The Amber Sword Volume 3 Chapter 69

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Chapter 69 – King of the Underworld (20)



The Wind Spirit Spiders spread out and shot out golden pillars of light yet again to form a magnificent net.

Brendel’s Elemental Pool dwindled to 3 Earth EP, and he immediately tapped Loxar’s Market in his mind to increase it by one.

The effectiveness of the Holy Swords was low. A single pillar of light could hardly pierce through the Adra Dragon’s outer Wind Element defensive barrier, not to mention melting dragon scales that were several inches.

But multiple convergences of concentrated beams did not succeed either, as it took time for the spiders to rotate the Holy Sword, and the Adra Drake slipped through easily.

[There’s a flaw. The Wind Spirit Spiders’ levels are much too low. Their Agility, Perception, and intelligence are all inadequate for them to make a precise strike on the Adra Drake. Numbers can cover this weakness, but having half of what I started with isn’t enough. Shit, letting that creature have the first strike is my mistake.]



The Wind Element that the Adra Drake had was boosting its Agility by at least 300%. Medissa could barely engage its attention to stop it from targeting the Wind Spirit Spiders.

Brendel did not waste any more time and lowered himself into a stance, while his hand caught a card that materialized out of thin air. He flung it into the air and leaped just like Medissa. A Magic Formation appeared and the Silver Colt appeared.

“He also knows how to summon a horse!” Someone amongst the youth shouted.

Their eyes were glittering with excitement. The battle had surpassed legends and fairy tales that they heard of. If the dragon was the most frightening thing they knew of, then Brendel and Medissa were the strongest people they had seen in their lives.

Kodan was completely engrossed by the memorable scene before him as well.

The November War might have been bigger and darker where everyone fought to their last drop of blood, but it could not compare to the elegant battle between the dragon and its challengers.

There was a sense of mystical adventure; two heroes rose up to face an impossible opponent. The grandmaster swordsman’s memories of his youthful self were evoked, and he rubbed his ring on his thumb.

Brendel tapped the side of his steed’s head, and the mechanical creature shot towards the Adra Drake like a meteor. The youth activated the Charge ability in the middle of its rush, and the boosted speed sent a violent shockwave that made everyone cover their ears.

He aimed for the Adra Drake’s weakest spot, the stomach.

But the Adra Drake was perceptive enough to realize the second threat to it. It first swept away Medissa’s attack with her lance with a wing, then spun around and attacked Brendel by whipping him with its tail.

A banshee-like wail broke through the air when its tail hurtled towards Brendel, and the latter pulled away in response. He grabbed the steed’s stomach with his legs and laid flatly horizontal, allowing the attack boosted with Wind Element to miss him completely. However, the sharp air currents from the aftermath still managed to cut a few strands of Brendel’s hair.

It appeared that Brendel’s intention to attack the Adra Drake had failed, and he became the one who was hunted.

The Adra Drake flew upwards with stunning speed before it turned around completely and charged towards the youth in a flash of green lightning.



“No!” Scarlett shouted, surprising the youths and Jana beside her.

Her yell made several imprisoned people in the cages realize they were gripping the steel bars tightly.

It seemed like the aerial battle was a disadvantage for Brendel and Medissa. Jana looked up anxiously, realizing that the dragon’s strength and size were beyond her imagination.

But Brendel did not think much of it.

It was a common trick for a dragon to charge at its prey after striking it with its tail and he moved on to his next plan. He climbed back on to his steed and dove downwards while yelling out an order to Medissa:

“Prepare your strongest attack!”

Medissa glanced at Brendel and nodded. The latter raised his sword and gave the Wind Spirit Spiders new orders. Multiple pillars of light converged into focal points that sought to block the path of Adra Drake. As more and more beams fired at it, the light became so blindingly bright that it blocked the Adra Drake’s vision.

Finally, the gigantic monster gave up and allowed Brendel to gain some respite.

[2 Earth EP left. It’s time to hunt.]

Brendel patted the Silver Colt’s neck and it flew upwards once again, making their way past the beams of light and carefully hid from the drake’s line of sight. Another card appeared in his hands while they did so.

The Adra Drake suddenly realized that it had been goaded into attacking the youth and lost sight of Medissa. Even though it merely stopped for just a moment, Medissa finally found a chance to slip into its defenses after following it closely.

“Seismic Blast!” Medissa’s charge was a straight line that went straight for the beast.

The slender body of hers found explosive strength at this moment to dig deeply into the drake’s flesh, and a bestial scream of pain shook the entire coliseum.

Even though it tried to dodge the attack at the last moment, the spectral energy from her Element Power caused a maelstrom and condensed its surroundings before it exploded with sheer intensity.

The lance easily pierced through its outer layer of magic defense and the impact from the blast shattered its scales and reached directly into its back.

A shower of blue blood fell from the sky and rained onto the ground, with some of it directly converted back into Wind Element because of the concentrated purity in its blood.

The Adra Drake nearly lost consciousness from the pain as it fell from the sky.



The Seismic Blast was an ancient technique of the Silver Elves that converted Element power into sheer destruction, although its weakness was how slow the attack was. Even though the Adra Drake outclassed Medissa in every way, the latter still managed to injure it greatly.

Brendel was ready as he passed through the light blue vapor; a card was raised in his hand:

“Display!” He shouted.

The illustration on the card was a group of charging cavalry. Once he let go of it, it floated into the air and shone brightly.

– Sprint Drive has entered into play. The Planeswalker has paid 2 Earth EP.
– The summoner has connected with the Unicorn Knight. Overall Power Rating, techniques, and stats will be shared.

Brendel felt his strength double. He stood up on the Silver Colt and activated Power Break, readied himself with a stance and swung his sword upwards to the dropping Adra Drake without sparing anything in his body.

He lost his footing after his attack and fell out from the Silver Colt, but the mechanical beast’s body moved nimbly and allowed him to sit back without any further incident.

His Sword Arte seemed to hang in the sky without being unleashed for a moment, before it was sent towards the dragon with a deafening explosion.

It was no longer a simple distortion of air. Brendel had converted part of his Element Power with the Seismic Blast technique and sent it into the White Raven Sword Arte. Nearly thirty meters of glowing particles in an arc spread out and cut across the air, reaching over a hundred meters.

Confusion set in because the barrier started shaking even before the dragon was struck, as though time and space had been reversed.

“How’s this possible! That stable control of his Element Power seemed like he had trained in it for years! It’s completely different from his earlier fight against the dwarf!”

Kodan froze up like he was a statue. He did not know what kind of devilish magic Brendel had used, but the increase in skill happened before his very eyes.

Who was capable of having a breakthrough in power in mere minutes? Was there any race out there in Vaunte that could do so?

“…… Bloodline of a Golden Lineage?”

Kodan suddenly wondered if Brendel had come from a lineage that went all the way back to the ancient eras.

Screams echoed throughout the coliseum. The attack from the youth’s sword had completely severed both the Adra Drake’s wings, and another shower of blue rain fell from the sky. The Adra Drake was no longer a child of the sky, and it descended quickly like a flightless bird.

Finally, it crashed heavily to the ground in an immense dust cloud with a dying shriek.

Everyone felt the ground shake. They were completely shocked. The intensity of the battle had surpassed their imaginations, but the speed that the battle was finished with was the complete opposite of what they had expected.

Brendels and Medissa’s assaults on the Adra Drake took a mere thirty seconds.

The youths exhaled heavily. Part of their minds was still reveling in the earlier battle, and the remainder of their thoughts were waiting expectantly on what Brendel was going to do next.

But they were disappointed yet again.



After the mysterious youth landed on to the ground, he did not look at them in the slightest, nor at Jana and Scarlett. He simply stared into the distance.

Brendel had a better grasp on how the roulette worked, and he sent the ball in with accuracy.

He got the item that he wanted.

– Plain of Gems acquired.

He nodded with satisfaction and readied himself once again for the last battle. The challenge was most likely going to be an army led by a commander.

“Prepare for our last battle, Medissa.”

“Yes, my lord.”