The Amber Sword Volume 3 Chapter 117 part 2

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Chapter 117 – The Nest (2)


The youths who entered the pit by descending down the rope immediately shrieked:

“Urgh, this smell…..”

“I’m dying!”

“Gods above, this is really poison!”

“Silence!” Scarlett bellowed in an authoritative manner, but she frowned as well. The stench was overwhelming.

If the Hydra they faced earlier was a person, it must be the most disgusting and laziest person. The nest seemed like it was a giant pit of feces that would induce anyone to puke out their guts. It was not wrong to say it was poison; Amandina who had the weakest constitution vomited a few times. If Merial did not cast a purification spell on her, she would have fainted.



Kodan was the last person to descend to the pit. Since Brendel was wearing a pair of glowing gauntlets, Kodan’s eyes went over to it, immediately discovering the crimson rubies slotted on them. The shape of each individual link to the metal gauntlets could only be described as dignified.

“Is this the legendary Bahamut’s Grasp…..?”

Brendel was incredibly pleased and put on a beaming smile: “You guessed correctly, grandmaster Kodan.”

“Are these truly the legendary gauntlets which the hero, Sutherland, used before?” Kodan stared at the gloves with all his attention drawn to them, repeating his question: “Not a fake or replica?”

Sutherland was one of the most famous Alchemists in history. However, that was not the reason why he was well-known. It was because he was also a Dragon Knight. He was cherished by the Fire Dragon King, Bahamut, and the songs about him and his dragon’s travels were still sung by bards even in this era.

But the most famous aspect about Sutherland was not his identity as a Dragon Knight or an Alchemist, it was his gauntlets.

These gauntlets were blessed by Bahamut and given to Sutherland as a symbol of their friendship. It was also why they were called Bahamut’s Grasp.

“They are real.” Brendel clenched and unclenched his right fist, allowing the rivets to make a slightly grating noise as the metal bits rubbed against each other.

“How do you know that it’s the real thing?” Kodan looked suspiciously at the gauntlets. He could not believe that Brendel’s luck would be able to bend fate. Just randomly entering a cave would allow him to obtain a legendary equipment that was used by a hero?

The legends about Sutherland were nearly three hundred years ago, and the gauntlets disappeared after that. Did it disappear along with the hero, or had it been passed down to others? It was a question that no one could answer.



It was impossible to find out how it ended here.

Everyone’s attention was on Brendel when they heard Kodan’s words, but the youth did not explain any further. He merely grasped his sword’s hilt firmly before pulling it out.

Flames poured out from the gauntlets, covering his right hand and Halran Gaia. He raised his sword above his head, illuminating the entire pit.

The youths stared at Brendel with slack jaws. Kodan’s eyes were also widened but he tried forcefully to hold on to his viewpoint despite losing track of time for a while:

“There are many different types of enchantment that are similar to it…… Flame Favor, Fiery Grasp, it’s not necessarily blessed by a dragon.”

Brendel swung his sword. The flames vibrated and created a sound that was like a dragon’s roar At the end of his swing, they turned into a Dragon which rushed towards the wall. An explosion rang out, and the walls shook as dust and sand rain down for a moment.

Kodan was completely convinced that it was the Crimson Favor after seeing the might of the flames. Only the Favor of a dragon would create such firepower and shape.

Brendel extinguished the flames on his hand and returned Halran Gaia to his sheath: “But the dragon’s flames are not the strongest feature of the Crimson Favor. Do you know what other identity Sutherland has?”

“Of course,” Kodan’s mind was not composed yet when he realized that the legendary gauntlets were before him, and he calmed himself before answering, “he’s an alchemist.”

“Indeed. The symbol of their friendship, the Crimson Favor, is said to be the perfect equipment for him. However, the strongest spell in this gauntlets is not the flames, but something else—”

Brendel took out a Hydra’s Blessed Scale. He turned over his hand to allow his palm to face up, and a Magic Formation immediately lit up above it.

Every ruby on the gauntlets dazzled with light and the scale that was placed on his palm started to float. In an instant the scale seemed to receive thousands of degrees in heat, softening in mid-air to become a liquid before separating turning into drops of crystal that were green and red.

He continued to manipulate the Magic Formation and the crystal drops started to converge together to slowly form into a crimson dagger.

The surface of the dagger started to cool down visibly with the naked eye. Ripples ran across it as it gradually hardened, as though someone was hammering on its surface and causing it to vibrate. Finally, the dagger was completely cooled down and the red metal turned into a black-green color.



Brendel grabbed the dagger’s hilt as it dropped neatly into his palm.

“See that?” The youth smiled and asked as though he did something praiseworthy.

Kodan could not help but draw in a deep breath despite the awful stench. He knew that it was Alchemy, but the Alchemy that he knew was certainly not as miraculous as what Brendel did. In the continent, Alchemy was a secret art circulated amongst the upper-class nobles, witches, and related professions.

Perhaps commoners might view it as a mysterious magic that could do anything, but in truth, Alchemy was a strict technique that combined Mana and unique materials.

Witches could create different types of potions in a bubbling pot of green liquid, while Galbu’s wizard craftsmen would use their knowledge to carve sigils on their weapons and armors, allowing their equipment to take on powerful magic.

But each creation took time and detailed work, with the exception of simple materials that required proprietary magic. The majority of the work done from Alchemy required a quiet location with a complete set of tools.

Brendel had skipped every single step, even the need for a blacksmith, and created a dagger with his materials.

“W-what is this…..” Kodan stared blankly at the dagger.

“An Advanced Magic Formation. To tell the truth, the Blood Magic Formation which is currently banned, was actually researched from this technique. Galbu’s wizards have a complete set of data on it, but they won’t be able to compare the Gauntlet’s Magic Formation— Hmm, with the Dragon’s divine blessing added into this, the Advanced Magic Formation’s quality is actually increased.

Usually, a typical Advanced Magic Formation can only create level 10 items and lower, and there’s also a limit in producing magical artifacts because one can only enchant it on the surface. But these gauntlets is capable of reproducing items to level 13 and below, and enchant the material’s body.”

Kodan did not understand what the levels meant, but he did understand the rules behind it. Brendel was able to manipulate the material that was limited by the normal Advanced Magic Formation.

The old swordsman heard of the term ‘Magic Formation’ before, thus the mysterious aspect about Brendel was greatly reduced.

“I understand the process roughly, but I actually think that the Dragon’s flames are more useful than this Alchemy thing.”

[…… This old fool. What is the use of your eyes if you can’t see the value. This Alchemy thing is the equivalent to Aouine’s revenue for an entire year. It costs seven billion Tor coins in the game!]

Brendel’s eyes of delight turned to annoyance. An NPC certainly had a different line of thinking compared to a gamer. Which gamer would want to be stuck in a laboratory all day? This item was naturally a godly artifact for them.

He briefly considered telling Kodan how much it really cost. The youth could not but feel a little pity for his gauntlets and patted it, but his thoughts were pulled away from one of the youth’s voice.



“My lord, are these the monster’s eggs?”

Kodan felt like he had been struck by lightning. After entering the Dark Forest, he thought he would not be able to be surprised any longer after killing off a Hydra and finding the Crimson Blessing, but to find Poison Hydra’s eggs?

[Marsha Above, is this young man going to gain one of the strongest War Beasts around? Once they mature, they would be standing on the top of a Gold-ranked class!]

He immediately turned around to search for them, “Eggs? Whe—”

He stopped speaking and clutched his forehead, wondering if he was dreaming. He could see a great number of eggs placed into the Hydra’s nest, possibly more than a hundred.

“Eggs….. from that five-headed Hydra?” He asked Brendel to confirm it.

Brendel nodded. His reaction was just like Kodan’s when he saw them for the first time too. The value of the eggs had more practical use to him right now compared to the gauntlets.

“You…… What do you intend to do with all these eggs?” Kodan turned his head back stiffly to Brendel.