The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 – The forest welcomes you

Medicine that was too good or too bad were not applicable here, and instant blood replenishment medicine would lead to high blood pressure….. Sue felt her black lines were being drawn on her head. The most popular blood medicine that was most popular in the game was not very suitable in this continent.

Before he bled to a wolf’s death from his enemies, the boy would have ruptured an artery or something in the first place…… (TL: Another chinese idiom pun on wolf + bleeding death)

After agonizing a whole night until the next foggy morning, the girl jumped down from the treehouse with heavy eyebags under her eyes. She carried a palm-sized bag in her hands.

“Little miss.” The wolf boy was radiant and stood energetically in front of the safety zone. There was a whole group of wolves behind him as he greeted Sue. If that pair of pointy ears and fluffy tail were taken away, and he displayed his cute fangs from time to time, he actually looked like a lively and handsome youth.

“Morning.” Sue smiled as she passed the bag over: “This is a dimensional bag that has 32 slots, and I placed medicine in them already………..”

Not only were there health potions, there were antidotes and bandages as well as other emergency supplies. She even filled the bag with some meat jerky that she smoked that he could use as dry rations……


“Dimensional bag?” The wolf boy did not act modestly around her, and took it with his hand directly. He curiously looked at it before tying it on his belt: “You should consider again what I said yesterday. Also, some of the different races are not on friendly terms with each other, and some of them are even more isolated and distant from the others……. No matter how powerful you are, you’re just a child, and if there are situations you really can’t handle, you should take out the tooth that I gave you and show them…..”

The wolves behind the wolf boy howled in unison, baring their teeth to show they would also protect her……

[Oh?! I found myself a boss?!] Sue laughed dryly, shaking the wolf tooth that was already on her neck: “I don’t need to pay protection fee, right?!”

“Protection fee?” The wolf boy looked blankly at her and continued inquisitively: “Which kingdom in the continent came out with that new tax?!”

“…., No, never mind.” This was a modern wolf boy who even kept up with the kingdom’s taxes……. Sue reflected on it like a touched politician. She took out a new set of arm-guards and leg-guards, as well as a hunter’s set of clothes: “I find that your clothes are pretty much ruined, since this is just a random prototype where no shops will take it in, you should just change into this.”

Which tailor in this continent could sew as good as this grandmaster here, any one of her random sewing would be a blue-color grade equipment, increasing the person’ stats and defense value. Any merchant who knew about this would never let this opportunity pass by and they would sell it at the highest possible amount in this continent………

“Proto…..type?!” The wolf boy found that there was a communication gap that was becoming bigger and bigger. There were words that he did not understand coming from her…..

[It’s impossible to find someone who knows what I’m talking about.] Sue sighed.

“…….. Nothing, My meaning is for you to change into this as soon as possible…….” (TL: She makes it sound like he’s half naked or something O_o…)

She finally sent away the wolf boy with a new attire along with his wolves. The girl soon fell into a deep depression when she found she did not have anyone to talk to anymore.

She did not feel much when there was no one to talk to in the beginning. She talked to herself and spoke to the little white tiger and black panther and the other beasts, even though they did not speak, they would call out in response…. With the advent of a person who could communicate through words and left just after one night, the loss affected her deeply.



The girl felt empty, the girl was lonely, the girl was cold……

“Xiao Bai, didn’t the lycan say that there will be lots of people in a few days?!” As she made new medicine in a bluster, she suddenly recalled the wolf boy’s warning.

“Meowww~” Yes, he told you to be careful and avoid them.

“Indeed, I nearly forgot I can see living people in a few days.” She flicked two dried herbs into the steaming crucible, then stirred it twice. She scoffed: “The gathering of the hidden races in this world….. I wonder if there any differences compared to the game?!”

“…… Mew~” He actually felt it was better to hide in this scenario…… Nobody in their right minds will risk their life to do busybody stuff……

“But this place is just too desolated, and to entertain so many people in one go……”

“Meow?!” Entertain?! You want to entertain who?! Who allowed you to entertain?! The little white tiger’s expression instantly distorted into broken ones.

“Lodging, food, various investigative tools…. What should I do if they throw rubbish everywhere when they investigate this area?!” She looked worriedly in front of her, the magical medicine in front of her was starting to shine with pearl-like luster. She seriously agonized inwardly: “I wonder if these hidden races’ habits and personalities are good.”

“…….” People who did not lack a common sense would consider whether they are dangerous first……

The little white tiger yawned and laid down like a log and shut its eyes, not wanting to bother with her any more……

Therefore, Sue prepared things with her good intention, or one could say she prepared things under her epic boredom. Half a month later, the first batch of foreign guests finally arrived after the wolf boy:

“If you need help, please lit up this thread…… What the heck is this?!” Some random hidden race’s team leader looked cautiously at the piece of paper in his hand with suspicion…… He had plucked this down from a tree, and there were similar notes in many other areas, with each string tied to a piece of paper. The string led to an object that looked like a cylinder made out of paper.

The team members gathered together, while two were left as guards to be alert on their surroundings. The rest of them started discussing in detail as they passed the piece of paper around:



“It’s the general language in the continent, and it’s probably not specifically aimed at us!”

“But that might be targeted at all the intruders……. including us!”

“Is this a trap?”

“Or some form of investigative magic? Once it’s activated we will be sent to another dimension?!”

“Hmph! What sort of foolish designer is this, thinking that we will fall for such a simple trap?!”

“Perhaps the designer thinks that based on our intellect we will fall for such a trap like this……..”

“Are they despising us merfolks?!”

“Damn it!”

“It looks like our name has already been forgotten!”

“That’s right, Gam had proposed in the past with the clan leader, that communication with the continent is very important, and it was necessary to make the sea market available…..”

“No, no, I think we should……” Blah, blah, blah, bleh, bleh, bleh………

The team leader: “…….”