The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 23

TL: Okay, I’m super surprised that this series has so many male readers. This chapter also marks the end of my marathon. I’ll be finishing the Amber Sword’s boss arc tomorrow.

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Chapter 23 – The Little Crook

A little girl?!

The merfolk team which was completely comprised of adults went silent. They silently looked at the young thing riding on a incredible flying broom who squirmed about while she tried climbing down, and were not sure if they should go up to aid her.

Fortunately, this small living creature seemed to be very agile, completely lacking the helplessness and clumsiness of a child. Before the merfolks felt any guilt in their conscience, she had already jumped down from the broom. Her plump elbow carried the broom and looked at them with large, round eyes: “Are you the ones who lit the string?!”

“………..” The team leader was silent for half a minute: “Could it be that you left this note? This little….. Erm, lady?!”

“Do you need to compare the handwriting, mister?” She tilted her head and asked.

There were several low surprised voices from the team and they suddenly regained their composure. They parleyed amongst themselves as to what reaction they should give, then exchanged the information by whispering in each other ears…….

The team leader suddenly felt like he had the awkward feelings of bringing some countryside bumpkins into a city. He coughed in embarrassment twice: “It’s not necessary.”

“Very well, thanks for your acknowledgement and trust, now let’s discuss business…..” The young girl brought out a map from her clothes with delay:

“The latest map of this Magical Beast Forest. Not only does it have the current shape of the forest, there’s an accurate description as to where the higher ranked magical beasts’ area where they frequently appear and reside. Also there are various information of the trickiest creatures and poisonous worms in the various regions…… 10 Gold for 1 copy, and it’s first come, first served. A guaranteed steal.”

“……..” The team leader wiped off the cold sweat, finding it hard to accept: “Little….. lady?! Was it for the sake of selling this map that you let the people who enter the forest call you?!”

“Not entirely so, I have other things.” The little girl continued to bring out a bunch of bottles: “A quality set of HP potion for 3 gold, a quality set of Mana potion for 4.5 gold. There are also a bunch of poison, antidotes, various stats potions….. Oh yes, I can also help fix your equipment, but that’s limited to cloth armor.”

HP potion? Mana potion?! What are those?! The young girl is a merchant?! But she doesn’t look like it! But she seemed to be earnestly peddling her stuff….. No, no, no! This was not the point, the point was why would such a small human child be here in the Magical Beast Forest?!

The team leader fiercely wiped away the sweat, and tried very hard to squeeze a friendly smile and knelt down to look at the girl at eye-level: “My good child, pray tell, why are you here?!”

“Oh, that’s not important at all.” She waved her meaty palm, acting nonchalantly.

“………” No! He thought it was really important……

The merfolk team leader was a little speechless.

“Be a good kid~ If you answer our questions properly, I’ll buy all the stuff from you…..” He hesitated for a while, but he felt that there was no need to be so serious with a child, and thus tried to deceive….. uhh, coax!

The little girl sighed, and looked at the team leader who thought he was doing well: “This mister over here, how are you able to spew out these lies that only a 3 years old will believe so naturally?”

The team leader’s face turned red and then black, and he nearly collapsed from the shame—- Alright, he was wrong. This young girl was indeed not a 3 years old child, she was at least 5 years old. (TL: I feel sorry for him already….)

“Don’t worry, I’m not so mean.” Sue looked at the demi-race person who was kneeling down and feeling troubled. She sighed: ” Right now my temporary lodging is within this forest. I haven’t met anyone who could speak for a long time, so I couldn’t help but feel bored. I heard that you were going to come soon, so I wanted to become a busybody to pass the time…. Anyways, you really don’t want these stuff?! It’s really useful.”

“You heard that we’re coming over?!” The team leader ignored all the things he did not understand and found the important things: “Who told you we are coming over?!” Did someone intentionally spy on the merfolks?! Or was there a traitor in the inner circle?!

…. On the other hand, which traitor would be foolish enough to leak this useless secret out?! Especially to a chibi like this?!

“It did not specifically refer to you. But a few days another demi-race had already been here to investigate the Mana Catacylsm three months ago. Before he left he said that there were probably other races who were coming…… Could it be that you are not here to investigate?! Pure tourists?!” Sue was curious.

“…… No, of course we are here to investigate.”


The team leader’s teeth ached for a while: “…… May I know, that person you mentioned, did he managed to find any results?”

“Hmm?!” Sue stroked her chin with her hand and asked solemnly: “If I tell you, would you believe it?!”

“……….” Even though he wanted to lie to the child, but the team leader felt he was going to shame himself once again: “No.”

“Then why do you even bother asking, you’re just wasting my breath.” Sue raised her map: “100 gold for one copy, a guaranteed real product, and you can refund this within the next ten minutes if you don’t find the quality to your liking…….”

A high quality dungeon map was worth it at this price! Even though she did not need the money now, it did not mean that she would stay in the forest her whole life…… That sort of life was not carefree, it was called mentally insane.

“Wasn’t it 10 gold?!” The team leader nearly yelled, rebuking the child for breaking the deal.

“Mister, don’t you know that the recent market prices are increasing drastically…..?” Sue sighed again, looking at him like he was a child throwing a tantrum: “Furthermore, I had talked with you for so long and provided so much information……. When you find a pretty woman to drink wine with and talk crap, the price wouldn’t be this cheap right?”

“……….” This wasn’t a child, this was a damn crook……

A moment of silence, a long terrible silence…… The team leader did not want to explain pointless stuff where he did not like drinking outdoors, and he certainly would not find a pretty woman to drink with.

After the long silence, and the group of merfolks formed a circle to pool their money. After checking their pockets, shoes and underwear, they finally managed to gather 100 gold coins after much trouble: “1 copy please……”

Sue suddenly like she was guilty of robbing some poor refugees.

Were the hidden races not supposed to be independent and powerful with magic? Even if they are not wealthy, they should not be lacking in it right?! All the novels are supposed to be something like that. Plus, these people are on official business, weren’t the clans supposed to give some traveling fee?!