The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 – Roll in pain, little girl

The wolf boy was actually also not certain, whether the Mana Cataclysm had anything to do with the Tree of Life. It was just that this was the most suspicious place in this forest, and there were no other anomalies in other areas……

“So that is your judged this is the root of the problem?!” Sue tried to pour cold water on this theory: “But you don’t have any means to investigate because you can’t come in here, and even if the problem came from here, you wouldn’t know what is the issue.”

“But you are able to move freely inside!” The wolf boy reorganized his thoughts and thought of this link.

“This is not the point……” Sue paused for a while, and tried to explain it in a way that he would understand: “First, I already know this spot has a problem, did you really think that I didn’t want to investigate it for the past 3 months?!”


“It’s very obvious, I spent 3 months looking into this anomaly and I am still unclear on the situation, even if I spend the next 3 months again I might not be able to clear things up…… Even if you and I are patient enough, and are willing to spend the time to slowly investigate, I am free to avoid the magical beasts’ attacks by going inside here, but where would you stay in the forest during this time?!”

Sue patiently laid the facts out to the wolf boy.


“……..” The wolf boy was silent.

“And I’ll take another step back, even if we do find the issue very quickly, how are you going to solve this?!” Sue’s words were persuasive and gentle: “Right now, besides Xiao Bai and me, no one is able to approach the Tree of Life, do you really think I can solve the anomaly alone?!”

“………..” The wolf boy continued to be silent.

“Dreams are sweet, reality is an abyss of darkness, quickly finish your meal, wash yourself up and sleep, shounen……”

The roasted meat was completed in moments, one half was given to the black panther, sue took the other front leg, while the rest was given to the wolf boy.

The latter was incredibly hungry. With the immense shock delivered by Sue, he was unable to think of anything else. He received the roasted meat, and did not act overly polite, with a word of thanks, the wolf boy ate the slab of meat with huge bites, turning his sad anger into appetite…… His speed in eating the meat made him look a little like a beast.

On the other hand the real beast was more civilized, the graceful black panther slowly enjoyed the delicious food, nibbling it with small little bites, like he was a noble gentlemen enjoying his afternoon tea.

Sue randomly bit at the roasted leg a few times and threw the rest at the little white tiger. There was still fish soup and grilled shells for supper, so she just needed to pad her stomach a little. The little white tiger did not curb himself, while it was spiteful a little while ago, it gnawed at the leg with relish.

Sue went into the safety zone and walked around the huge tree. She kept thinking but still did not understand, just exactly why she and the tiger cub were able to enter this region without problems?!

Even the little magical beasts that were caught for medicine testing, once they were thrown inside here, no matter how they bared their fangs or displayed their claws, they literally withered in an instant after entering the safety zone, as if they were pure-hearted ukes who just got *beep* in the *beep*, with full of sad pitiful tears and trembling all over……. The word ‘terrible’ was not enough to describe their fate. (TL: If you don’t know what uke means, let’s make a promise never to google that word or ask your friends or family or teachers, okay?!)

But regardless of their state of mind, Sue inspected everyone of these beasts. They had no problems with their bodies within the safety zone, but once they were released, there was no doubt that each one ran away as fast as they could. Their shrieks were especially sharp and loud, displaying how lively and energetic they were like dragons and tigers……. (TL: Chinese idiom, dragons and tigers, such vitality, much wow.)

Before she pondered too deeply into this matter, the group of wolves who went out to hunt were already back. They gathered around the wolf boy and whined in a low voice, then moved to one side and laid down to rest. Only one of them was left to patrol the surroundings.



“When are you planning to go?!” Sue squatted at the edge of the safety zone and asked the wolf boy.

He looked at the little girl for a while, then give a long ‘hmmm’ and said: “Since I know the situation already, and it looks like you were unable to discover anything, it’s pointless if I stay here as there will be no progress….. I plan to leave this forest early in the morning, and explain to my elders about the situation here. And you, since you’re estranged from the dwarves, why not return with us to the half-beast clan.”

“……..” Your granddaddy……. The corners of Sue’s mouth twitched twice, and she breathed in deeply, looked sincerely at the wolf boy with a head full of black lines: “It’s my fault for not saying it outright, but I really thought you know the reason why I’m only this tall is because I have not reached 5 years old…….” Your damned dwarves, your ancestors are all short dwarves………

“Cough-cough-cough……..” The wolf boy choked on his own saliva, and he beat on his chest while having a bout of serious coughs: “You said you are not even 5 years old?!”

[The granny’s beast god panties!

Besides her height and appearance! Which part of her looks like she’s 5 years old?!] (TL: I can agree on this part.)

Sue nodded with a numb expression. The wolf boy’s face lost its color after he thought it through: “Then you mean you’re not a dwarf?!”

“Correct.” Sue was so touched she wanted to cry. It was tough, but this stupid wolf finally understood.

Even though the wolf boy rarely went out to the continent, but just looking at the little kids in his own clan, it was common sense they did not participate in too many training battles when they are young.

One is because their muscles and bones were not ready as they had not mature, and overdoing the training might possibly cause irreversible damage. But more to the point, because of they were basically…… kids at this age, who does not think of just playing the entire day?!



Look at this probable human child who’s not 5 years old, look at how calm she was when he and the wolves appeared in front of her, who even pointed out the place where they escape to, who used her body to protect him fearlessly and communicate with a higher rank beast, who even cooked the beast meat to such perfection………. The wolf boy’s heart was full of emotions, the human kids in the continent were actually so amazing?!

“Then it’s the case where you have more reasons to go back with me. How can such a young beast who has not even reach 5 years old live on its own outside?!” The wolf boy’s eyes were determined and strong: “You need companions, you need friends. At your age, this is the time you should frolic with kids with the same age by pulling each other tails, playing in the holes and getting your whole body full of dirt……” (TL: Well, that’s the exact translation, it’s not child, but young beast…)

“………” *beeeeeeep*, the half-beasts brats’ childhood years are really sad…… Sue wept on their behalf.

“………….. So you did that once upon a time?!” After holding it in again and again, she could not help but ask.

“Cough, cough, cough!” The wolf boy who looked reliable and trustworthy blushed in an instant, his eyes wandering shyly: “……. I was also a young beast too……”

“……..” He really did that…….