The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 29

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Chapter 29 – The trouble from outside and inside the forest.

The magical beasts had a habit of stealing wives.

When a powerful male magical beast wanted to find a partner, it would typically find an equally strong female. In this difficult world, power was the most important thing for a magical beast. It was for the sake of raising a stronger descendant, as well as having a better chance to survive in this world.


It was different for the intelligent races, where their choices was based on beauty.

In any case, the humans wanted wolfish intelligence and great beauty magical beasts wanted a beastly wolf and tigerish panther…… Cough cough cough! (TL: 狼才女貌 Lang Cai NÜ Mao, 豺狼虎豹 – Cai Lang Hu Bao. Basically the author used puns here and pronunciation is pretty close, and the wolf puns are for real. I enjoyed them immensely.)

And the next step for the male magical beast, they would choose to meet at a moonless night with a raging tempest to fight it out. This would allow the female to decide whether the male had the ability to protect her. If he could not beat her there was nothing at all to talk about, but if he won, then the female would normally surrender and follow the male to make a small family, hunt together, protect their territory and live happily ever with their children……

But if the female magical beast did not want to leave with him, at this time, most of the male magical beast would not be so gentlemanly and just kidnap them back home, shut the door and roar out for a few days. If the situation was still not settled then they would fight it out until she finally had no will left and surrender…….. (TL: Don’t worry girls, the black panther would not do something like that…!)

So, and therefore, naturally, once the magical beasts found a male human in their well acquainted loli’s home, and under a lockdown situation…. The ones who had the past records of stealing wives, or the magical beasts who saw their senpai steal wives, reasonably misunderstood what was before their eyes……..


“Howl~~~” Male magical beast B howled in an enchanting and sensual manner.

“Warble~~~~” Male magical beast C……….

The white tiger hid his face with his paws, he really could not imagine whether the queen in his home would go berserk if she understood the beasts’ talk. It was fortunate that his level was still not able to communicate with his owner, otherwise he did not know whether he should translate or not………….

“……………………………….” Indeed, Sue did not understand the beasts’ speeches, but that sultry and provocative looks were more than enough to bypass the communication barrier, and she accurately read the hearts of the magical beasts…….

[****! I actually understand what they are thinking about from their expressions!]

Because of the mistake where the magical beasts that she stole a male boy from a fine family, the little girl had so many black lines on her forehead that she collapsed into a ‘orz’…………….. (TL: 良家雄性, pun of a chinese idiom because it’s mainly the females that get stolen instead.)

From a certain point of view, the boss amongst the magical beasts, the black panther, naturally took the VIP seat where he also observed the scene before him. He looked and observed the petrified little boy in the safety zone with disdain, from his physique, to his muscles, to his mana presence, he quickly made a condescending conclusion to this fragile male.



Not only was he not of age, he was so weak too! A swipe from his claws was enough to send him to heaven completely……….

“Groar…….” The black panther raised his paws and cast suspicion on little Sue’s choice in her partner.


[****! What are you looking down on me at?! This kid has nothing to do with this queen (me) here at all…….!]

Sue snapped the thick branch in her hand that was going to be used for the skewer with a “crrrrack” sound as she gnashed her teeth.

The glaring presence from the audience did not persist for too long, and after a series of deep roaring discussions, the magical beasts quickly dispersed with reluctance. It was lunch time, and everyone was still hungry, they could slowly analyze the situation once they were free to do so, since the two people would not be going anywhere……….

After a while, only the magical beast who had the appointment, howled and hurried Sue. It howled again after it lost interest in the petrified boy……… Why ain’t the lunch ready yet?! Today’s efficiency is terrible!


Sue silently turned her body away and calmly added a heap of chili to the roasted deer……… Hmmm, the forest is cold today, having some spice will be good to chase away the nips…….

After an hour later, the magical beast with the appointment spat fire from its throat as it howled and ran away in tears. Sue’s anger vanished along with a cool breeze, went next to the rock statue and poured down another potion………

[……. This is the second bottle already, I wonder when the merfolks are coming back?!]

And at the same time on the other side, the humans in various kingdom suddenly discovered there were many unfamiliar demi-races.

Ever since the ancient war with the humans getting the authority to rule the continent, quite a few of the demi-races wanted to exchange culture or live in the human cities.



For example, the schools, armies and even the political departments, there were a few demi-races in many places.

These demi-races were like the diplomats from Sue’s world, even though there were demi-races, they were official registered citizens of the human empire. But the ones that suddenly popped up, appeared like they were on business stuff or something, and they obtained temporary passes……

Yet once there were too many passes issued, the humans finally noticed something was wrong and thought of the Mana Cataclysm. The humans also sent out various people to investigate, but it was difficult since there were political constraints amongst the kingdoms.

Along with the missing prince……. The entire Tobias kingdom went into national alert!

“I’m sorry, the capital sent instructions through the magic mirror, demi-race citizens and foreigners have to register with us again…… I apologize for delaying everyone’s journey, but will all of you follow us for a while?!”

The unprepared merfolk team was stopped at the outskirts of the town by the patrolling army.