The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 26

TL: This chapter is short.

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Workmanship is reasonable, they are stable on four paws (able to sit up) and appear to be in proportion (no weird head issues). The flaw would be the “lips” and some finer details. Since I bought them at around 12-16 USD each, I’m not complaining. Would buy again to gift to someone else later.

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Chapter 26 – The child with a mysterious background

Look at it from another angle. For example, a shark and a whale PK-ed in the sea for the control of the ocean, but no matter how crazy it got, did it concern the humans who were living on the land at all?! (TL: PK directly written in English.)

In any case, on this continent, there would be only one race who would care about the other races…… especially when it came to a human child, without a doubt, it’s the merfolk race.

As to why the team leader did not care as much when it came to Sue?! …… This reason was actually very simple, and the very same reason why Ash admired the little miss — Where exactly did this child appear to be a child?!


[This little crook!] The team leader silently swallowed down a mouth of blood when he saw that Sue did not move at all, and asked again in frustration:

“Are you able to save him or not?! He’s only a child…..” They are both children, how could she have the heart to be merciless?!

“But he’s not a simple child!” Sue sighed and finally replied: “Take a look at his clothes….. Even though I don’t really know the market prices for the fabric here, but the clothes are made from silk threads that are excellent in channeling mana, which in turn enable them to present a natural magic effect. No matter how you look at it, they are only worn by nobles.”

In the first place, it was difficult to obtain a ream of silk threads with good magic capabilities. Not only did it have to be tough, the mana within the thread had to be stable, then it could finally be suitable to be used as a material for clothes. It was a small matter if the clothes were easily frayed, but if the mana was affected by outside influence and led astray, then the person wearing the material would not get away with just a small injury.

The next point was, even if the silk thread could be produced, weaving it into a cloth was not a simple thing. It had to be someone who was familiar with sigils and magic formations instructing the weaver, and it was even possible that it was a higher ranked magician who weaved it with their own hands….. It did not matter if it was a magic sigil or formation, this delicate task did not allow for any mistakes.

In the game, creating clothes like these was simply done with just a button push, and a matter of waiting for the message to load. The system would indicate whether it was a success or failure.

But doing something like this in reality, as estimated by Sue, a meter of this type of cloth required at least half a month…… And this excluded the time required for testing…..

She believed that the number of magicians in this world could not compare to the game, because any single player could simply choose whether they want to become one. But here, they would have to take into consideration of the talent of the individual, school fees and the teacher who taught them…..

Yet despite the abundance of the magicians inside the game world and the ease of creating magic equipment, they were still expensive. This meant that magic equipment here would be much more expensive compared to the game world!

[It’s one of the noble’s whelp…..] Sue giggled to herself in conclusion. [This is obviously one of the nobles’ kid who caught up in political intrigue amongst the families……]



[This type is really troublesome! The people behind him are even more troublesome!!!]

She really did not want to come into this world just to get caught up with some ghastly heaven or hell fights between nobles…… The fantasy books out there showed that protagonists caught up in such a plot would find themselves in very uncomfortable situations. If it was not some heroic BSOD trope, it was some form of bodily torture. In any case it was all sorts of misery where it had to take twenty or thirty chapters later before there was any chance of resistance…… And this was the type where plot proceeded quickly!

“……” The merfolk was a little speechless. Their own race was selfless enough to help out, but why did this little miss who looked like a human appear like she did not want to lift a finger at all?!

[Certainly, there was the possibility of this little girl being too young and not knowing the seriousness of this poison causing the boy’s death…… But that argument is sort of wrong, she did identify the material and speculated the boy’s identity as a noble with much logic……

Then is she sensible or not sensible?! Or could it be….. she’s such a little crook who’s so cruel at her young age?!]

The merfolk was deeply conflicted.



Sue glanced at the tiger who entered the safety zone with the little boy. She ignored the huge tiger head who’s fawning on her shoulder, and tried to shoo the people here away: “Alright, you should quickly leave now! There’s going to be a higher ranked magical beast who’s coming over here for a meal, if you don’t go now you might run into……” She paused as she discovered that the merfolk are still staring at the little boy in the safety zone, unwilling to leave. She quickly tried to soothe them with mistaken empathy:

“Don’t worry, once I have time, I’ll definitely bury him properly…..”