The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 1


Sue Lin remembered that she should be logging into the virtual reality game “Rebirth” just then, but facing everything that was in front of her eyes, what remained were black lines on her face and speechlessness…..

Previously she had spent a full month’s worth inside the game, completed a chain mission that was frustrating and difficult, and finally attaining the requirements to own a white tiger. Of which, she attained it yesterday with her own hands one of the four saint beasts, a legendary egg laid from the white tiger itself.

And what was that that happened next?!


Ah, yes, what happened next was something of a celebration party, she also had a few close friends in the game, and it was not a small feat to get an egg from the four saint beasts, so everyone took this chance to celebrate with her, it’s a common thing to gather together once in a while.

Quality wine, delicious food, fireworks…… Without realizing they partied into the late night, and she still felt remnants of excitement in her mind even after the logout moment. The next moment when she woke up excitedly to hatch the white tiger’s egg from yesterday, there was a flash of white light in front of her eyes, and horrifyingly she appeared at this unfamiliar land…..

That’s right! A primitive, godforsaken, strange forest!

She just needed to close her eyes once, and Sue Lin was already clear that this was not a game, but a *mother-bleeping* reality!

The so-called virtual reality game system was really a virtual projection within the human thoughts, a false simulation that was created based on the human senses, which made people mistook what they could really touch or feel something.

The more realistic the sensory simulation was, the more realistic the virtual reality would be, and to sum all the sensory perceptions up, they are of color, form, taste, smell, hearing, touch…… But regardless of how amazing the simulation was, there was the most basic principle behind it.

You would have to simulate an object first before projecting it, and only then would one’s senses react to it.

A virtual reality signal was made up of a projection plus a user’s feedback based on it. Under the myriad combinations of virtual reality signals, only then would a virtual reality game’s backgrounds and scenery be created.

When one did the action of closing their eyes, this particular action would send a signal to the human’s mind, and the subconsciousness would automatically do an action of rejecting the virtual reality feedback. Under this situation, regardless of the most advanced VR system or electric wave signals feedback, they were unable to bypass the subconscious mind, and there was no need to even mention the electric signals ever reaching the sensory organs.

Furthermore, it was human nature to close the eyes when encountering a frightening or an unacceptable event, therefore this point had already been considered in the game, and the feedback strength was modified accordingly in order to effectively protect the mental health, so as to prevent sensory stimulation that were outside the acceptable range and leading to mental instability.

Sue Lin’s eyes were closed right now, but she could only dishearteningly noticed that her hearing and smelling become even more distinct. There was no impression of the intangible feeling that was present in the game if one closed their eyes.

Therefore, based on this point she was one hundred percent certain — This world was real!




Sue Lin nearly collapsed right there when she made her final conclusion.

During the time when she was purchasing the virtual reality machine for logging in, she chose the bracelet form, even though the helmet and capsule were much faster, the bracelet was more mobile and flexible to login. Even if she was to take public transport she could even play the game for a while…… Of course, if she was not afraid of pickpockets or molesters.

But when she took a glance at it again right now, the bracelet was still there, however there was no way to call up the system or personal character profile. She could only vaguely feel the bracelet containing a dimensional space, almost as if it was her dimensional bag in the game…… Cough! All right, she corrected herself, this was indeed her dimensional bag in the game, but compared to the game it was even bigger.

Her consciousness already searched through the dimensional space’s items, including that white tiger’s egg she got yesterday…….

This was not a game, but she had the inventory that belonged from a game.

A real world, that was connected from the instant she logged into a virtual world…….

Can this world be more *bleeping* shitty!?

Sue Lin squatted at the nearby river and gritted her teeth, took a deep breath, and another deep breath….. And finally calmed down a fair bit.

She then indignantly flung her small portly arm that was like a rotund lotus against the reflection in the water, as if to display a show of force, and the small bracelet on her arm followed the force and swayed around for a moment, and the expressions on her rounded face once again distorted for an instant…. Yes, this was another fact that she could not accept even more:

Her eyebrows were still the familiar eyebrows, and her eyes were still the usual eyes. The reflection in the water was her recognizable self, but she did not have the twenty years old pretty figure that she should ought to have. What she had was the delicate and chubby….. Uh, the four years old self that she once saw in the picture albums.

“Under these circumstances, at least give me a guardian or something right……” Sue Lin face-palmed herself into despair, and tried pinching the bracelet to call up the emergency GM hotline, while not encompassing any hope. And then she once again did not receive any reply like she had expected.

“….. Hey! It’s not too much to ask for by at least giving me some newbie equipment right!”

Could this be, the legendary space-time travel?

After using an hour to convince herself the fact that she traveled through space and time, the crux of things was convincing herself to accept the fact she only had a frail four years old body. No matter what, the most important thing was to consider how she can continue to live.

And then, the little girl finally recovered her spirits and began to study her environments in detail.

It was already mentioned before, this was a very primitive, godforsaken unfamiliar forest. The trees here were not only tall and dense, the most notable thing was how strange it appeared, and there were many varieties that Sue Lin had never even heard of. This was one part of the evidence that she had determined that she had came to a foreign world.

And at the position where Sue Lin traveled through space-time, was a tree that was even thicker and taller, probably requiring a hundred people hugging it to surround the tree. Even though it had already withered, it would had still made people revere it in awe. Beside it was empty land, approximately ten meters away was a meandering stream…..

From the looks of of it, at least this area did not seem to have any indication of fearsome beasts.

Using her small arms and legs around the tree, Sue Lin successfully made herself tired panting for breath, and had to stop and rest against the tree gasping for air.

But this action could not be considered to be just disadvantages, at least Sue Lin found a place that she can stay in the future — A tree house was built on the fork of the tree branches, approximately 5-6 meters off the ground.

This tree house might not be very big, but it meant that civilization existed in this foreign world….. Sue Lin was very satisfied, since she was unable to go back to her world, she at least hoped that she need not live the life of a savage, eating raw meat and drinking blood, wearing a few tree leaves in the forest and then yelling “Ohyeeohyeeeohh~” or something like that…… Even though climbing up to such a high tree-house was still a very difficult problem!

“Then the next issue that needs to be solved, is the source of food!” The little lass Sue Lin scowled in her rounded face, thinking very seriously.

Sue Lin was a girl who was very effective in organizing her dimension bag, as with many other net-gaming pros. Which slots were the best for placing weapons, which items were placed into corners that would not be easy for thieves to be stolen, which herbs are best planned to ensure the longest amount of training time, as well as life-threatening emergencies that were encountered. Regularly organizing the dimension bag and then planning the sectors, this was indeed a habit that all pros should adopt.

But this good habit made Sue Lin impossibly awkward.

Twenty rows of healing medicine, 50 rows of extra-strength mana pots, a set of production materials, a set of food seasoning, a set of alchemy materials, her trusty pair of daggers “Crescent”, a set of six level 90 gear, a white tiger’s egg.

There were also stuff like accessories with decent stats, rare crystals, scrolls and mana fruits, these things were basically that she had on her right now…… The junk had already been sold, and the remainder of her stuff were originally planned to be sold at a store or auction house.

A progamer did not need to have any rubbish occupying her dimension bag!

And now the situation had reared its ugly head ——– The progamer lass who had kept her good habits did not have any food in her bracelet…………

The progamer lass wanted to slap herself on her mouth.

“…… No, actually I still have this egg!” Sue Lin took out the egg that was coveted as a priceless treasure in Rebirth with an extremely complicated emotion — The white tiger’s companion egg.

She could not go back to her original world anymore, even if there was a treasure that was more valuable, it could not compare with surviving.

And then by reflex she hugged the egg and started to drool, wondering if it’s better to fry or boil it, she suddenly realized something that should have been noticed long ago.



Items from the virtual reality game can be taken out?! Sue Lin shocked herself with that conclusion as she paused in astonishment, she originally thought all these things can only be looked at.

How surprising, does this mean to say that this world and that gaming world “laws” are the same?!

Like for example, it was not limited to just items, her profession and her abilities, can also be put to use in theory?!

Sue Lin reduced her big round eyes into slits, and after pondering for a moment, she resolutely raised her plump fingers and slapped the white tiger’s egg:

“Hatch Binding!”


The game’s system unique alert mysteriously appeared in her mind, almost like how tinnitus sounded like. Sue Lin’s lips convulsed once at the corners, black lines over her face, and then she quietly waited and concentrated on the white colored egg on her hand, which started to have aurora patterns showing on its surface. A small hairline crack suddenly appeared on the surface of the egg’s shell amidst the light, and then more and more bigger cracks appeared.

Finally with a cracking sound, the egg shell that was on Sue Lin’s palm shattered, and a palm-sized white kitten appeared in the center of the broken shells. The furry fluffiness was bundled up together and it was as cute as a button.

The kitten’s head shook quickly for a few times, as if to remove the shell’s dust from its fur, and then it raised its paws and titled its head to touch its ears.

After cleaning itself, this small furball looked at its surroundings, and finally notices Sue Lin holding it.

Its large wet honey golden eyes discerned things carefully for a while, and after recognizing the girl in front of it who should be its owner, the cat happily called out with a “mew”, endearingly lowered its head, and stuck out its tiny tongue to lick the girl’s fingers to show affection.


Sue Lin was speechless, and used her other plump hand to press down the throbbing veins that appeared on her head, and finally grinded her teeth with a faint smile:

“Even though I already knew that the white tigers in the game had a habit of acting like a cat, but I thought you would be slightly better than your dad……”

She said with a I’m-really-disappointed-with-an-aggrieved-appearance look at the kitten on her palm.




The cat stopped selling its moe and expressed speechlessness. Don’t girls usually like cute animals?!

“Can you hunt right now?” Sue Lin pressed on her stomach once, and ran straight to the main topic.

“Meow~” There were a few sweat drops on the kitten.

Isn’t the owner usually supposed to bring the pet around to grind levels during the time when the pet just hatched? Even a painfully short life would have the grace period of going to kindergarden…….

“You can’t?!” Sue Lin sighs, and creased her brows: “Then can you can fly in the sky?!”

“Mew, mew………” The kitten grounded its claws together, blinked twice, and sweated profusely.

“…….. You look like you’re very embarrassed, it seems you can’t carry people around too right?!”

“…….. Meow.” The kitten weakly gave a meow, the Niagara falls of sweat.

“Tch! This result has really shocked me……. Ah! Don’t misunderstand, I’m not pointing out that you’re useless…..”

“Sob…….” The kitten’s tears flowed freely.