The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 2

Chapter 2

It seemed that this transaction was a ‘slight’ loss!

The corners of Sue Lin’s lips spasmed.

She thought that after hatching the Four Saint Beast, she would have at least something to count on in this parallel world where she was all alone.

To think that with just a blink of the eyes, that reliable pet had turned out to be unreliable. Not only did this kitten whelp was not able to become the umbrella on a rainy day, it looked like it wanted to mooch off her.


It was a sin to act rashly…….. Sue Lin groaned while holding her forehead, starting to find pangs of regrets from her impulsive decision.

“Alright, at least you should still have the Saint Beast’s inborn Terror Aura !” Sue Lin ground her teeth, her hands beginning to flitter about, curling the kitten into a ball on her chubby palms, then smoothly did a standardized pitching action commonly seen in a baseball tournament, throwing the white kitten in her hands into the forest with all her might……..

“战斗*!! At least scare two rabbits dead senseless and drag back to me!” (TL: *Original text is literally “fight” in English)

And thus a bitter cat’s shrilling scream cut across the peaceful and quiet forest (?!). It was akin to the staff in a zoo throwing a live chicken into the tiger’s den. Once the kitten landed it quickly began to jump up and run, stringing along the beasts that suddenly appeared from nowhere.

“It seems that even though my stats are lowered, I’m still geared towards strength and agility…….”

Sue Lin leaned on the arbor and scouted for a moment, then moved her shoulders and legs, mulling over on the feelings when she threw the Catball, with half regret and half satisfaction:

“Yup! As expected this physical qualities of this body are about the same compared to the in-game character’s stats points distribution!”

At least judging from the results, it was possible for her to regain her in-game character’s status in this parallel world.

As for the current situation for this body…….. It’s roughly the equivalent of a new character that was just created in Rebirth right?!

Another thing that Sue Lin did not understand but felt delighted over, was how all the skills that she learned within Rebirth were somehow etched within her mind. It was not merely like abilities that are named in-game, and expressed with Skill Proficiency or similarly dreary terms.

Regardless of battle techniques or profession skillsets, all of these effects that were only usable in the game-world could now activate in the real world, including the principles of energy usage, combinatorics, locus, advancements in origins and change of behavioral states etc, etc…… As long as it was a technique that she had once learned.

All of these things were in Sue Lin’s mind now, and the data had diverged from the game world, becoming “techniques” that really existed in reality.

It was as if the knowledge that existed in this world for thousands of years, etched deeply into her body. With just a single thought, she could use these anytime she wanted to. They were no longer an empty concept, and not even a series of cooldown where they were counted using a DPS system or chants. They were definitely a strange force that relied from world around her and turned into something usable…..

Of course, even if she had all these, it did not mean that she was invincible. Understanding and using them were two different things. For example, if she used battle feats that were powerful, and no matter how much she was skilled at using and releasing them, her body was unable to support her series of actions.

Conversely, theory and techniques did not have too many restraints. So the most troublesome issue that needed to be solved were the training of her body and strengthening her stats. Luckily, there were some techniques that were not too complicated and profession skills that did not need high level stats, and she felt a little relieved.



After rearranging her thoughts and glancing at the little white tiger that was running further and further away, she stopped her current train of thoughts, and pondered seriously on what she could find to eat here.

[Stop thinking about that cat called “white tiger” (which is being hunted currently)].

She did not hope to rely on this little beansprout to bring back anything to eat. It was good enough if it did not end up as a meal. If there was anything that little white tiger could get, it first had to quickly grasp the preset skills……

There were quite a number of things that could be used as food. Just take the creatures chasing after the white tiger as examples. Unfortunately, none of them could be easily hunted. Just from the short time where she looked, she found out there were two or three of them which were able to use flame breaths. Judging from the rate of fire and spread, they were experienced with many years of using it.

And with their front paw swishing or roaring with their heads held high, earthen walls would suddenly spring upwards from the ground. She was not sure about how hard it was, as Sue Lin did never experienced it personally, but they were certainly not tofu-like.

[It was not like the soul-less contractors in modern day society, who made all sorts of troublesome delays before building up high rise buildings after months and years. When the building was officially done and ribbons were cut in the morning, a violent rain that same afternoon washed away half the building…..]

Sue Lin was puzzled.

[Things should become better as modern society’s technology improve, but why the heck did the latest fancy tech lose out to something that someone left behind several thousand years ago?!] (TL: …… The author’s 4th wall is making me go nuts. Combining 4th wall while attaching Sue’s 1st person POV? Madness. I decided to put everything as Sue’s thoughts [].)

[Of course, the fake technology must have been part of the reason too. In the current society there were plenty of fake things, milk power was fake, beef was fake, eggs were fake, degree holders were fake, even dollar bills were fake…… Amongst the angry public outcry, the only thing well received was plastic surgery fakers. Fatal weapons like C and D silicon stuff, were the apple of the Otaku’ eyes…..]

[This digression has gone completely off track?!]

Miss Sue Lin suddenly lost her focus, and finally regained her concentration due to a crying distressed meow from far beyond.

Come to think of it, from that sudden loss of attention, she accidentally noticed a strange thing….. She was standing in an area on the tree’s front and easily visible, and the magical beasts were only 20-30 meters away. Even so, none of them even went for her……. Did she really looked like she was not as tasty as that cat which was skin and bones?

[But that’s kind of wrong, usually animals will only pick their food based on whether they are carnivores or herbivores. It’s a choice related to digestion and not on based on taste. In fact, those who are picky on food are pretty women, no onions and no garlic and no oily food and no rich food and no meat…… If nobody believes me, you can go to a western restaurant, and them typical pretty ladies will order two stalks of vegetable leaves and a coffee, then they will dismiss the waiters. Ah yes, there was also the condition that the vegetables cannot be cheap, and not bought from the local supermarket or taken directly from the local delivery trucks, it was best that it came from overseas air freight……. Geh! Off topic again!]



[Then, if it was not based on pickiness, why did the magical beasts not attack me?!]

[Something to do with my zone…..?]

She surveyed her environment one more time, indeed, even if she investigated one more time, there was still no sign of animal traces here.

[In order words this zone has never seen animal activity, even if there is a water source nearby…….]

“Surely they are wary of something right……” Sue mused for a while, and finally brought her suspicions to the huge tree: “This?!”

“……” Naturally there is no reply.

She was just too carefree and if she did not mumble to herself in this godforsaken land, she was afraid she would have forgotten how to speak, or went crazy out of boredom.

Using the Pet Summon skill to recall the little white tiger who was running for its life, the animals who hunted the tiger with all their might stopped just like Sue expected them to in an instant. They carefully approached the huge tree and stopped approximately twenty meters away, sniffed the area and ran away with expressions of disgust, completely abandoning the idea of going after the little white tiger……