The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 10

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CH 10

Tanning hides apparently required a lot of raw materials and a considerable amount of time, and unfortunately these conditions were difficult to fulfill in this parallel world’s primitive forest. However, if magic potions were used, then it would cut out most of the steps and time required to prepare them, and the final step would simply be airing them. (TL: Author makes no sense, I can understand the lack of raw materials, but the loli has all the time in the world in that forest… )

The little loli brought the hide over to the river side and rinsed it with the water, while at the same time, carefully scrubbed out the fat and blood on the skin without damaging the skin, with a fine brush found from her dimensional space.


After finishing the initial stages to wash the hide, she placed it onto the ground and used a specific magic potion to remove the tendons on it…. After applying it several times at different areas and working on it for approximately two hours, the hide was finally done. The fur had a bright luster to it, the skin was soft and durable, and there was almost no damage to it as the entire hide had been processed well.

Sue Lin held it and was almost moved to tears. She had never done a chore like this in her entire life, be it from within the game or reality. Even when she learned how to sew from within the game, she only had to plant some cotton seeds or be a shepherd tending the sheep, when did she ever had to do this kind of junk work……. (TL: 200-300 years into the future, our descendants will be playing VRMMORPGs and crafting their own weapons and outfits. A bikini will offer +99 protection defence. In fact the more skin you show, the higher defense you get. Probably. How exciting.)

After reflecting with many sighs while feeling the fur in her hands, the little loli decided to make herself a hunter’s outfit.

This was a primitive forest after all, she needed to dress appropriately to suit the activities here.

The needle and thread were already in the dimensional space, and her high ranking sewing skill was ready to be used. Even if she could not press the sewing skill button now, it was merely half an hour to sew a child’s hunter’s outfit. (TL: Or they can press the skill button. Sure.)

“Meow~” The little white tiger circled the loli sadly. Its large round eyes were misty, and it looked like it was heartbroken, as if to protest why Sue could not make a little something for it.

“……” Black lines appeared on Sue’s head while she resolutely ignored it. She already had trouble taking care of herself, where was she to find any energy to soothe a cat which only knew how to act moe?!

What? You guys are saying that it’s a Saint White Tiger, and it’s important to establish a good relationship when it’s young?!

Stop joking! Which other white tiger out there would be as useless as this one!

Never mind about this tiger having everyone trembling in their boots from its terrifying visage, or conquering the world for its owner, could it at the very least hunt something?!

The bar for holy beasts was certainly very high, and it might not able to meet that requirement, but even if it could not reached the standard of a holy beast, at the very least, it should be able to meet the standard of a regular beast right?!



Sue sighed in defeat and was drowning in hurt. Just after she sighed a few times, there was a roar from outside the safety zone.

As she followed the sound’s direction and peered over, she saw the black panther that ate the roasted meat earlier appearing outside the safety zone again. At the front of its paws was an animal resembling a considerably large deer.

“It’s illegal to eat deer meat.” She said with a ‘Tsk, tsk’, and looked at the panther: “Blackie-bro, you want me to roast this for you?!”

“Roar—–” The black panther growled and bared its fangs, nodded, and raised its paw and pointed at the prey, then pointed at Sue, then then pointed at the prey, then then then pointed at itself……….

“Urgh…….” Black lines gathered on the loli’s head, thought for a while and tried to translate: “You mean you want me to roast this, and split the share into two?!”

“Roar!” The panther nodded again with a beastly roar, and she knew she had guessed right.

After the agreement, the black panther did not appear to be worried if Sue was going to break the contract and embezzle the whole prey. It raised its paw and smacked the large animal into the safety zone, then swung its tail a few times before turning around. It took a few steps, found a tree with dense leaves and jumped onto it, and laid down in the shade and started to nap. The long black tail hung from a tree branch, with a faint electricity running through it from time to time. The tail swayed from to time with a faint purple trail behind it, as if the panther was very relaxed in its spot.

Sue circled the hunted prey twice in the safety zone. No matter how much she looked at it, it appeared to be no different from the deer found in Earth, with a pair of antlers and hooves……..

So there were herbivores amongst magical beasts too?!

With a flip of her hand, a dagger appeared and she started to slice open the head with the sharp blade. As she expected, there was a light green colored crystal in the head as she dug it out, but this time it was a little smaller and about the size of a pea. The color was also not very bright and of a muddy hue.

“Blackie bro, are you interested in this crystal?!” She squinted her eyes and shook her hand holding the crystal over to the panther’s direction.

The black panther opened its eyes and look at Sue and the crystal in her hand, then bared its fangs with a “Pffff” sound, and closed its eyes again without showing any more interest……


Did she just got looked down at?!

Sue rubbed her nose and shrugged, casually throwing the crystal into the dimensional space, and prepared to bend down to start processing the prey……. The little white tiger started to circle around her feet and rubbing against it to beg for the crystal?!

Who was going to care!

This was a hard year, and trying to eke a living anywhere was hard. Never mind about this primitive forest with full of magical beasts, even if it was a forest in modern Earth, there were all sorts of inconveniences and troubles.

The black panther was obviously the king of the hills here, and Sue believed that she was not as capable.

Right now the cruel reality was, she had limitless potential but her abilities were too low right now. The black panther probably would not get any stronger in this lifetime, but right now at this very moment………. It was undoubtedly many times stronger than her right now!

After analyzing it realistically, Sue thought that she it was necessary to live off a magical beast at this current stage like a leech.



She did not even hope to be like a ‘Tueee’ protagonist in like some ‘Japanese Cheat Novels’, showing off some GAR aura just by yelling My Bone My Sword, and attracting ten of thousands of magical beasts prostrating at her feet. (TL: Not the exact literal translation.)

Sue only had one simple wish, she just hoped that she did not end up as a nutritional meal in this forest……

Right now, the relationship between the black panther and her was not based on enmity. This was very good, as she had enough freedom to develop herself. Even if she was treated as a kitchen maid, she was at least of use to this panther right!

Such misfortune!

Sue Lin sighed and wiped her bitter tears away.

Admidst her daze, she recalled that once upon a time she had made a promise to herself many years ago, just when she entered the online game ———–

One day, I will come back wearing elite level gears with much pomp and splendor and cause a bloodbath in the newbies village…….