The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 27

Sue has just turned into the scariest protagonist I ever seen in all my read novels.

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Chapter 27 – There’s no choice but to save him…..

“………..” No! They were not worried about that…….

In order to protect the environment, it was necessary to adopt a habit of burying rubbish in the wild. But burying bodies in the wild did not seem to be a good habit…….. Furthermore that little boy had not completely turn into a corpse……

The group of merfolks’ heads were full of black lines and perspiration. Their corners of their mouths twitched…… Admist their complete silence, they suddenly realize there seemed to be a huge communication barrier between them and the little miss.

It was too tiring to have a conversation with her!

“Team leader?!”


The kind merfolks could not bear to look at the situation any longer. The pitiful unconscious boy simply laid there without anyone taking care of him, and his breathing was becoming more and more shallow, his face becoming paler by the second……. He would really die!

The merfolks just realized that they were unable to enter the safety zone. They encountered the exact situation like the wolf boy, every time they tried to enter the safety zone, an inexpressable fear would emerge from the bottom of their hearts. This stifling pressure assailed them constantly and nearly rendered them breathless. Even though they knew they should be able to cross the zone, their trembling bodies were not able to take that step forward.

The merfolks huddled outside the zone with their shuddering bodies. Even though they could not progress forward, they did not retreat either, gritting their teeth and stubbornly continued to bear for the sake of the poor boy. Sue took the time to look away from the soup stew: “Hey! What are you still playing at?!”

“……..” No one was playing!!!

Several of the merfolks were furious. They were obviously fighting with their willpower, even though they were very serious and very solemn in surpassing their limits to rush into the safety zone………. How could she say they were playing!

“You’re really not listening to me.” The little girl sighed and shook her like she was a mature adult, turned her head back to the fish soup and continued to stir the stew: “Once the magical beasts come along, it would not be so easy for you to leave.”

The team leader spoke through clenched teeth: “Little miss, you must save this child!”

“Oh?!” Sue looked back curiously, and asked with interest: “Where did you get the confidence that I can save him without fail?!” She’s still a kid alright…… Well at least from her outside appearance.

“…………” Actually the merfolks was reflecting on this scene right now. No wonder the humans were able to sweep the other races during that old war, and successfully received the right to rule the continent. Even though the merfolks did not participate in the epic war, and had no chance of seeing the victorious humans emerge from the dreadful fights…… But they knew just from looking at this little crook! If the humans were filled with people like her, the races who participated in the war must have suffered greatly……

What was so good about vying for the right to rule the continent?! With such a terrifying race, they might clear out the Abyss of Demons or become Godslayers.

Sue adjusted the hook’s height upwards, allowing the boiling soup to be further away from the flames and simmer slowly. She patted her hands and stood up, walked towards the safety zone’s edge and raised her head upwards, her bright and large eyes looking at the few Merfolks who were still standing their ground……. Her focus was on the team leader who spoke earlier: “And you said I must save him?! Why?!”

He’s not her son, why ‘must’ she save him?!



The team leader looked at the little boy who was slipping further into danger, and pursed his lips, trying to show a serious expression to the chibi who was no taller than his thigh: “If I’m not wrong, the symbol on the child’s sleeve should be from the Royal Family from the Tobias Kingdom!”

“………” BAN-NAN-A!

Kingdom?! Royalty?!

The little girl’s rotund face convulsed suspiciously a few times. She nearly went berserk on the very spot — This brat had such a troublesome background?!

Was there enough time to kill everyone here and dispose all the evidence?! (TL: OMG, seriously she’s scary T_T!!!)

Her tender lips trembled and she took a few deep breaths to calm herself, then put on a cute and loveable smile and looked up, looking up at the team leader with full of hope and expectations: “This charming gentleman here, you must have seen things wrongly right?! After all, a hidden race like yourself don’t frequently travel the continent, and occasionally mistaking the human’s royal family’s sigil is a very normal thing……. Come! Admit it freely! There’s nothing to be shy about this………”

The merfolks had a rare moment of pitying Sue, mainly because her hopeless expression on her face made them feel heartbroken.

“Child, accept the truth.” The team leader also looked at her with sympathy and sighed:”The Tobias Kingdom is one of the strongest Magic Kingdom in the continent currently. Once the royal members are born, their bodies would be imprinted with a special seal…… No matter where the child is, the Tobias Magicians would be able to find him through the seal. Even if his body is reduced to ashes, the seal would remain on the ground where his body disappeared………”

In order words, you are free to choose not to save him, but if this child had something untoward happened to him, then you might not be able to explain to his family members once they come searching for him…….

“………” Sue felt a cold shudder come over: “You mean to say you would talk bad things about me when the time comes, if I don’t save him?!”

“Even though what you said isn’t entirely accurate, but it’s roughly the same meaning…….” The team leader looked like he could not bring himself to do that: “To be honest, I really don’t want to trouble you…….” Even if this chibi was a bad chibi, she was still a chibi…… His conscience, was prickling him…..

“……. You already are troubling me.”



One should not believe that the merfolks are so trustworthy, that anything they said was to be trusted. Sue knew about the crux of all these political machinations. It was an incredibly silly thing to declare a war with each other over a brat who was destined to die. On the other hand, a little girl captured for anger venting was a less stressful thing……

In other words, she was a scapegoat! Who cared if she was innocent or not, it was a political need.

Also, the people who investigated this affair would eventually know the merfolks did not lie, at the very least the curse and poison could not be suppressed by them.

One was an ocean race who had never participated in the continent’s war, and the other who looked like a child but lived in such a dangerous forest, especially with her dubious and suspicious background……..

Even an idiot would know who to catch and bring to the authorities!