The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 22

TL: It won’t be indicated until a really long way into the chapters, but the team leader’s body is described as ‘hawt’ by adult Sue. Cough.

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Chapter 22 – That young girl in the forest

As the topic changed from analyzing the trap, the strange path turned towards spreading the culture of the merfolks, and the hot blooded excitement went into reviving the merfolk’s prestige. The only person who still had a clear head was the team leader who tried hard to pull back the forum into the right direction: “We can’t stay very long on the ground, and I heard the only source of water in this entire forest is near the center of it. If we’re done resting we should get moving!”

“Then this note…..” One of the members who regained his senses queried gravely.

“This…..” The team leader also hesitated for a while, and after a while he tried several detect magic spells on it, and finally kept it after discovering there was no abnormalities with it. He pursed his lips together and answered solemnly: “This cannot be determined whether it’s from a friend or foe, but I did not discover any dark magic from it. At most it’s a spell of to determine a location….. It might be useful later!”


With that, this team from a different race decisively disregarded the note + progressed deeper into the forest…..

Perhaps of this paper’s appearance, the team leader was particularly alert, and this forest appeared to be far more dangerous and mysterious than before. The tall dense trees and the shrubbery along with the strewn rocks everywhere….. One would never know what sort of dangerous creature would emerge from some hidden corner the next second.

There were not many forests that fulfilled the Elven lifestyle. A thousand years ago, this forest had the honor of being chosen, which on some level meant that the elements were abundant here. Along with the Elves intentional care and nurturing of this forest…. along with the powerful accumulation of the mana here, there were many poisonous wurms and magical beasts……

Ah! The granddaddy God of Sea’s underwear! Isn’t this the extinct blood vines?!

With a lapse of momentary distraction, two members of the merfolk team walked straight into a frail-looking web of vines which actually moved like ferocious tentacles that were robust and sturdy. The team leader quickly called out to the other team members to cut down the web of vines. And after a long struggle they managed to pull the two still living survivors from this dangerous situation.

“There’s a slight poison on the vines, but fortunately a little antidote on the wounds would neutralize it…… The loss of blood isn’t serious, and the wounds were merely pierced and did not turn into long wounds. A bandage should be fine and wouldn’t affect movement…..” The team went into a safer area, while the specialized healer quickly rush to check the two unlucky suckers thoroughly.

Not every wound required the grand use of magic to heal. Even the simplest magic required mana, and in this dangerous forest, not pacing the usage of mana was the same as seeking death.

During the bandaging, one of the injured members took out a wooden plague and handed to the team leader: “This was picked up in the Blood Vines. There seem to be words written on it, but I did not have the chance to look at it.”

The team member received it and read out loud:



“Blood Brambles, after investigating it, I determined that it’s a magical plant skewed towards the darkness element. It is found either climbing or trailing in the forest, the stem is thick and sturdy with thorns which have a paralyzing poison. Once it drains enough blood it will grow flowers. The scent of the flowers has a dizzying effect, while the fruit can be made into a deadly poison to be use for ingestion…… Damn it! what does this plague exactly mean! A challenge?!” Furthermore, this is obviously a Blood Vine……..hmm, even though it’s more accurate to describe it as Blood Brambles….

Apparently, if this was shown with sincerity, then this wooden block would be placed in a more apparent place, and not at the center of the Blood Vines. This plant could only be discovered only after someone was entangled in it, and judging from this point, it was natural for the merfolk to think that this wooden block was more of a taunt rather than a warning.

A member who had an eye for the finer details said: “Do any of you find that the words on this wooden block somewhat resemble the words on the note?!”

The team leader quickly took the note out to compare, and was speechless after a while.

[What do you mean by ‘resemble’?! This is completely the same!]

“Oh, there are also words on the back of the block!” Because of the angle from injured member sitting down, he discovered there was more things written on the plaque.

When he flipped it over, he discovered there was indeed a sentence filled with small words: “If you need to, please light the paper attached to a string. If you don’t have the paper, please head to the east and search for it. If you came from there and did not spot the note, Lin’s Spectacle hut will sincerely welcome your patronage……”

“…….” The team leader quietly swallowed a small mouthful of blood: “It seems like this person isn’t friendly.” But there was no enmity either………

“Should we burn the string?!”

“I’m kind of excited, what will come out?! A terrifying creature, a monstrous beast? Skeleton? Or…..”

“Why don’t you think of something more beautiful!”

“Actually I’m more curious what a spectacle hut is?!”

“Praise the Sea God…… Let’s quickly light the string!” Blah blah blah, bleh bleh bleh………….

Team leader: “…………………….”



After a careful (???) and cautious (!!!) discussion, the merfolk team leader decided to light the string on the note.

From the current situation, the person who left the note was incredibly familiar with the forest, and understood they were going to pass by this area, as well as the creatures they might possibly meet.

At this point of time, trying to hide their presence no longer had any meaning and effectiveness. So with that consideration, they should just simply call the person out directly, so that everyone was out in the open……….

The string got lit, and a bunch of fireworks flew up into the sky, and right about the same time, a strange, subtly changing, indescribable scent quickly spread in the area.

“Shit! Spread out!” The first reaction of the team leader was that it was a poison mist, and quickly covered his nose.

“Wait!” The professional healer stopped them: “This isn’t a poison, it looks like it’s an antidote…….” His face twisted strangely, and then continued to speak through clenched teeth: “But I don’t understand why the smell is so strong….. The Sea God’s underwear! Just what did this person add into the recipe?!”

Due to the trust in the professional healer, as well as the fact they could not outrun the spreading mist, everyone stay rooted in their original position and waited in pain patiently, as well as hoping the smell would quickly disappear.

During this conflicting moment, a young girl came flying on a broom, with a white kitten in her bosom, descending gracefully beside the merfolk team and stopped in the middle of the air with full of smiles. She greeted them.

“Hello everybody~”

“…… Erm, hello to you too.”

The Sea God’s socks! What is this situation?!