The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 – The dying boy

The merfolks were very lucky. Because it was not a magical beast that came out, it was the white tiger.

But Sue still received a shock, because it was not a little white tiger, it was a huge white tiger……

She suddenly felt like she had forgotten something important, and she thought really hard in her mind before recalling something. The pets with a large body type were able to change their body size freely after level 30, to allow it to PK easily in any terrain and……… become a mount!

“………” This *meow* stupid *mew* cat……

Black manga lines appeared on Sue’s head!

Very good. She only remembered that she could set up tents at level 30, and forgot that a lvl 30 white tiger could have done many things for her……. Which meant, that this damn cat’s weak moe attitude for the past few days, including rolling in the grass and chasing after the butterflies……. were for the sake of deceiving her?! And to take advantage of her kindness as well for the sake of being lazy?!

Every hour of the flying broom spent a unit of flying power. The worst Mana Crystal restored only 100 units of flying power, while the better ones could restore 4 or 5 digits worth…… and even though they were not rare items, the main concern was how expensive it was…… In other words, every time she went out to the forest meant that she was burning money!


Sue was furious after she found out the truth. Her lips was pressed tightly together and her chubby face went into a stern expression……. This pet was rebelling! Did he know who the boss was?!

Right when Sue was preparing to teach the holy beast that belonged to the cat family a great lesson, the merfolks suddenly uttered a ‘EH–‘: “Your pet’s mouth has a child in it…..”

And they looked at her with great suspicion, as if she was the one who ordered him to go put a child in his mouth…….

As to why the merfolks were able to recognize the white tiger, it was nothing really surprising. Many magical beasts which had a contract with its owner were able to change their size freely, and it was a common sight in this foreign world.

Most importantly, there was a unique pet tag on the little white tiger’s neck….. Each player’s pet in the game had a tag containing the player’s ID. This design was to allow the players to recognize the monsters from the pets.

[Holding a child in his mouth?!] Sue’s face became serious and she looked at her pet once again.

Indeed, because of the long grass and her height she was unable to notice that fact. It was only when the white tiger came over that she realized he was holding a boy that was around six or seven years old…….

“Xiao Bai!” The little girl glared unhappily at the white tiger: “How many times do I have to tell you not to pick up corpses from unknown sources to play with! This is too unhygienic!” Very, very good. Never mind about lazing around and making her waste her Mana Crystals, he even picked up things from elsewhere to her home………… The galls on this beast had certainly become much fatter!

“……..” The merfolks spewed cold sweat after they finished listening…… No, this was not the important point…… The team leader’s head with black lines wiped away his sweat and said: “No, look carefully, the boy is not dead!”

It was true that the little boy was not dead yet, but he did not look well either. There was an unnatural bluish-black color under his delicate skin, which obviously indicated the signs of poisoning. His lips were pale, and there beads of cold sweat on his forehead, and even his breathing was shallow and irregular, as if he would stop breathing any time………… Anyone would be able to see that he was going to be dead soon!

The merfolks have no ill intentions against the humans, and they naturally received a shock when they saw a child appearing in this manner. They quickly made a check on him:

“It’s poison…… and there’s a curse too! Even though the curse is troublesome, but we can think of ways to handle it later on, the merfolks are very good against such evil curses…. The most difficult problem is the poison…..”

The team leader creased his brows together, looking helpless, as if he could not bare to accept such a young life was about extinguish in front of him:

“We can’t cure this poison, he’s going to die!”

“Poison?!” Sue licked her lips. Someone wanted to use poison in front of a dual alchemist grandmaster?! ……. Erm, but come to think of it, if this was a poison that was too troublesome and even if she knew how to make the cure, she might not be able to make the potion because of the lack of materials.

The team leader who was a pure and naive person, might have attained higher enlightenment because of the concern for a child (?!), as he suddenly became much smarter and looked at Sue with much expectations and bright eyes: “You do have a way to save him right?! It looks like you have confidence in this matter.”



“Urgh……” Sue was silenced. Why did he become so sharp at this moment?! If she said she was unable to find the ingredients would she not look silly?!

“Why do you care about him so much? Could it be that this child is your illegitimate son?!” Sue who was silent for a long, who then finally said gloomily: “But he doesn’t look like you, do you want to do a DNA test first?! Maybe your lover committed adultery or something……”

The team leader was even gloomier than her: “What rubbish are you spouting! I just can’t stand here and do nothing while such a young child suffers in front of me!”

There was truth in what the wolf boy had said earlier. The relationship between the hidden races were not friendly, and one might say they were rivals because they fought for the continent’s control, and the animosity amongst them continued even till now. Even though they had not reach the level where they had to fight each other to the death, but they had the habit of rolling their eyes or spitting to show off their spite for each other.

Especially humans, they might sometimes try to show off a carefree attitude, but when it comes to humans they had nothing but snarky remarks. It was a result of them becoming the final victor and controlled the continent!

It was the same as jealous and envious kids who talked behind the top student’s back………. ‘*Beep*! Who asked you to be so *Beep* good?!’



But the merfolks were the only exception. They did not hate the humans, and did not have emotions in regards of their controlling of the continent. During the ancient times where the various races fought to the death, only the merfolks observed them like a third party. And even now, they were the most neutral race………

Do you know why?! This is too easy……….

Because they don’t live on the continent!

They lived in the sea!

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