The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 14

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The strategy

“Damn it!”

The pair of fuzzy ears perked up on the youth’s head, and his expression became serious.

“When I approached the center of the forest, I accidentally stepped into the range of a higher ranked magical beast, and for some strange reason, this beast actually called more magical beasts over……”

This was one of the wolf boy’s biggest jaw-dropping moment. It was well known that the higher a magical beast’s rank was, the more it preferred to be alone. Especially the ones with higher intelligence as they had quirky tempers, and each time they saw one another they would duke it out. To think they would actually work together and hunt?!


The wolf boy was both nervous and depressed.

“If these magical beasts appeared alone, it wouldn’t be as troublesome. But with such a large group of them banding together, my wolves and I really have trouble handling them….. I even lost some of my wolves when we tried to escape. Coming to this area was by coincidence. I didn’t think they would find us so quickly, could it be the scent of my blood that attracted them?!”

Sue discovered that the wolf boy’s right arm was hurt. There was a long deep gash extending from the shoulder to the elbow, and there was some green poultice that was applied onto it. It was possible that this was the treatment that the half-beast race taught.

There were also numerous small wounds on both of his legs, and the leg-guard had been shattered apart leaving behind a strip of cloth, which had been dyed red from his blood.

[No wonder the beasts did not go over to my place to have their meals. It was actually a team who came to grind the BOSS…….] (TL: Boss directly written in English.)

The young girl finally understood.

This wolf boy in front of her must be considerably formidable to be able to alarm so many high level magical beasts. But once she thought about it, it made sense to her as he’s the representative of the half-beast race. If his level was not high enough, what would happen if he got PKed immediately just after he stepped out of his home?!

“So you are certain that the magical beasts are already approaching here?!”



“Yes!” The wolf boy gritted his teeth: “Miss, I’m going off, please send my regards as the representative of the half-beast race to your chief!”

He nodded as he finished speaking, bent his body and prepared to jumped into the river…….

Her chief?! What chief did she have! Sue quickly called after him.

“If you still have the strength to go to the other side of the river, there’s an empty space half a kilometer from here, except there’s a huge tree in the center of it. For some reason, these magical beasts do not approach there……”

“‘Half a kilometer’?!”

“Which is 500….. Cough! Just run there for half a minute and you would see it!”

Ahem! A parallel world citizen would not know about Earth’s measurement, furthermore it’s a half-beast race……


The wolf boy turned and growled from his throat. It seemed like he was commanding the pack of wolves, and then he raised his head and howled. The wolves also howled along with him.

He then jumped into the river and the pack of wolves followed after him. Not long later, they disappeared into the fog……

“”……..”” Sue and the little white tiger turned and looked at each other when the wolf pack and the wolf boy jumped into the river.

[If you wanted to go, just go, why did you need to howl, damn it….. And they even howled together to show exactly where they are…..]

After a while, the girl wiped away the black lines from her head, and asked in depression, “Xiao Bai, do you think that wolf boy just attracted the magical beasts over here.”

“Meow, meow~”

“…… So if the group of magical beasts finds that we are standing here while the pack of wolves disappeared, do you think we would be judged as traitors?”

“…… Meow~”

So this girl and tiger continued to look at each other and wanted to send a middle finger at the idiot…… This bloody bunch of troublemakers!

At the same time when they felt depressed, the wolf boy who received the helpful tip had a much smoother journey.

It was still fine when he entered the forest, but after exploring deep within the forest, the opponents that he met were starting to get more and more powerful. They were increasingly stronger than the last and their magic elements were starting to become visible.

The wise sages in his clan explained before that this forest was once occupied by the elves, and the mana concentration in the forest far surpassed any locations in the continent.

Even since the ‘Tree of Life’ slowly decayed a thousand years ago, it was unable to given birth to new elves, and the elf race decided to take the magic seed out of the ‘Tree of Life’, and moved elsewhere to find another location that had a strong mana concentration in order to extend the elf race.

From that moment onwards, this Elven forest was slowly turned into a forest filled with magical beasts. Without the powerful elves controlling the area, the magical beasts that was nourished by the mana concentration in the air started to grow and evolved quickly. Some of these even started to possess sentient thoughts……

The wolf boy had always thought that these stories were merely legends, but after experiencing the beasts today, he had to admit that the sages were right.

If he did not bring the wolf pack out, and if he was not the top fighter in his clan…. Anyone other half-beast would have been eaten by the magical beasts here without even a bone left behind. The strength of the magical beast here could not be compared to the normal ones…..

After swimming for a long time and warding off some aquatic beast creatures, they did not encounter any more troublesome enemies. The wolf boy finally relaxed a little after he saw the rough edges of land appearing through the fog.

They ran for a while after they reached ashore, and found the empty space with a huge tree that the girl had described earlier.

There was a simple big hearth surrounded by some rocks, and there was a simple set of skewers made from tree branches nearby…..



The wolf boy felt his stomach when he saw the skewers and licked his dry lips, feeling a little hungry. He had spent a large amount of his energy in the battles this morning, and there was no time to bandage himself properly and rest. It was a miracle that he was able to hold on until now……

He quickly pulled his gaze away from the hearth and looked at the area. The huge tree sat quietly in the center of the empty space. There was not even a leaf on it, but in the midst of the thick branches, there was a small elegant treehouse…..

“The Tree of life?!” The wolf boy’s eyes suddenly focused together and immediately yelled out the name of the tree.

The decayed tree of life that abandoned the Elven race, and was then subsequently abandoned by the elves…… It had always been here?!

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