The Amber Sword Volume 3 Chapter 80

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Chapter 80 – The unexpected guests



Brendel finally understood what was wrong. The words he used against Makarov back then could now be applied to him. Was he any different from them when he turned away from the youths? If he rescued them instead of choosing the additional rewards, it might be possible for him to reserve the last chance to free Romaine.

[What a hypocrite. What happened to that oath to be generous and benevolent, or to be brave and unflinching?]

He cursed himself.

“Mortal, you have proven yourself. This is your reward—” The announcer’s deafening voice once again rang out at that moment.

The longsword that was embedded in the boulder suddenly vibrated loudly. It seemed to shrug off the invisible restrains on it and flew towards Brendel, making everyone gasp.

Brendel raised his hand and it flew straight into his palm, shaking unsteadily. The youth immediately felt a power rising from within, making him feel connected to the earth beneath him. It was as though he would never fall over as long as he stood upright.



The silent coliseum suddenly exploded with a chant:

“Z’roe! Z’roe! Z’roe!”

Everyone could hear that the waves of cheers were full of respect and harbored no ill intentions, though they were slightly dazed by the volume.

Brendel felt like he was anointed as a king by holding the sword, and he quickly shook his head to shrug off that feeling.

“Do you have any idea what Z’roe means?”

“That’s…… actually a name. It’s the ancestral king of the Rune Dwarves, but that name eventually took on the meaning ‘Conqueror of the earth’.”

Brendel studied the blade and saw the words written on it. However, he was not surprised to find that it was written in English. Everything that could happen had happened already.

“Unfortunately, I don’t know what the words on the blade means.” Medissa also noticed the words.

“The owner of the sword shall rule the great earth.” Brendel said with a twitch in his eyes.

“My lord, you can read the words?” Medissa widened her eyes in shock. Even Orthlyss did the same.

Brendel rubbed his forehead as he noticed his mistake, and quickly made up a lie: “I studied the language amongst certain old books from the Black Tower.”

Medissa nodded, but the Knight of Keen Blades narrowed her eyes with suspicion.

Odum had been staring and marvelling at the architecture once he entered the coliseum. He was completely engrossed into the details and did not pay attention to anything else, until the ground suddenly shook and the Dwarven longsword went into Brendel’s hands. His expression immediately changed when he saw that happened.

[T-that’s the sword of Z’ore! So this is the treasure left behind in this place? But why did the sword go to a human. Wait, that voice earlier said something but I didn’t pay attention!]

Green words were filling Brendel’s eyes. He had heard of the blade and knew that it was a level 45 Fantasy blade. The price of it was beyond imagination when it was released in the game.

– Halran Gaia
– Gold-ranked rarity (Fantasy)
– 34-42 (Bludgeoning/Slashing)
– +22 Strength, +17 Agility, +20 Phsyique
– Additional skillsets:
– Earthquake: The wielder is able to automatically release an Earth Spike to their target (Affected by user’s Strength stats.)
– Elemental Lord: The wielder is able to summon 6 Obsidian Panthers to battle.
– Nest of Rocks: Pay X Grey Crystal and X Rock Panther will be generated. One Rock Panther will be generated per day (10/300, automatic generation if crystals are paid.).



– Nest Upgrading is available to Obsidian Panthers:
– 1 x Black Mana Crystal,
– 1 x Rock Key,
– 1 x Sage Slate,
– 6 x Amber Gemstones

[This is incredible. The stats on this is at least a third higher compared to similarly ranked swords. I’ve heard rumors about the sword’s abilities but to think this is actually a portable Nest that can be upgraded!]

The Ring of the Wind Empress was somewhat like a portable Nest as well, since it allowed a high-level summon to appear. While the Halran Gaia was a lesser version, upgrading the ability would mean that he could have three hundred Obsidian Panthers in a year, and each Obsidian Panther had the peak strength of an Iron-ranked fighter.

Not only that, portable Nests were typically allowed to be upgraded twice in the game, but this sword might be possibly unique enough for it to be upgraded multiple times.

Brendel’s troubles were nearly swept away by joy at this discovery, but he quickly regained his senses. First of all, it did not solve the situation in front of him, and the second was how difficult it was to locate the various items required.

He sighed again. Suddenly he caught a dwarf not far away from the sobering Romaine.

[Isn’t that the dwarf I saw in the inn? His name is…… Odum? Why is he here?]

“My lord, is it possible to let me try again?” Scarlett had gotten out of the cage and moved unsteadily to the edge of the walls, seemingly ready to jump down from there. “I feel like some of my powers c—”

Jana suddenly pulled her away. She knew that Scarlett wanted to risk her life to save Romaine. However, as Jana observed Scarlett’s frail body, it reminded her of her sister who had died at the hands of Graudin. She did not want to let another noble take the life of the girl in front of her.

“Let me go, Jana.” Scarlett tried to shrug off Jana’s tight grip, taking the latter aback.

Jana stared at Scarlett’s fierce determination and slowly released her hand, and sadly watched the latter go back to the edge of the walls.

But Brendel’s reply and solemn glare stopped Scarlett from jumping down. “There is no second attempt.”

[Even if there is a new attempt, how much power have you gotten back? A silver rank? Your peak strength is a starting Gold-ranked fighter. You need to beat the Cerberus, a creature that Jana couldn’t defeat by herself, to gain the permission to leave, then fight Varian. A hopeless attempt piled on another hopeless attempt.]

“Mortal, do you still wish to continue to challenge your destiny?” The announcer’s voice finally rang out.

Brendel looked at the fretting Romaine who somehow realized the severity of the situation.



“I wish to delay my challenge!” He said, and the coliseum turned silent.

[Have I gotten numb to the loss of lives? Why was it okay for me to abandon the youths up there?]

Romaine was the first person he met in this world. In his mind, his character had been largely preserved by her innocence and silly antics even though he had to face countless bloodshed. She was also the person that the past Brendel was most fond of and someone the latter would never give up on.

In a way, her presence was even more important than the Goddess of War.

Freya represented the unfulfilled dream and regret that he had, while Romaine was the person who anchored him down to reality and made him feel less lonely in this senseless world. When he thought about it, the reason why he did not seek out his ‘parents’ in this world was because he was subconsciously denying his ties to this world.

[I can’t make another mistake here. If I don’t rescue Romaine, then I will never be myself ever again.]

“Your request is acknowledged, mortal,” The announcer’s voice finally spoke again, “a new mortal has entered the dueling grounds, will you challenge your fate?”

“Wait! Please give us a few minutes!” Brendel shouted.

He began to feel that it was fine for him to be turned into a statue with Romaine even if he failed, because he ended up doing what he wanted to.

“My apologies, Medissa,” Brendel shook his head and gave the brightest smile ever since he came here, “it seems that you might have to wait here until the next Planeswalker comes along.”

“That would be unlikely, my lord. When I was recreated with the Laws of this world, I glimpsed upon the world that you envisioned as a Warrior. Each Planeswalker has their own beliefs and thoughts, and the same card would likely summon a different person instead—”

“…… I see.”

“My lord?”


“About Scarlett, have you realized that you’re the only person she believes in after the Grey Wolves Mercenaries disbanded?”



“What?” Brendel looked at her with a frown: “I took in some members as well, right? And that Eke, if I’m not wrong, she likes him.”

“Autn’sda’ttkares—” Came the reply.

[People are tied to one another……?]

Brendel silently recalled the Elven proverb used in the game.

The Elven girl continued: “When a person is treated with importance, that person will also treat them with importance. The Elves believe there are very few true friends in a single generation, and we treasure these relationships that rarely come by. I can feel my lord treating us with great importance, and Scarlett feels it clearly. I was an illegitimate child, but I can feel your respect and civility towards me, and I treasure it greatly—”

She smiled and nodded: “There’s no need to feel any guilt, my lord. I’m sincerely grateful to have met you.”