The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 13

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CH 13 –

Before hearing the stranger’s voice, Sue had never considered what sort of language this continent would use.

Now that she had heard it, she realized the words used was from a language that did not match any existing ones from her memories to her consternation. What was even stranger was the fact that she comprehended it with ease, as it was her native language or an instinct……


[Could this be an additional attribute brought over when I traveled to this parallel world?!]

The person who barged into this section of the forest was quickly found by the little girl. Actually, she did not even need to search for him, as he basically charged over to the river. Since Sue had already vacated the beasts from this location with her potions of terror, he located this area since he wanted to find a place without any magical beasts.

And thus, it was a given that these two should obviously meet each other………

Sue: “…………….”

Youth: “…………….”

Sue cautiously sized up the youth for a long time, then gazed at the pack of wolves behind him, silently picked up the little white tiger and turned around, walked a few steps away, squatted down, then said with her head full of black manga lines: “This person who appeared doesn’t seem to be ordinary hmmm?!”

“Meow?!~” The little white tiger tilted its head.

“Take a look, there are triangular furry ears on his head, and there’s a fluffy tail on his butt…….. even more importantly, he brought a pack of wolves, and they seemed to be really obedient……”

“Meow meow mewww~” The little white tiger’s ears shook once, then conceitedly swished his little tail, showcasing that he also had ears and tails. And he would obviously get a bunch of followers in the future, even if was not a pack of tigers, he would also get a bunch of kitty cats…..

“……” Sue eyed the tiger who did not understand the crux of her points with condescension. She paused for a moment and said through gritted teeth: “Based on my powers of deductions, with all his traits put together, this boy’s identity is easy to determine……”


“He’s a beast tamer!” She said with 100% confidence.




Are you meow, serious, meow………….

“Cough cough cough!” The youth boy had strained his ears and listened to her the whole time with black manga lines, was unable to keep on being silent after such a ridiculous deduction. He coughed a few times and quickly said: “Actually, you are mistaken, I’m the wolf representative of the half-beast race.”

“Half-beast race?!”

[Tsk! There’s actually a hidden race here?]

“…… Yes.” The wolf boy’s vigilance was still up, with the biggest reason due to this very young loli who appeared in this very dangerous forest full of magical beasts. He did not understand wh, but strange things typically meant danger, and she was an existence that did not fit in this forest.

“Nice to meet you.” Sue politely place her hand across her chest and bowed slightly, then introduced herself with a smiling expression: “My name is Sue Lin, probably from the human race.”


Sue nodded sincerely, then raised her hands in exasperation: “Indeed, I am actually not very sure of my race, do you know were I can do a DNA test in this continent?!”

Such heartache! She had lived for twenty years, and within the blink of an eye she did not even know whether she was even human anymore…… Was this loli’s body which was less than 5 years old belonging to reality or from a game world?!

If it was from the game world, her character’s features were based on her real life data, and she had not changed her face. In other words, her game character looks exactly like her real self. However, if it was based on the game then her race was……

But if this body was based on her real self in real life, she was definitely human.

“………” The wolf boy blinked furiously and suddenly felt faint…….. DNA?! What was that?!

Did their half-beast race hid for too long and got this disconnected from the mainland?!



Luckily Sue did not really hope for this parallel world’s native citizen to answer such a difficult question, and she changed the topic to the real question she had: “May I ask, what were you planning to do when you brought such a large pack of wolves into the forest?!”

His actions were on the level of trespassing right?

After deliberating for a while, the wolf boy chose to answer truthfully: “Three months ago, there was an incredible surge of mana that swept the continent, and brought everyone a considerable amount of panic. This distortion even affected time and space, and it was like the laws of this world was about to collapse…… Luckily it only lasted for a while, and did not cause any permanent damage. When the elements and mana of the various locations were stable, my race did a divination and discovered that this mana cataclysm’s origin was in this forest. The half-beast race sent me out to here……”

[Three months ago……… Time space continuum distortion?!]

Sue tapped her chin, and her smiley face gradually stiffened.

Three months ago was the time when she logged out and suddenly found herself in this world. Could it be this ‘Mana Cataclysm of Time Space Distortion’ brought her here by coincidence to this world?!

Sh*t! Could Destiny please ask for her permission before assigning her this world teleportation invitation!

“Then you were also sent out by your race to check up on the origins of this mana cataclysm?!” The wolf boy looked at the loli’s rigid expressions, and tried to think of an explanation for her: “Don’t worry, the elements and mana are very stable currently and there won’t be any disastrous event again. We are just scouts to check if anyone did anything prior to unleash this event, and prepare ourselves if there is an enemy we need to fight.”

To her words of declaration that she did not know what race she was, the wolf boy did not believe even one single word at all, which person in this world did not know what race they are!

This little girl looks very much like a human, with no tail, no ears, no claws, no fur, no webbed hands, no scales…… Erm, and she’s very short…..

She’s definitely a dwarf right!

The wolf boy had never felt prouder of his high intellect. (TL: … Shamefur dispray!)

“Beside your race’s divination about this mana origins thing in this forest, did they give you the details?! Like coordinates….. C-cough! I meant any landmarks or something?!”

“No!” The wolf boy shook his head without any hesitation.

“……….” If there was no hint, how the heck was they going to find it in such a big forest?! Sue swallowed the blood surging in her throat with difficulty: “Bro, can we discuss…….”

“There are really no further details……..” The wolf boy looked sincerely and helplessly at Sue.

Her gaze was really familiar, it was like…… how he looked at the shaman back then when he asked the shaman for details……

Right when they were gazing at each other, there was another series of commotion from within in the forest.

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