The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 11

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Three months passed by with the blink of an eye.

The days in the primitive forest could be said to be hard; it could be said to be easy.

Ever since the established relationship with the black panther, and the occasional give-and-take situations between them, Sue finally got used to living in this parallel world. Due to the gradual increase of her XP, her stats also became higher and she started to regain some of her former status when she was in the game.

There were certain high level skills that Sue was unable to use currently, but fortunately the lack of them did not affect her life too much. Although the beasts were considerably powerful in this forest, they did not require the usage of using any limit break skills unlike an elite boss.

With careful positioning so that she would not get surrounded and drinking potions in time…… Sue found that she did not have too much of a problem going around in the forest. Even the little white tiger cub got stronger every day. Even though it did not grow in size, it was able to hunt tough beasts.

The giant tree’s vicinity was officially Sue’s personal territory. No one fought with her for it, but the little tiger cub peed around certain areas to show that the area belonged to him. Unfortunately, Sue did not have a beast mentality, and would not adhere to ‘Who peed first = territory belonged to him or her’…..

As the little white tiger found that he did not manage to get Sue’s attention, he naturally became sad and tried to increase his scent in the territory he picked. Until finally one day, when he did it in front of Sue, the little girl unleashed her fury and lectured him on personal hygiene. She gave him a time out and made him reflect on his actions, as well as docking a meal for punishment……


With the aura of a sadistic queen flaring up, the saint beast bowed in acquiescence.

“Blackie-bro didn’t come today?!” One of her grubby hands was holding a bunch of chopped grass vines, while the other was holding on to a crucible. She was preparing to analyze the samples, and she looked up to the sky on a whim, and realized it was nearly noon. She felt that was something wrong.

“It’s actually so quiet today. None of the hunter pals actually want to send a prey over to eat with us?!”

During these few months, with the black panther as the leader, other high ranking beasts crashed into the party after detecting the aroma of the roasted meat. They seemed to somehow understand that by sharing half of their prey with her, she would make it into even more delicious than before. Due to that reason, there were more and more beasts who brought their prey and dined with her.

The difference in the taste of raw and cooked food was clear as day. Even though the beast would not hunt certain types of prey just for the pursuit of taste, they would still prefer to choose something tastier under the condition they had a sufficient food source.

But these magical beasts had their different lifestyles. There were diurnal or nocturnal hunting times, and at the busiest day, Sue almost worked 24 hours. After sending one satisfied beast off, another came along and sent off again, and it repeated every single time…… Finally after reaching her limit, she issued the rule of making only three meals per day.

After they got the news, these high ranking bosses played rock paper scissors to decide the winners, but sometimes it could not be settled and they would duke it out to decide the winner…… However, after a long series of epic battles, they finally agreed to have a rotational schedule to “use” the public cook, and there was peace in Sue’s life…..

Even though Sue did not gain any friendship points or enslaved any beast boss, she was quite secure from the cooperation between them.

The small beasties were no longer a threat, the scary ones were her customers…..

“Could it be these kind-hearted magical beasts finally remembered to give me a holiday?!” Sue finally made an impossible deduction that she placed no hope in.

“Meow~” The little white tiger gave a yawn to her with respect, showing that it was listening to her daydreaming.

“Whatever, it has nothing to do with me!”



Sue’s biggest accomplishments in these three months, besides her level ups, was the analysis of the plants in this forest. She had analyzed approximately thirty percent of the forest’s plants, and many of them were as effective as the herbs within the game. She had collected the useful ones and planted them carefully in suitable places, and hoped to increase the production by cultivating them in huge batches.

There were some other samples that Sue already analyzed, but she could not think of how to combine them…..

[It’s time to create new formulas by trial and error…]

She placed the chopped grass vines and placed them inside the crucible that had some medical mixture in it. After a while, there was green warm light appearing on the surface, and Sue took notes on the big book that was now in her hands: “‘Life’ stats are ordinary….. No reaction of ‘Dark’ status, no signs of ‘Nature’ elements….. Initial hypothesis, it could be used to make a ‘Holy’ potion for purifying……”

After jotting down everything and putting away the work table, Sue thought for a while, and grabbed the little tiger whose limbs were laid sprawling on the ground and was basking in the sun. She threw him into her shirt, and took out her broom and sat on it enthusiastically: “Let’s go! Since I don’t need to work today, let’s go out to get some fresh air!”



The little white tiger had comfortably settled in, his eyelids were already drooping down and his tail shook feebly, and he was about to fall asleep. Without any resistance, he felt the back of his neck tightened and his legs left the ground. He was thrown roughly and then pushed in…… When he opened his eyes, he found himself in a familiar shirt!

Meow it! In this place, in this year, he got kidnapped?!

“Mew!!! Meow meow meowwww?!!”

“Shut up! Haven’t you meowed enough every single day?!”

The little white tiger struggled with tragic cries, but there was no use. Any objections that did not agree to the little girl’s rulings were overruled.

And thus one person and one tiger advanced deeper into the forest.