The Strategy to Become Good at Magic chapter 100

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Chapter 100 – The Wolves for hire



“Sue, you want to hire people to cook?!” The little prince prodded her from behind with his quill in loneliness.

He was forced by Sue to sit behind her table ever since he tried harassing Sue to chat with him. She could forget about it if he simply chose to not pay attention in class, but talking to her would mean that the responsibility would be hers, and if he did not get good grades the queen would be sure to blame her. Ultimately, she might become the sinner who led the successor down a bad path and had the infamy of leading a country to ruins because of her young charm……

“You can think of it that way.” Sue threw a glance behind her.

“Why? Is the school’s food not tasty enough?!” The little prince appeared to be utterly bored and intended to have a deeper understanding of the students’ lives in the school.

“…… You can think of it that way.” The food within the school was indeed quite ordinary. But if the food was actually tasty and sold incredible delicacies, she would not have the opportunity to set up a cafe.

“You don’t need to hire anyone, the school has a special cafe and we can eat there!” The little prince patted his chest generously: “I’ll treat you! My second older brother will pay the bills!”

“……” Your second brother would cry kiddo……

The little prince’s words were meaningless, but it did give Sue an idea.

No students within the school who could do the job?! No problem, the private cafes within the school had them. There’s a word called headhunting after all. Well, headhunting was not something that could be done now, because there was something called tests too……

The Academy of Light was just like the schools on Earth. Every time when it was the term’s exams, it would be the school’s most active period. All sorts of notes were being passed around, last-minute tuitions, copying of assignments, thus things were progressing on a serious note. There were even cases where people quitted their jobs in order to substitute the students and take their exams.

One should not think there were no fake diplomas in this Magic world. The rules of choosing six subjects when one entered the school prevented many from advancing. These were areas that would pressure them to go into a war. Many were talented in a particular subject, but that did not mean they would be able to pass all six subjects.

Their school fees should not be wasted just like that, and since they already spent this much money, it was logical for them to spend a small amount of money to invest in these necessary things!

The kids who just entered the school were a little more innocent, and they were unlike the older students who had gone through much that these things come to them like a fish swimming in water. It was why they could not see the thriving business that was happening underground, and also why no one came to them to get their business.

The students were newbies after all.

It was a small thing to earn less money, but if these people who substituted the cheating students got outed because some naive student accidentally did so, they would lose their future business and even get demerit points from the school, and even expulsion from school was a possibility.

But there were a few amongst the newcomers who had siblings who taught them how to survive the tests, even though these newbies did not dare to attempt the high-level cheat by plagiarizing or finding a substitute, they could at least find other people’s notebooks or get someone to tutor them. It was better to do a desperate study rather than not having one.

As the broom rider who astonished the Academy of Light by flying around, Sue’s standards in Alchemy was considered as legendary. Even though she always slept in class and looked at other books, she was still the number one choice to be a tutor and get her notes.

Therefore, after the Alchemy teacher announced that the exams would begin in one week on a specific day in the Alchemy class, the female dormitory began to become boisterous. Countless girls went to room 174 and tried to steal Sue away to do a last minute study.

“Sue, quick, come over and help me take a look at this.” A little girl pounced towards Sue as soon as she entered the room. She was holding on to a small box, looking restless and anxious: “I wanted to make a storage box, and I got one from the teacher so that I can understand the storage box’s concept. However, after I closed it the box couldn’t be opened anymore…… What’s wrong?! Is the box spoiled?!”

“……. This is a very simple question, but you need to find where the key is.” Sue looked at the side of the box that was locked up beneath a decorative pattern with gloomy eyes.

She could not blame the girl, the keyhole was indeed a little too pretty, and it was normal for her to forget that appearances could be deceiving.

“Key?!” The little girl thought for a while before she became utterly shocked: “You mean that key that I put inside the box is meant for opening it?!”

“……” Sue could not help but let her tears flow freely: “Congratulations on finding the correct answer.”

The little girl wailed and went out hurriedly with her box just like how she came in. She probably went to the Alchemist teacher to get his spare key.

“Sue, Sue! Take a look at this tool, how is it?! Can I pass the exam?!” Another little girl jumped out and took out an unknown rock.

Sue sighed once and analyzed the stone seriously for ten minutes before giving up: “I’m really sorry, but it might be that I have too little knowledge on this. No matter how I look at it, it’s just a normal rock, other than it’s a little heavier than normal rocks…… May I know what the purpose of this rock is?!”

“It’s a self-made Mana Bomb!” The little girl was proud of herself.

She certainly had the right to be proud. A Mana Bomb’s recipe was what did the Advanced classes studied. Perhaps this child thought she was too ordinary and wanted to stand out…… It was like a primary one kid who wanted to challenge solid geometry’s maths.

“Pffff!” Sue puked out a mouthful of blood and passed back the rock and was silent for a while: “I have never been so delighted to hold on to a failed product…… Naturally, you don’t need to feel disappointed too. Go ahead and present this bravely, and when the teacher asks you what this is, go ahead and answer like how you answered me. Perhaps there are people who would become outstanding after this, and a single failure in Alchemy would be an encouraging act…. Also, if you really do fail you can use this rock and throw it into the teacher’s window to vent your anger.”

The second little girl was reluctant to let this matter go; she took back her rock and still wanted to speak. Sadly the people waiting behind her were already impatient and they pushed her out of the room, and a stack of weird Alchemy items was presented before her…..

The first exam had no restriction on content. As long as the student could apply the knowledge on what they learned and presented their successful item, it would be fine. The difficulty was not even very high. The teacher would grade their efforts on the quality, use, and method of making it. Even though the score could be high or low, a passing mark would be gotten if the product was successful.

Of course, this might be very likely that the Alchemist teacher had a personal goal; he wanted to see Sue create a broom and let him look at it. The probability was more than 80 percent.

“A doll that sings…… This is pretty good, but the contents of the song seemed like it needed changing.” Sue discovered that the song was more like what the Red-light district would use…… “Huh?1 You don’t know what the Red-light district means?! Who the heck provided this outstanding piece of music?! Huh, your brother…… How pitiful, your relationship with your bro must not be very good…….”

“A lunchbox that’s infused with magic to keep the things warm…… This is very creative. Even though the concept was easy, the uses were practical. At least the idea was a successful one, but….. don’t you think that the lunchbox is a little too big and the temperature is a little too high?!”

To be honest, Sue actually thought it was an oven before the name and usage were said.

“A broom that can fly…… Very well. Even though this broom is unable to carry someone, it actually does fly….. Congratulations, you finally have a weapon to clear the spiderwebs on the ceiling!”

Sue chose a more merciful attitude to judge her admirers and copycats……

After a whole night of torture, the batch of chattering little girls finally left reluctantly. Sue was so tired that her mind was a blank. How could she remember anything about hiring someone, or the scheme to assassinate, or making an antidote to slow the poison…… Watermelons! She only wanted to sleep right now!

If there was a second chance, she would have patiently left the hall quietly, and she would not even show her broom’s straws, let alone the broom, for the crowd to see.

“Sue?!” The outsiders had left, but the insiders within the room were still around. The three girls yelled out to Sue’s corpse with hesitation.

Sorry. She was dead…… Sue’s eyelids did not even move a little, and she hugged the little white tiger and continued to sleep in her pretty pose.

“Shhh….. She’s asleep,” one of the girls said considerately.

“But there’s someone looking for her, and that person has been waiting outside for a long time.”

“Regardless of what that matter is, it can wait until tomorrow. It wouldn’t be good if the guards on duty catch her if she goes out at this timing.”

“But the person waiting for her so dumbly is quite pitiful.”

“…… Is that person a male?!”

“Hmm? Yup!”

“Is he very handsome?!”

“Erm, I think he’s okay, he’s a little charming…… What’s wrong?!”

“Nothing, I just want to know why you’re suddenly so kind.”


[A handsome guy?! Do I know a handsome guy other than Fedrus or Eins?! Well, the two kids should be described as adorable instead…… So it’s my older-brother-in-name?! That can’t be possible. Graduates couldn’t randomly enter the school if it’s not a break day….. Whatever, I’m tired, I’ll leave anything else for tomorrow.]

Sue went to sleep in a daze. She did not hear the howling of wolves the entire night in the girls’ dormitory lower floor……

The next morning, before the sun was up, and the other three girls were still deeply asleep, Sue had no choice but to get up. She had two large black eye circles and sullenly washed herself up plainly before riding her broom and getting out of the dorm.

The yesterday’s entire afternoon and evening were complete chaos. She had not managed to brew the antidote for the little prince, and in this time of desperate times, there was no time to think about the remainder of her classes. She could only sleep a little less, and she went to the laboratory really early to work.

“Little Sue, you’re here so early to go into the laboratory?!” The teacher who was in charge of the laboratory loved hardworking children gave quite a lot of conveniences to them, and
he supported to Sue who frequently went there.

“Yes, I have no choice, the bunch of little girls is really too much for me. I just spent the entire night handling them.” Sue expressed her helplessness.

“Ha ha…… A little girl like you should not act like a grown-up. You don’t know that your situation is the envy of all the boys.”

“That’s because they have never seen their true characters underneath their surface.” Sue sighed.

The teacher was curious, and teased her while he activated the Magic formation to the laboratory’s door: “What characters?!”

“No matter how beautiful, gentle, and kind these flowery girls are, they would be the carbon copy of the boys’ mothers in the future…… They would nag as much as they do, as miserly as they are, and controlling as they are…… Worse of all, the girls would not give them pocket money!”

The teacher suddenly trembled: “Hearing these words suddenly makes me feel like I don’t want to marry my fiancee?!”

“Urgh….. Please don’t, if you say something like this, what’s going to happen if your fiancee comes over to me to get revenge?!”

“Haha. You have quite the many thoughts as a little girl…… Go ahead! The Magic Formation has been activated, and it’s the usual laboratory, room number 4.” The teacher tossed a key to Sue, did not speak any further, and went back to his own room.

Sue shrugged and did not mind it, since she had always interacted with this teacher in this manner.

Inserting the key, opening it, closing it, locking it…… She brought out the half-made medicine from her Dimension Bracelet and arranged her materials at the working table and crucible. She then prepared herself to concentrate on compounding the materials and making the potion.

She did not have any classes in the afternoon, so she could make several more portions of the medicine and prevented last night’s event from happening again. There might not be time to make the medicine for the chibi every day.

While Sue was buried in her work at the magic laboratory, Ash came again to the dormitory.

“Sue hasn’t come out at all?!”


“It can’t be, right? I don’t recall her being a kid who’s stuck in bed all day…… Did you miss out on her departure?!”

“Growl……” The wolf who answered the question pawed at the ground with its claws and caused a tantrum, then stared at the only entrance with burning eyes, indicating that it had waited all the time without blinking, and it would never see wrongly.

Ash also found it strange that the entrance of the female dormitory was completely empty. Leaving Sue aside, there should at least be a girl or two right?! Did the students of the Academy of Light have the habit of waking up late?!

Ash also felt a little embarrassed when his wolf raised its head to look at him with dissatisfaction: “Maybe I heard wrongly?!”

But a girl who rode on her broom, she was the only one he saw in the whole continent, so it could not be wrong…… Hold on! Riding a broom?!

“…..” He looked up wordlessly as he patted the big wolf’s head, feeling like crying but no tears came out: “Forget it, she’s probably gone, let’s try again in the evening.”


“Let’s go! I’ll bring you out to eat!”

The wolves were agitated and howled together….. Yeah! After guarding for a whole night they could finally eat…….

The bunch of girls hugged each other and trembled, trying to get warmth from each other. When the wolves finally got further and further, a brave girl who finally mustered her courage stuttered: “T-the wolves, are gone?!”

An even braver girl mustered all her whole life’s courage and went to the window, glanced at the ground and announced with tears in her eyes: “Yeah, they seemed like they are gone……”

“It’s so scary…… sob~ I can finally go out and eat.”

“Sob~ I’m almost late for class……”

The news was later sent to the principal’s office. The principal had a deep headache.

The wolves terrified the students?! But this was something that he approved, and it would not be good if he told the student to get his wolves to leave the school now, right?! Besides, there were students who brought along their contracted pets.

But the situation was rare; most students only had one pet and were controlled by a contract, so no one was afraid.

The wolves were something different. First of all, the numbers were quite frightening. It was said that Ash was very understanding of the school and ‘only’ brought a hundred wolves that he selected carefully. If it was in the past where he stayed in the beastman region, he had the position as the king of wolves, and his single howl could summon up thousands…..

A hundred wolves….. The principal felt like crying. He thought there would be a commotion amongst the students, but he did not think that it would be so big. However, when he thought about it, he felt it was normal, they were kids after all, and what an adult might accept, was stress that goes beyond what they could accept.

But the conditions had been approved and the restriction was given to the leader of the wolves. The wolves did not randomly poop or pee in the school, nor did they surround any students with malicious intent, and even hunted in the forest that the school planned for them without going past a single centimeter outside the borders…… They were good citizens that obeyed the laws, and even if they were wolves, he really could not find a reason to be prejudiced against them…..

After being conflicted for a while, the principal could not find a way around it and tried hard to advertise for them. He soothed the students’ frightened feelings, told everyone that even though they are wolves, they are actually a bunch of good wolves which had reasoning and logic. The continent had already ruled in place that there could not be any racial discrimination, and even though these wolves were not a race but animals, it was wrong to look at them with prejudiced eyes.

Furthermore, these wolves were just a hundred, and the students and teachers added up to nearly ten thousand. There was no need to be afraid of them, right!? If it was really not okay, each person could just bite them once and kill them, bleh bleh bleh.

The teachers who received this political task by the principal wanted to cry. Telling a bunch of kids to be good friends with a bunch of wolves?! It would be good enough if they did not cause a riot and object to their presence, this task was impossibly hard to succeed……

Sue finally relaxed after spending an entire afternoon to make ten bottles of antidote that would slow down the poison, and it seemed like there was a safety net for the little prince’s usage for the next few days. She walked out of the laboratory refreshed to have her lunch and prepare for her afternoon classes.

When she walked to the teacher’s room to return the key, an advertisement slip was pushed into her hands before she could speak……