The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 18

TL: I am really surprised the girls hated wolf boy this much. Typically this type tends to be easily satisfied and loyal (as long as you have some capturing skills) in otome VNs. You probably can even wrap him around your little finger, cough.

I am also quite surprised at people (23%) wanting to date Sue with a hell yes. She’s kind of scary, you guys do know that right.

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Ch 18

Sue skillfully prepared the prey. She dug the internal organs out and threw it aside, and kept the crystal after removing it. She cleaved the prey’s skinless body into two after that, then took out a huge pile of edible fruits that she had gathered and tested in advance from the forest. She mashed them up and basted the meat with them.

The seasonings she had brought with her were limited, and before she managed to find substitutes for them or was able to plant more of them, she did not want to use them till they were all gone.


She also managed to find a honeycomb a few days ago, so she took it out and then used a dagger on it. The knife went around it a few times and was sliced cleanly into thin pieces. She took out a big glass bottle and piled them up vertically, to allow the honey in them to slowly trickle down.

The two huge slabs of meat were skewered with a few huge branches and placed on the roasting spit. She raised a fire, then crushed the remaining fruits into a jam and mixed the honey in. As she spun the meat round, she basted it with the mixture from time to time……

The aroma slowly wafted out, and the black panther in the tree as well as the wolf boy swallowed their saliva. They looked expectantly at the roasted meat.

Only the little white tiger raised its paws and covered its nose, spitefully pointed a claw at the two slabs of meat and mewed in grievance, as if to blame her for cooking the meat.

(Where’s my fish?! My shellfish?! It wasted half a day just earlier to gather them from the lake…… You can’t bully a holy beast too much!)

“That’s for dinn….. Supper!” She wanted to say it was for dinner, but she raised her head to take a look at the time. It was at least around 4 or 5 pm, so Sue had to change her reply.

Today’s events were mostly comprised of picking up the wolf boy along with a few other things. He did not fall head over heels from her charm, nor did it get intimidated by her frightening aura and ask to become her subordinate, in the end she even had to prepare his meal……. Bleah! Such a loss!

“Your roasting skill is quite impressive.” The wolf boy crinkled his nose and his glittering eyes came a little closer, sitting outside the safety zone with an expression showing that he was yearning for it.

The youth did not feel surprised over Sue’s ability to prepare the meat which weighed tens of kilograms, even though her small body that did not even reach 1 meter. He had heard of the Dwarves’ famous blacksmithing, and it was a given for them to be strong……

“Thanks.” She replied casually: “Your half-beast race should typically have meat as your staple diet right?! How do you usually cook?”

“Mostly roasting and stewing.” The wolf boy’s eyes were staring at the roasted meat.

“Usually we spend a lot of physical strength, and the delicate cooking methods from the human race do not suit the half-beast race at all…… I once disguised as a normal human being, and went to the capital to try the so-called delicacies. Even though it was a slab of meat that could be eaten with one mouthful, they had to cut it into ten over slices, and the thinner it is, the better it is to them. In fact, it was best for it to look translucent, then spread them onto a plate…… I could easily finish the entire plate with just one mouthful, and it was ridiculously expensive….. I just wonder how the human race was able to survive.”

[If humans were just fed with this amount of food, won’t they starve and die from hunger a long time ago?! But not only did they survived, they even fought the other races vigorously in the past, and actually won at the end of it all. They took over the continent, and the other races were chased away to small corners and suppressed……. Humans are just incredible creatures in this world!]

The wolf boy sighed, feeling full of emotions.

“That is a normal thing. The higher the quality of the food and drinks is, the lesser the quantity. They are not selling the food, but the grade of it.” Sue listened in joy, as she did not expect the high quality restaurants in this world to be the same as her previous world. For example, the Peking Duck that was served was roughly to the equivalent of a quail’s meat. (TL: Peking Duck is mostly served with just the skin and very little meat. It is incredibly crisp and eaten with scallion, cucumber and sweet bean sauce, with pancakes rolled around the fillings. It’s extremely savory.)



“But the roasted meat that’s done by our race definitely cannot match yours.” The wolf boy smiled generously: “I went to a lot of people’s homes in my tribe and eaten many delicious roasts, but yours seem to have something special…..”

[Of course it is special. I added a little seasoning from the game, and not only is it unique in taste, they are of high-end quality too….. ]

But as a demure girl, she quickly reminded herself not to show a crazed posture that was full of arrogance, and needed to be humble instead. For example, keeping a polite smile, with a “You’re overpraising me, it’s actually not as good as you say it is.” etc……..

So the little girl give a shy smile: “No, no, it’s not as good as you say…..” Then to emphasize and add on a truthful sentence: “It’s just that the things that you have eaten shouldn’t be put onto the table.”

Wolf boy: “………..” (TL: ………)

After conversing with the wolf boy a little, Sue received some information about his race.

After the epic battle in the past with the victorious human race ruling the continent, the other races in the continent chose to retreat and occupied areas that were quite remote to survive.

The human race was self-aware and did not attempt to invade these areas. They had just barely won the fight for this continent, and any attempts at finishing them off would have caused the other races to ally up in desperation or anger, and fight them to the death.

The half-beast race gathered in a stretch of mountainous areas in the north-western area in the continent, and were simply called the Beastman Mountains. Any human who entered this mountain was not protected by any of the kingdom’s laws…… Unless the humans were prepared to do battle with the half-beast race.

“This forest filled with magical beasts was once the homeland of the Elven race, and was called the Elven Forest…… Back then, it was much more beautiful.” The wolf boy laid on the grassy area and did a lazy stretch, while informing her of the history of this area.



“You have seen it before?!” Sue smiled.

“…… Don’t be silly, the Elven race took the Tree of Life seeds away, and from then onwards the forest begun to wane. The time from when I was born is merely 14 years, how could I have seen it before?” The wolf boy was a little gloomy.

[You’re so tall when you’re only 14 years old?

Sue was a little envious. She had always hoped to go as tall as 175 cm, but in the end despite her every effort she was only 167 cm…… She probably can’t change her DNA here, and she wondered if she could boost herself with some high quality food.

“So the Tree of Life that you’re talking about, it’s this one?!” Sue pointed at the empty space with the huge tree while she kept turning the roasted meat.

The wolf boy eyes became serious: “Yes!”