The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 3

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[It’s this tree after all……]

Sue stroked her round chin with her short fingers, and added rocks to mark the spot where the animals gathered at the border earlier.

“Then this is the legendary safety zone!”

“Meow!!!” The ignored little white tiger who just experienced near death pawed at the ground to display its anger.

“Good kitty, goooood kitty~” Sue praised the cat without reserve and threw a bowl of pet feed. The white tiger immediately became spineless and changed its focus.

“Our situation appears to be a little troubling right now, but I believe all these will pass soon enough, what do you say?!”

“Meow meow mewww~” The little white tiger’s eyes shone brightly. The pet feed came just at the right timing as it ran itself to starvation earlier. And so it pounced over to the bowl and buried its head into the bowl and refused to get up.


“Tasty?!” Miss Sue inquired with a smile.

“Meow~” The white tiger called out with a fine voice with its whiskers shaking hard from eating. Sue used her small hands to scratch its head. Right now this little cat tiger was feeling so comfortable that even its tail was raised up, how was it supposed to listen to what the little girl was saying in its ears?!

“I knew that you would understand my plight, then the scouting job is up to you now…..” Sue cheerfully watched the the little tiger eat happily.

“Mew, mew~mew~” The tiger sold itself without knowing it.

Sue’s stomach grumbled in a lonesome manner. The little girl used her fist to press against her stomach and looked back at the little tiger who did not notice her actions from eating. Her joyous smile became even bigger……. Eat, eat! When you look back you will have much to digest!

Even if it was just an animal, since it became her pet, it needed to learn that nothing in this world was free…….

Uhh…. Actually this pet feed could probably be eaten by people too………

The little tiger regained its energetic spirit after eating the food, and quickly forgotten the bad memory where it was thrown into the forest filled with magic beasts.

The cat started to walk leisurely on the ground to digest the food. It then curiously found that there was suddenly a circle of rocks that was not there from earlier. And so with its thirst for knowledge, it naturally pawed at the rocks and after studying it for a while, it raised its little head and mewed at the girl…..

“Good kitty~ you don’t need to express curiosity that is out your IQ comprehension scope kay~.” Sue petted the white tiger with full of smiles.

The little tiger’s head was filled with black lines. (TL 1: Related to Japanese manga, but a quick example, -.-||| )

A safety zone, this strange tree, a young saint beast that regained its strength, high level equipment and various materials….. These were Sue’s current assets.

What should she do now to get food from this forest filled with dangerous magical beasts?!

Sue held her chin with both of hands and thought about it for a long time, and finally chose a solution that was more likely to be doable.

She patted the dust off from her body, and dug around in her bracelet’s space. She quickly found the elite set of Combined Alchemy Tools from the virtual game.

To do something well, you need a set of sharp tools. (TL: Chinese proverb)

Skipping over Sue’s combat profession, her crafting disciplines that reached a certain standard were these three:

Alchemy, Sewing, Cooking.



There was no need to talk about sewing and cooking, these two disciplines were highly recommended skill sets by friends, and based on the feedback there were no bad points about and only good things about them. And even if she really did not need to use them, she could wait till she was out in the wild to repair some durability, and cooked some wild game to maintain her energy.

As for Sue Lin herself, her choice of crafting discipline was alchemy, due to her interest in it.

Alchemy was split into two trait trees, Crafting Tools and Crafting Potions.

Needless to say, crafting tools have all sorts of funky toys….. If there were the materials and the time to make a concept about it, even if it’s C4, guns, missiles and even warships were possible. Ah, but concerning the portion about fuel, there was probably the need to get some help from the people with the potion trait line.

With crafting potions, they refer to tonics, poisons and various medicines based on chemical reactions…..

Previously mentioned, Sue Lin was considered to be a girl with a considerable family background. She was quite generous in spending money. Gamers would often call such people the “RMB warrior” with jealous spite. (TL: RMB is China’s currency.)

But no matter what it was, everyone agreed that the RMB warrior’s gathered resources and advantages would far surpass the normal player. Besides, Sue was one who managed her social relations well…… With sufficient practice with the materials, and adequate recipes to raise her levels, and enough human resource to dig out the hidden missions and NPCs, nobody was M enough to pick on her.

With all these advantages added up, even if Sue wanted to raise both alchemy trees up, that was definitely not an impossible thing! (TL: -_-|| For one moment I thought Sue was in the mana pot trait tree. She had both… all along.)

And now the Combined Alchemy Tools that were stashed in her Bracelet’s space, which was the symbol of a Grandmaster with dual traits and handed out by the profession guild. This tool could only be used by a Grandmaster.

In regards to the stats and success rate, this set of Combined Alchemy Tools had nothing special, except that it had infinite durability and most importantly the extensive and comprehensive usage.

A typical set of alchemy tools can only be used for one alchemy trait tree, for example crucibles are used for crafting potions and a magic station is needed for crafting tools.

With the Combined Alchemy Tools, there were prepared devices that could be used to make them. (TL: thereafter combined alchemy tools = CAT)

If you just take a look on the surface, there were different sized of crucibles from the CAT set. If you inspect them, you will find there were no less than hundred of realistic images on their surfaces.

These images were not ordinary.

Everyone one of them was actually a set of Magical Emblem, and the direct equivalent of a device that was sealed onto the surface of the crucibles. If the owner rubbed on it three times, the sealed devices would appear. These included the working table, tables and chairs, measuring instruments, knifes and tubes, etc etc…… They were completely enough to handle the trait trees usage.

Sue opened the CAT and took out a bar stool and working table.

After everything was prepared, Sue finally climbed up onto the bar stool, and opened her material bag in front of the working table. She picked out a few herbs and started to measure, cut and ground them into powder……. Luckily her crafting disciplines were not affected by level and stats. What was required was enough patience and knowledge about the herbs.

With everything prepared in one stroke, she started to mix and heat them in the crucible….. Not long after the liquid in the biggest crucible started to boil.

With the careful control of a gentle flame, the herbs were thoroughly blended and there was a waft of aroma belonging to a magical potion.

The poor little white tiger’s physique was too good and its sense of smell too sensitive. It was bearable for Sue but highly irritating for it.

And yet under the circumstances, even if it wanted to run away it did not know where to go to. It was unsafe to roam outside the safety zone even if it was a white saint tiger. No magical beasts would acquiesce to it, in fact, they even showed signs of bullying it when it was still doable now……



With the careful control to maintain the quality control of the liquid, she also added a few materials to stabilize it.

The rounded loli with short hands and legs carefully stood on the bar stool to handle the crucible that was big enough to even act as a bathtub. Her plump face faced the crucible with a serious expression to stir the contents in it……

This was a sight that would have made people felt incredibly complicated within.

The white tiger could not bear to watch and covered its face with its paw…… Uhh, actually it was better to cover the nose!

After a while the liquid in the crucible that was torturing the little white tiger finally turned a faint gold.

Sue quickly turned the fire off and picked a bundle of fine arrows and dumped them all in.

“Meow?!” The white tiger showed a relived sign of “I’m saved!” on its face, but still covered its nose with a puzzled meow.

“This is poison!” Due to the current situation, Sue only had this companion. Even if it was unable to talk, she did not mind to communicate more with it, at least her days would not be so boring: “We’re too weak at the moment, if we don’t use this method we can’t hunt for meat. Also I want to test out if killing a monster will net me some EXP…..”



No matter how impressive a 4 year old child can be, she could not possibly have a reliable way to protect herself. But if this body was something like within the game, then she could try to use potions and traps to raise her levels. And when she finally had the means to protect herself, she could then try to walk out of this forest and venture out into the outside world.

Every world probably had their own different customs, but there was something that could be agreed upon, only violence strength was a person’s greatest reliability!