The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 16

Chapter 16

This was just perfect. There was even a roasting spit ready to be used, and the only thing left to do was to serve him up……..

The wolf boy’s expression was one of utter dismay and hurt. But this was a normal reaction, anyone who knows that they had fallen into a trap with their life at stake, would look like the wolf boy now.

“You….. intend to hand me over to these magical beasts?!” He licked his dry lips. Even though he felt that he had lost too much blood and could not last much longer, he still gritted his teeth and blocked the road to the tree. His whole body was tense, and his eyes were narrowed into slits. The hands that were hidden behind his back opened up and the sharp fingernails extended out instantly, ready for action.


The wolves felt their leader’s emotions, and slowly surrounded them with low growls in their throats. The way to the tree had been sealed off completely.

The young girl pouted once, and looked at the tense muscular outline of the youth in front of her. She glanced at the wolves behind him………… Were they treating her like an idiot! It would be strange not to notice such an obvious enmity from them.

“Are you trying to betray your savior who directed you to a place of safety?!” Sue asked sincerely.

“Sorr….” The wolf boy paused, then blushed a little as he nearly apologized. He suddenly realized she was trying to secretly change the topic.

The place that she directed to might not be a place of safety, at the very least the situation right now looked like she was leading the wolves to the slaughter or something…… The wolf boy’s face became serious and turned his anger into blame: “You dwarven race have betrayed the trust of the half-beasts!” (TL: A pun on wolf-related words from the original raws. English pun TL ‘Like a lamb to the slaughter’ > leading the wolves to the slaughter.)

“………..” Who told you your queen was a dwarf…….. Sue nearly fell to the ground with her face flat on it. If this wolf boy did not reveal his true thoughts, she really did not know he actually classified her as a dwarf.

She should just *Meow* his *Woof*!

“You have nothing to say for yourself now!” The wolf boy brought her to justice, exposing her miscarriage of justice, and delivered a poetic jus—. (TL: Many chinese idioms on him being in the right and honorable.)

“………” It was not that she had nothing to say for herself, the issue was they were of different races, and there seemed to be a great misunderstanding here…………… Sue’s little fat arm shot up sharply to her temple and rubbed the throbbing vein back down.

It looked like she had been too lonely in the forest for too long. She was fortunate enough to find someone who could speak, and she really did not want to do anything bad to him. If it was something like when she was in the game, she would have gave him an uppercut and left this bird– wolfbrain alone.

Just when she was silent, the little white tiger raised his paw and patted Sue’s short legs, “Meow, meow”, after a few cries, he pointed his claw at a specific direction……

She saw that there was a series of movements from within the foliage, and a familiar black round head popped up from it. There was a pair of glowing, golden yellow eyes at the center of that black round head. It was especially conspicuous.

“………” Sue continued to be speechless. Wonderful, even the boss among the elite magical beast bosses was here, and they directly skipped to the final level.

Waves of despair struck at the wolf boy. Even though he was still willing to battle, he was not stupid. This black panther was clearly the one that led a group of high ranking magical beasts to attack him.



If this panther was here, it would mean the other beasts were nearby. With it in front of him, and the forbidden area that he could not cross behind him……. Even if he was not injured, the possibility of escaping alive was small.

At this critical juncture, the little girl sighed and stood out in front of the wolf boy: “Blackie-bro, wolf meat actually doesn’t taste nice…… Plus I already made friends with him, even if you kill him right here, I wouldn’t have the heart to roast him……”

The black panther slowly walked towards them, with a wild boar on its tail……..

“Blam!” It threw the wild boar into the safety zone with its tail. After pausing for a while, it swayed its tail and turned around, went to tree and jumped to its usual spot, closed its eyes and started to nap.

The wolf boy was startled when he saw the loli suddenly blocking him from the panther with her body. He was still under pressure from the black panther’s intimidating figure, until it jumped onto the tree to show that it let him off. He finally sighed with relief, felt his body turn to jelly, and nearly collapsed straight onto the ground.

The wolves whimpered and gathered around him. They stopped surrounding Sue and the little white tiger, and every one of them rushed to the wolf boy’s side, using their fluffy body to rub him in order to get fawned upon and support from him.

“Thanks!” The wolf boy raised one of his leg up while he sat on the ground. He rested for a while and cautiously thanked Sue: “I misunderstood you.”

“There’s no need to be polite, no matter what, you have already paid me.” Sue smiled: “But even though Blackie-bro is willing to spare you, that doesn’t mean the other magical beasts are willing to do the same……… It’s his turn today to get the roasted meat, but if it’s another magical beast tomorrow, you might not be so lucky.”

The wolf boy was puzzled: “You seemed to get along with the magical beasts in this forest?!”

“Just a little, just a little, we are only on a mutual-benefit basis……. Since they want to make use of me and are able to get their food supply from elsewhere, they would naturally lose the reason to hunt me right?”

“Then do you know why they wanted to join up and attack me?!” The wolf boy frowned, showing that he did not understand why this happened.

The higher ranked magical beasts were not on friendly terms, and acted on their own half the time. There were only a few cases where they would join up and fight together, for example, a very powerful enemy that they could not handle alone, or a creature that drew the ire of the entire magical beasts……. Before he set off, he had heard that only the necromancers’ undead army had this treatment…….

“Actually, you’re overthinking things. My guess is they are just too free nowadays…..”



“Too free?!” The wolf boy was at a loss for words: “What do you mean?!”

Was this girl treating him like an idiot again?!

The dwarven race actually chose to insult the half-beasts’ intelligence in this manner………..

“It’s like this, because everyone was on a rotational schedule for the roasted meat, their chances to talk civilly had increased, and after a while, their tense relationship started to relax….. And they seemed to have eaten a lot more for the past few months and they were starting to get fat. So they were putting in effort recently to exercise, and even before you came, they actually split up into groups and fought each other…..”

If it was in the past, invaders who barged into the forest would encounter against magical beasts in charge of their own territory. The magical beast would simply fight to either win as a victor, or was defeated and vanquished……. But it was different now, everyone was friendly with each other, and they needed the exercise.

And so the wolf boy climbed onto their chopping board…….