The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 28

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Ch 28 – The gossiping beasts

“I don’t have the means to save him…….. Pwease don’t show that look that me, it’s not that I don’t want to save him, the issue is I simply don’t have the complete list of medicine.” The little girl had no choice but to dig out a potion under several of the hopeful merfolks’ eyes: “But I do have a petrification potion, everytime one drinks it he would be frozen for 2 hours……. During this period, his circulation would stop and so would the poison. He would not feel a thing too…….” (TL: Sue says pwease on purpose.)

“That’s wonderful!”

“My ass!” The little girl rolled her eyes, and shocked the merfolks into a silence: “It’s fine to take it once in a while, but this is drank continuously it would definitely do irreversible damage to the body……” There was the after-effect of stiffening or slowness in the game, and although one could go back to normal in a few minutes, reality might be different: “Can you promise to get all the herbs that I require within this short time?!”

“What do you need?” The team leader gritted his teeth.

“Erm…… Actually I’m not very sure……”

“You!!!” Monster! This little crook was fooling them after all, right!?


Sue felt very wronged. She had no intentions of fooling them at all, it was just that she really had no idea what all the herbs in this world in comparison to the game were called, and in fact she was not sure there was a substitute for the herbs she needed………

“If you get me a book that list out the herbs and another book about minerals, I might be able to fill out a list of requirements.” Sue raised her hands in the air. This was the only solution she could think of.

The team leader was completely defeated, collapsing to the floor and nearly knelt down in a “orz” : “You don’t even know the herbs?! T-then how are you going to make….. the f*— potion?!” The peaceful merfolk team leader nearly wanted to speak the unmentionables, but he recalled at the final moment that she was still a chibi and resisted it forcefully.

Sue did not show any stress from the merfolks’ distrust: “In any case, I told everything that should be done. Take it or leave, it’s your business……. If this brat dies don’t blame it on me, otherwise I’ll just find another forest and make a shack there.”

The merfolks had no choice when she put things clearly, and could only follow her instructions, leaving the important duty of taking care of the boy, to the unreliable little Sue…….

The merfolks truly had no responsibilities to save the little boy, but they really wanted to save him out of their kindness. On the other hand, Sue had many more reasons to take action……. She was afraid of trouble….. and not saving the little boy was because she was afraid of trouble, yet she had to save him because there was even more trouble than not saving him.

The expensive petrification potion was forced down the boy’s throat, and the effect was instant. The dying boy immediately stopped moving and became a statue…… This potion was actually meant for spraying, and could freeze the victim for 5 seconds and seal off all abilities. But drinking it would be much stronger, and the effect would persist for two hours.

The merfolk saw that the initial promise was fulfilled, and they left somewhat relieved. Not long after they left, the magical beast which had the day’s arrangement appeared. Sue felt that the merfolks were lucky when the beast appeared.

The magical beast brought a musk deer and a horn deer, and threw them into the safety zone, then suddenly found the statue that looked like a real boy…….

“Growl~?” The magical beast raised its paw and pointed at the statue and growled curiously at the little girl.

[Ignore. I’m human. Human talk. No communication with beast.]

The little girl effortlessly raised the animals that were heavier than her and prepared it, completely ignoring the beast reporter.

“Grr~oarowow?!” The magical beast saw that she was ignoring her and laid down before the safety zone and continued to speak.

In the end the little girl had no reaction, but the white tiger came down from the tree house.



“Meow meow meow?!”

“Rorw?! Grgrgrgrow…..” (TL ……)

The beast growls and cat meows continued enthusiastically, while the little girl felt there were black lines on her head. Her little cat was fitting in the magical forest way better than her. Perhaps due to a similar beast build, the white tiger was perceived as one of them, and there were no problems between their communication. Even though she did not know if the tiger really understood the magical beasts, but when the roars would come naturally without any of the beasts ignoring the white tiger.



Sue naturally did not understand what they were talking about, so she just treated like they were having a fun time.

After growling for a long while, the magical beast with a nosy heart finally got its satisfactory news from the white tiger and left with a wagging tail…….. What?!

Sue was shocked……. Was it not going to have lunch?!

The suspicion did not last very long because there was a series of commotions that came form the forest, and soon after there were more magical beasts emerging from the forest that answered her query——

[This mewing damnation! It wasn’t that it did not want to eat a meal, it wanted to find its friends and partake in observing……]






All manners of beasts gathered around outside the safety zone, flooding the area with much enthusiasm.

The little girl fell down while carrying a horn deer. This treatment seemed to happen before when she was roasting the meat in the safety zone for the very first time, and that did not last so long…… When did the magical beasts becamse so nosy?!

It certainly used to be true that they would not do something like this. They were not so harmonious, but after Sue’s arrival everything became peaceful, and the magical beasts started to enjoy the finer side of life.

Having great food, fun and friends that had the same interests. Under their recent boredom, they naturally wanted to find new excitement in their life.

‘Where did this petrified male came from?!’ …………… The gossiping magical beasts were excited……….