The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 20

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Chapter 20 – Ash.

Even though the wolf boy had good intentions, Sue did not need them.

With her current stats, she was able to leave the forest as she pleased, but the reason why she still had not leave yet was because she did not know what she can do when she leaves, at least for the time being.

This was a realistic world, and when one person wants to fit into this realistic world, she needed an identity that was logical.

If she had an adult’s body, then it would certainly be fine. Even without a proper identity, she can act like a traveling bard, or settle somewhere in a distant village.


But she’s a child………….

Everyone would feel curious after seeing a child and her cat living alone.

If it was a team of human adventurers who extended this offer to her to live in a human city, Sue might probably agree to it.

But a half-beast race who likes to pull each other tails, biting and clawing in some muddy ditch……?!

Just thinking about it made Sue feel that life was hopeless.

“I think I am more suited to live amongst the humans………” She hesitated for a while, but she still rejected the wolf boy.

While the little white tiger was interested in the half-beast race, sadly it had no voting power. In the wolf boy’s eyes, this little fuzzball was a pet, and certainly not an important ‘partner’ of the half-beast race, and he certainly did not think of asking the little white tiger.

The black panther laid on the ground and stretched out with its claws, lazily giving a huge yawn, then bared its fang at Sue’s direction as a farewell. It laid ready in a pouncing position, and jumped up onto the trees and then disappeared into the forest.

[What! It even knows how to say goodbye today?!] ……….. Sue was touched and happy that her classmate black panther had grown up into a civilized and polite new-age beast.

The wolf boy felt disappointed at Sue’s reply, but he did not force it and simply nodded to respect her decision.

Sue actually admired the wolf boy for this point. Perhaps it was because the half-beast did not understand decorum too well, and in their eyes, yes is yes, no is no, simple as that, without any fake refusals.

If the other party did not accept their suggestion, they would respect the decision. Unlike humans, who raised the flag of ‘This is for your own good’, and either persuades persistently or use force to make them follow what they had chosen.

Yet it’s also true that the average person would probably find it difficult to communicate with the half-beast race.

For example if the half beast sends a gift, the human who received it will have fake politeness: “Oh, you shouldn’t have……”



‘I should not have done it?!’……. And they will take it back.

Or if the half beast invites you for a meal, usually you will also need to be polite and say: “Oh, how can I let you treat me?! Let me be the one………”

‘You want to?!’ …………… And they will put back their money purse…….

In conclusion, one must be completely direct when dealing with the half beast, or else the person will find it hard. And the crux is the person needs to be shameless, otherwise it will be worse than hard……….

In any case the wolf boy had been received Sue’s considerable care, and with her tender age in this forest, it triggered the wolf boy’s love for taking care of the younger ones. He thought for a while and took his necklace with a beast tooth from his neck, and threw it into the safety zone: “Little miss, I’m really grateful for today’s help, take this as my thanks for the bandages and roasted meat…….”

“Ash……..” At the same Sue received the necklace, she saw a pattern carved onto the surface, which resembled like a letter and a glyph.

Even though she had not seen the pattern, she actually knew what it meant.

[What?! I opened a new (smurf) account!]

[Could this be the legendary token of love?!] Sue saw moments of horrific cliche television scenes immediately, and her mind was blank for a while before raising her head in embarrassment to the wolf boy and smiled a little: “Well, thanks. Before you go, inform me, I’ll pass you some medicine.”

The wolf boy whose name was probably Ash nodded, and said seriously in a low voice: “If I’m not wrong, within another few days, the other races’ representatives will come to investigate the reason of the mana cataclysm. If it’s possible, it would be safer if you should quickly leave here…..”

“Don’t worry, I have actually thought about it before.” Sue smiled very meekly: “It’s just that the current house prices out there are too expensive, and I haven’t found the appropriate chance….. When the kingdom adjusts their house prices, I’ll find a suitable house and move out.”




The wolf tooth on the wolf boy’s necklace, seemed to be his own tooth. Maybe the tooth fell out when his teeth started changing, or maybe it got knocked out from someone’s fight. Since Sue know about their lifestyle, getting a few teeth knocked out was not an impossible thing, and it might be possible that bones were broken…….

Still, even if she did not understand the world’s customs, this thing did not look like it was randomly given away………… In order to repay the life’s gratitude, he actually gave his body—– tooth away?! (TL: There’s a Chinese idiom where saving a boy or girl’s life = repaying you with his/her body. That’s the crude version which is shaped by the current era and television drama. The original meaning has a longer story behind it, but just think of it as devoting everything to the person.)

In the middle of the night, Sue gazed at the sharp wolf tooth and tried to think of what deeper intentions the wolf boy had, as well as thinking what medicine she should prepare for him.

For the past three months, she had experimented on various herbs in this world to replace the recipes in the game. With the majority of her recipes substituted, she had successfully filled up her dimensional space with the various medicine.

The medicine type and quantity were not an issue, but she did not know how the typical potion fared in the continent. If she brought something that was too weak, then it would not be helpful, and it would be a burden when he went back to his clan. But if she gave something too good, someone else in this world might accidentally discover it and become trouble as it might attract unwanted attention.