the stuff that the person used can’t be that weak either!”

“…….. Save me………..”

Reasoning was reasoning, but Sue forgot that children typically did not use reason. They were typically good at fawning and being shameless. They would not understand and could care less about the complicated logic behind the reasons……

“Save me……”

“……” Sue swallowed a pint of manga blood that was surging up: “How about this, I’ll sing a lullaby for you and you can continue to sleep for a while……. Urgh, you look like you disagree with this suggestion with your eyes, then how about a bedtime story?! Sleeping beauty, alright?!”

The little boy grabbed onto her sleeves with determination and would not let go: “Save me……”

“……… Are you a telephone recorder!”

[Looks like I have to make a move, otherwise this guilt will torment me. and the key thing is, this kid isn’t easy to lie to.]

Sue silently drank her bitter anger, and took out a set of red potions with a face full of tears: “If you find that your body is weak just drink one potion a little at a time……. Be good! Remove your hands, I’ll try and make a potion!”

The bottles were laid in front of the boy, and the little girl finally regained her freedom. She quietly stood up and laid the crucible up and prepared to make the potion.

She could not determine the types of poison in the brat, and could only judge from the symptoms…….. Persistent loss of blood, weakening, stats reduction but it seemed there was no speed reduction…….

[Tsk! This is quality stuff with multiple combinations!]

The best way to cure the poison was obviously a holy potion, which could remove all status ailments. The problem was she did not have the herbs, so she could only try to remove the side effects, even if it was just one or two of them.

Moonstone, sanctified grass, black lotus, and other herbs…… She brought out the necessary ingredients, slicing, grinding and squeezing the sap out….. The little boy watched quietly as he discovered that she was trying to help him.

It was fortunate that he did not ask questions on what she was doing or where the ingredients came from, Sue hated satisfying the curiosity of other people. Some of the brats out there asked too many ‘Why?’ and ‘But Why?……. And sometimes when there were questions that were too embarrassing or they could not answer, the feeling was enough to make anyone go crazy……..

Preview of Chapter 31

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