The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 – The first batch of customers

The girl felt there was a manga sweat on her head when they exchanged the goods and money: “You have so many people here but you needed half a day to gather 100 gold coins?!”

[How poor can you get……]


Even though she did not know what was the continent’s market prices, but she did not think that the CPI was so ridiculous till the point where 1 gold coin allowed a family to live for one whole year……. (TL: CPI = Consumer Price Index, this was written in English letters.)

But when she thought about it, Ash….. which was the wolf boy, he did not have a lot of money either…….

[Did someone strike first and cleansed them from their money before they entered the Magical Beast forest?!]

Sue’s countenance froze right there, and angrily gnashed her teeth……. Damn it! Who had the audacity to steal food from the Lin family?!

Things were quickly proven that the girl was overthinking things.

The team leader quickly inspected the map, and found that it was indeed very detailed. Even though it was expensive the value of the goods was worth it, so he swallowed his bitter tears and looked at the chibi who was only up to his thighs: “Child, who are we going to buy things from in this Magical Beast Forest?! There is no reason to bring so much money…… Naturally, I’m referring to the situation where you did not appear before us.”

[That’s sort of true…..]

The little girl was relieved. She quickly relaxed from the imaginary opponents in her mind and stopped her extortion of the impoverished citizens, then bid farewell to the team. She carried the little white tiger, rode on her broom and flew up. She even told them out of kindness that the antidote’s effects had two minutes left before it wore off.

They had better leave during this time, otherwise they might get surrounded by poisonous insects……

The merfolks quietly sent off the toughest loli they ever seen in their life with their eyes, as she flew high up in the sky and left. In this wretched and pitiful atmosphere, the team leader who had the hardest nerves, quickly recomposed his feelings and instructed them:

“This is a lesson. Everyone should learn from this but you must not get discouraged from this event…… We are ready for anything now! So be alert as we going to the river with the fastest speed possible…….”

And thus, the merfolk team had the fortune to see tents set up by the river, as well as another wooden block in one of them.

The wooden block clearly reflected Sue’s food menu and the pricing on them. Buyers can buy the raw materials and enjoy their camp cooking and save money, but they could also visit the huge tree and buy cooked food, saving their time and effort so they could investigate without any worries…..

They could also try and hunt on their own, but she gave a friendly warning that the higher ranked magical beasts had joined forces recently, and running across one which had a bad temper, might end up finding it calling out to hundred of its allies.



The wooden block even stated the tents provided a 24 hours trial period, and would start to count down when someone first entered the tent…… 24 hours later the tents would automatically be closed, and the tenants had to buy access to them, otherwise they would not be able to enter and continue using them……

The game world had skills that were available to the public, like camping and setting up stalls. These skills did not affect the game balance, but provided some ease to the players. However, there were two points to take note of:

In order to use all these abilities, one must reach the required levels to use them, while the second condition was to pay money for them…… The simplest thing like setting up a stall required level 15 and 10 in-game gold to open one up. This ability was freely available to all the NPCs and players. But amongst the most troublesome stall was the ‘God-tier Magic Merchant Workshop’ which could be called upon any time, anywhere. It required the player to be at level 90 and a payment of 100000 in-game gold.

Rather than calling that ability a public skill, it was more of a VIP’s ability. Whoever had enough wealth was able to call up more authority and benefits……. This rule was the same in any world.

Sue felt lucky that she was once a ‘Wallet Warrior’, who managed to get nearly all the available skills that were available to the public by converting real cash. Once she reached the required level, she would be able to reactivate all these skills. For example, these tents were created when she grinded her levels to over 30 a few days ago.

Even though it only had the basic defense and provided protection against the rain and kept the temperature from fluctuating, it was much better than sleeping in the open…….

The team leader had his expression twisted again and he cried silently for ten minutes after reading the wooden block. Not long later, Sue who was preparing lunch in the safety zone, once again greeted the merfolk who reached this area without any problems.

“It has been a long time everyone! Welcome, welcome.” The little girl politely and passionately greeted her guests that had traveled from a faraway land.

“………… If I remember correctly, we just parted only one hour ago.” The team leader was a little gloomy.

“I know, I’m just offering some random polite stuff. You don’t need to treat it seriously.” Sue smiled without minding his jab: “Just like most people who meet each other for the first time would say, ‘Pleased to meet you’, but in actual fact one might laugh at you in their hearts for being an uncivilized country bumpkin….. or gossip behind your back, saying that you put too much make-up or your fashion sense sucks…….” The difference between your inner thoughts and how you act, that was called ‘courtesy’.

If you’re too serious, you lose. In a person’s lifetime, who has never tried something like this before?!



The merfolks who listened to the explanation fell into depression —- Could this be the legendary ‘backstabbing you in the face……’ (TL: The original chinese phrase is 含沙射影. The direct translation would be ‘insinuation of insults’, but Sue’s words are like jellyfish’s tentacles that kind of wraps around your face without you knowing, then BAM! It hurts so much.)

“…….. Where is your white kitten?!” The team leader got over his depression and chose a warm topic……. He needed to buffer himself, as he found that it was a great test to face the chibi here.

“Him?!” The little girl smiled: “He’s exercising in the forest before his meal and doing something that spoils the scenery.” The little white tiger would usually break from her line of sight, which was to run over to his territory…… After he got punished by her, he had never peed in the wind in front of her anymore…..

“If you have anything you want to say, you can just say it directly. There might be some high ranking beasts coming over, so you—” Sue wanted to remind the team leader to avoid the magical beasts who was meeting her for the roasted meat, but before she finished speaking, she heard a series of familiar rustles from the grasses. It was as if a living creature was approaching…..

[Why are they so early today?!]