The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 12

TL: Okay. In this chapter Sue called the white tiger 小白, transliterated as Xiao Bai, literally Little White. But maybe you disagree with this name and want to go for something more exotic. Cast your polls, ladies and gentlemen!

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Ever since Sue became the kitchen girl cook in exchange for safety, she rarely had the chance to ride the broom and enjoy the wind.

She did not entirely blame these elite beast bosses with higher intelligence, but she wanted to take this opportunity to familiarize with her surroundings, analyze plant samples, and find substitute recipes to make new potions in this world.

It was a difficult task to replenish her stockpile in this foreign lands, as there was no map indicator or radar equipment unlike within a game. There was also the issue that her current level was not sufficiently high enough…..

It was fortunate that she had just finished researching her current samples. There were more plants to be researched in the magical forest, even though she already progressed considerably far ahead.

Sue had also collected seeds and cultivated them. She classified them into plants, leather, metal, crystals and unique items. Every compartment had 99 slots, and these slots allowed stacking as well.

“Come to think of it, I remember there’s a special type of grass that I saw half a month ago at the riverside, I wonder if it has matured?!” Because Sue only found one over these past few months, she was not certain whether she was able to find another one in the short term, so she did not immediately harvest it at that time.

If it had matured, she could gather the seeds, plant them in a suitable area and research on it.

“Meow~ Hiss~” The little white tiger clawed at Sue’s hunter’s outfit vigorously to display its dissatisfaction and ignored her — ‘I just wanted to bask in the sun, meow……’

Sue disregarded the little white tiger’s feelings and brought it to the riverside. She had roasted meat every day for the magical beasts, and strangely enough none of these BOSSES actually brought any seafood. (TL: Boss written directly in English from raw.)

She had eaten all sorts of roasted prey for nearly three months…… And skipping the discussion how much fat was spilled onto the fire, she felt that her roasting arm was fatter by a size.

Once they were at the riverside, Sue let the little white tiger scout the area to ensure there was no threatening magical beasts about. She then jumped from the broom and walked directly to the special grass.

After carefully observing it, she gauged that it had matured from the blooming flower and abundance of seeds. The color had also turned many shades darker compared to half a month ago…..

“It should be ready for harvesting!” Sue muttered to herself, while wearing a glove and taking out a box. She carefully removed the panicle. (TL: Panicle wiki)

The little white tiger was playing by itself by the riverside, as Sue did not like to be interrupted when she was working. It was also lazy enough not to seek attention from her.

The little white tiger strolled through the forest like it was its backyard. His prowess as a Saint Beast was starting to show, and with the exception of a few powerful magical beasts with higher intelligence, he was basically able to dominate the forest.

A thin and small magical beast not far away passed by the river. It saw a figure squatting at the river side and wanted to pounce over, before it suddenly discovered there was glass jars and containers beside the figure. It immediately recalled that half a month ago, it had been captured and used as a guinea pig. The memories of fur loss, paralyzing pain and fangs that fell out came to its mind……. The little magical beast howled and fled in tears.

“What manner of beast dareth approach?!” Sue felt something amiss and raised her head, and was just in time to see a shadow running away with all its might and dust following behind it.

“…… It must be crazy!” Black lines streaked across the little loli, her lips twitching.

This poor little beast must have just woken up, otherwise other beasts would have warned that a dangerous terrorist had arrived….. The little white tiger felt the agony within that magical beast deeply, and helped out by looking at his owner with a despising gaze.

She had complained repeatedly that the beasts were controlling the forest, but ever since her stats started to increase, with her skill tree opening up, which beast in this forest did not suffer under her tyrannical ways?!

Just like how the magical beasts with higher intelligence know there was a girl who could roast meat in the giant tree zone, the normal beasts in the forest had already known about this girl’s existence from her infamy.

If these normal beasts were captured by the higher ranked beasts, the worst could happen was merely death. If they were captured by her, it was a fate truly worse than death…… Every time the little white tiger thought about the fact where he had been contracted to this sadistic girl, it wanted to hug every other fellow magical beast and weep.

Perhaps she did not know, if the little white tiger was to go out to the forest, it would be like a dragon invading a village, and there would be cries of dismay and yells of horror. But if this little girl was to go out, it would be as if a Goddess of Death walked through the area, where every single flower, leaf and beast were taken away with no stones left unturned….. The only few exceptions to her reign of terror were the elite bosses whom she cooked for.

There was no beast who could withstand her poison potions…….

“There’s no signs of magical beasts within this area!” Suddenly, a youth’s voice came from the dense forest, full of anxiety and surprise: “Quickly! Everyone come over here!”

[Come where?!]

Sue had not spoken to anyone in ages, and her ears will constantly filled with the roars of beasts since the time she came to this world, and she was unable to get used to the accent she had just listened to……..

[Hmm?! Someone talked with a spoken language?!]

[Hmm times two?! It was a person who just spoke?!]

The little loli was too surprised and did not react for a while. She did not even realize someone had trespassed this location……

[It’s a person! It’s a living person!]

Sue got excited and quickly grabbed the remaining stuff and stuffed it into the dimensional space, stood up and patted her hands: “Xiao Bai! Quick, let’s go take a look and be nosy!” (TL: Poll time. Edited to reflect users’ choice.)

“………” Could you be anymore ridiculous than this……..