The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 17

Chapter 17

It was why the triads fight each other with the stereotypical reasons of territory and women, and why a girl was crying on the streets with the stereotypical reason of being dumped , and how a suffering youth who jumps off a cliff into the water should encounter something good as a stereotypical outcome ….. Cough, cough!

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It had became an unwritten law where a story like this should progress naturally in this direction. No one would have thought that the plot development here would be magical beasts attacking a male lead with the reason of dieting right?!

The wolf boy was so upset that he wanted to bite his tongue to commit suicide.

“Well, drink up this medicine.” Sue handed the depressed wolf boy a blood potion, a bottle of this would be able to restore approximately 5000 HP.


Even though she did not know how much blood he had, but she guessed that he probably lost no more than 1/4 of his blood pool, and one bottle should be sufficient.

The young boy pulled off the cork and sniffed the bottle with his nose. He did not detect any strange smells to it, so he drank it without any reservations, and……. and then he bled even faster.

“Gah…….” Sue’s head was full of black lines. What the heck was happening?!

“Hmm?!” The wolf boy was startled for a moment, then he showed a puzzled face: “When I drank the potion I immediately feel my body becoming warmer, and it feels like my blood was being replenished, but these warm currents in me are rushing in me too quickly, and I feel a little dizzy, and then they flushed straight down to the wounds……”

“….” So he was over-healed……

The replenished blood surpassed the wolf boy’s HP health pool, and the fact he did not rupture an artery was thanks to the multiple wounds on his body…… Sue patted away her cold sweat. She noted down the necessary precautions to use any game items in this world.

Even though this small accident happened, the goal of replenishing the wolf boy’s HP was reached. He appeared to be more energetic and was not as pale as before when he climbed to the shore.

She threw a basic rank cleansing magic at him to prepare for disinfection, and took a bundle of bandages from her dimensional space and showed it to him: “I think I’ll help you bandage it up.”

The Battlefield Bandages in her hands right now, was a reward from a hidden mission that took her two days and nights. When a player has two or more random livelihood skills that reach the Grandmaster status, there might be a random combination skill that would appear.

For example, the Battlefield Bandages, was an item that could be made from a Grandmaster Alchemist and Tailor. Compared to an ordinary bandage which would stop basic bleeding, this special bandage’s effects were better at stopping the bleeding and healed better. It also lasted longer, and the special highlight was wounds would not easily reopen a second time even if the user fought again. It even restored blood gradually.

“You know how to?!” The wolf boy was suspicious of her skills, but obediently held out his limbs and allowed the loli to do whatever she wanted to him.

“Don’t worry, my bandaging skills are Maxed out.”

“???” The wolf boy did not understand.

First she lifted up the wolf boy’s injured arm on her shoulders, squeezed it a few times, and did not discover any signs of broken bones, so the little girl decided to apply the bandages.

Her actions were swift and accurate, opening up the bandages, applying the poultice and wrapping it around him….. without knocking on to his wounds at all. After a short while, the wounds were firmly wrapped up without any loose ends. He did not feel that it was restraining his movements either, and her strength was just about right……….



The wolf boy tried moving a little in surprise, but he did not find any pain or felt uncomfortable from it. He was astonished, but at the same time he was a little annoyed.

As a member of the half-beast race who loved to fight, and even became the head of the wolf clan at his tender age, the wolf boy had naturally sustained many injuries from his training and fights. It was a normal thing to be beaten to an inch of his life, and he could also bandage himself very well.

But this Dwarven girl looked like she was a dainty person, and did not seem able to fend herself from his wolfish claws. What sort of experiences did she have to learn all this?!

“It’s best not to touch water in the near future. You can go ahead and fight, but remember, I’m not encouraging you to go out there and battle, I’m just saying if you really have to fight…… Blackie-bro, stop looking at me, I’m not asking you to sneak-attack him!!” Sue felt a little headache coming on to her as she explained.

It was basically impossible not to fight in this forest that filled with magical beasts, unless this wolf boy dared to enter the safety zone.

At first she thought that the safety zone only scared the beasts away, to think that it even affected the half-beasts?! Or did it mean that she was the only visitor from outer space who can stay in here while the natives were chased away?!

While the young girl was still having a headache, the black panther in the tree roared impatiently…… You wasted half a day, do you want to cook the meal or not?!

“You, I’ll treat you this once, but your wolves would have to find their own food. If you want to stay here, you have to settle your future meals by yourself.” Sue told the wolf boy before hand.

These things had to be said early. Otherwise if she was relied upon by them and had to feed the bunch of wolves….. Even though her dimensional space was well stocked and did not have to worry about the food for a while, but what if they stayed for ten over days to have fun?! What if his beloved wolves did not hunt for their prey, and gathered in front of her and bared their fangs to beg for meat?!

If she raised their expectations right here, then they might be disappointed if she did not meet them later on! Sue did think highly of the wolf boy who was the only one who could communicate with her, but it did not mean that she was mother Teresa to feed him freely without expecting anything in return…..

“They can hunt on their own.” The wolf boy said that like a natural thing, but he felt like Sue was mistaking something somewhere: “Even though the half-beasts cherish their followers, we treat them like our partners and not pets…… If they did not have the resolution to fight and die in this forest, I would not have brought them in!”



Sue felt quite pleased: “Very good, I have great expectations for you, shounen!” Once she finished talking, she brought the little white tiger into the safety zone to where the prey is. She had worked for half a day, and it was indeed time to make something to eat.

The black panther closed its eyes and lied down in satisfaction. The wolf boy sat at a nearby tree and growled at the wolves to instruct them. They nodded and left in groups in different directions to hunt. As for the wolf boy, he closed his eyelids and rested against tree in order to replenish his strength and energy.

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