The Amber Sword Volume 3 Chapter 114 part 2

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Chapter 114 part 2 – At the edge of the Dark Forest (2)


Even though the old swordsman grumbled in his mind, he regarded Brendel carefully from the corner of his eyes.

Brendel smirked a little when he caught Kodan’s admonishing stare. The reason why he sought Kodan was quite simple. He wanted to use this opportunity on his adventure to train the youths. The Dark Forest was filled with danger at every corner and it was the best place to train.

There was also the fact where it would be easier to impart his ideals to them by having the youths around him.

The problem with this strategy was the unpredictable dangers within the Dark Forest. It was a difficult task to protect these youths alone, and he could not spend all his time to do just that, so he needed more people to help him.

Ciel, Medissa, and Scarlett were powerful Gold-rankers, while the Mercenaries of Lopes were Silver-rankers. However, the current Firburh could hardly allow Brendel to bring out too many of his forces. If it were not for the fact that Scarlett still could not leave his side for too long, he was not even willing to choose to bring her along.

Therefore Brendel claimed that it was a short trip and used it as an excuse to bring Kodan along to help him. Even though the latter grumbled about it, Brendel believed that he would still lend a hand in the end.

[Well, it looks like he only hesitated for a moment before he agreed. As long as I didn’t get him to openly fight against Count Randner or become my subordinate, he’s quite willing to go on an adventure. Still, if looks could kill……]

“Very well, where are the whelps that you needed to take care of?” Kodan said in a gruff voice.

“They are going to reach here soon enough,” Brendel replied.

He looked out to the Wilderness outside the Dark Forest, and soon spotted a black dot which rapidly became bigger. The four carriages soon reached to where they were and stopped one by one.

The mercenaries hurriedly descended from the carriages when they recognized Brendel’s figure, bending their bodies slightly as they greeted him:

“My lord!”

“Is everyone here?” Brendel asked.

“Yes, my lord.”

“How about Scarlett?”

“Miss Scarlett is here along with Lady Amandina.”

Brendel looked up and his eyes landed on the final carriage that was black in color. Amandina and Scarlett alighted from the carriage, but what surprised him was the two Wild Elf sisters in the carriage.

The younger sister Dia even waved at him.

“My lord!” She called out.

The Mercenaries of Lopes were busy with their missions for an extended period of time, and she had not seen Brendel for a while. She seemed particularly excited.

“Why are they here?” Brendel walked over and nodded at the little girl, but his eyes went to Amandina with this question.

Amandina seemed to have predicted Brendel’s question, but she suddenly glanced at the four carriages as if to confirm something subconsciously, before she spoke: “Miss Felaern is here to take care of your needs.”

[A maid serving at my side with all these people around me!?]

Brendel nearly choked on his saliva and looked at her in shock: “…… I don’t need a maid.”

The older Wild Elf sister’s face twitched several times, and the shadows around her eyes seemed to darken. She glared at him and the meaning of her eyes could not be any clearer: “You’re being disrespectful, my lord!”

“I…..” Brendel opened and closed his mouth several times like a fish. He really did not think about that Felaern was a maid, but the way how she conducted herself truly overlapped the duties of that job. He thought for a moment, but had no choice but change his words: “I mean, I don’t need someone to take care of me. I’m not like a kid who needs to be spoon-fed or be dressed up—”

“But you’re the lord of Trentheim,” Amandina said in an earnest expression.

“But that’s a fake title, just like how I’m a fake noble in the past.”

“The past is certainly in the past,” Amandina raised an eyebrow, and her voice was a little reproachful, “but now you’re the fake lord of Trentheim, every single fake word or deed has to be filled with the fake acts of a noble. How can you not have a fake maid?”

She turned her head away slightly to look at him in a meaningful way: “Or perhaps you prefer Lord Ciel to take care of your daily life, my lord?”

Brendel was finally at a loss for words and trembled when he imagined that situation. He glanced at Felaern. In truth, he had gotten used to Felaern back at Firburh who had been tasked by Amandina.

In the end, he raised both his hands to show that he submitted.

“This little girl isn’t bad,” Kodan observed Amandina from head to toe as he came up and spoke to Brendel, “an aristocrat’s daughter who’s pretty and has decorum. That’s hard to come by. Your grandfather would be satisfied.”

“What are you talking about?” Brendel said with a huff.

Sometimes an old man just wanted to see the world burn.

“What?” Kodan realized something and spoke with a beaming smile: “Are you dissatisfied? Then I’ll introduce her to Carglise. Since he’s your adjutant and has the same kind of personality as you—”

Brendel coughed once and looked at Amandina: “Stop talking nonsense.”

“You’re a flirt but you don’t follow it through. You lose out to your grandfather on this point, boy.”

This time Kodan did not get angry at Brendel’s disrespect and patted his shoulders instead, looked like he was triumphant and left his side as though there were springs in his boots. It was rare to find a weakness in Brendel, and he showed off smugly.

Brendel rolled his eyes and looked back at Amandina, whose face took on a rare blush. She lowered her head and said quietly: “Please prepare now, my lord, your time is limited.”

“Do you not intend to join us?” Brendel suddenly realized there was a second meaning in her choice of words, but Kodan’s words suddenly made him conscious of Amandina and how she appeared to be a little cute when she went against most of the time.

The girl nodded.

“It’s too dangerous for you to go back alone—”

“But Scarlett said she wants to go along with you, so she can’t escort me back…..” Amandina thought it would be fine since the road between the Dark Forest and Firburh was not too far, and since the city’s surroundings were controlled tightly by the mercenaries, she would be fine.

“What I mean is for you to come with us,” Brendel said.

“What?” Amandina blurted.

Brendel rarely brought her out because she had hardly any physical abilities to speak off. Even though she felt it was a tiny regret, she knew where her abilities should be used in and did not think much of it.

Now that Brendel suddenly brought up this request, it had gone out of her plans. She knew what kind of place the Dark Forest was, and if she went along she would just be a burden.

“I…… It’s not a good thing, right?” Even though she refused, but there was a small voice that told her to accept it. When she thought that she could go on an adventure with her lord just like the past days, the girl who was usually calm hesitated.

But Brendel was not asking her out based on a whim. He got Scarlett to bring Amandina out safely because he wanted Amandina to take over Valhalla’s administration. She would be his first adjutant in the future, and maintaining a normal operation was integral to his plans. He needed her to be familiar with this sleeping land.

Valhalla was an unusual land that would shock any mortals once it was awakened. The fastest way to get the person to accept it was to activate it themselves and let them experience the process of its awakening.

There were many things he had to do and could not possibly stay in his lands for long.

“It’s fine, this is certainly part of my plans, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be replaced. The Dark Forest is indeed a very dangerous place, so I’m leaving the choice to you.” Brendel said.

“But what about Miss Romaine?” Amandina frowned and hesitated once again: “If I’m not there, no one will be able to rein her in.”

“Don’t worry, she won’t do anything crazy.”

“But…..” Amandina looked confused.

During the past few months in Firburh, there was hardly a day that went by without Romaine causing some kind of trouble. She wondered how the self-proclaimed merchant girl survived her past life, and even respected the latter’s aunt greatly for being able to keep her in check.

Her aunt must have been an extraordinary lady.

But Brendel believed differently. If he was missing in Romaine’s life, she would be more docile than anyone else. The reason why she got trouble all the time was to attract his attention. Even though she was airheaded at times, she was naturally wily like a fox, which made him feel that she was adorable.

“So how about it?” He asked.

“Of course I do,” Amandina gushed after an afterthought, but she quickly recovered herself with a cough, “What I mean is, I’m not afraid of danger if it’s for you, my lord.”

“Thank you,” Brendel replied with a small smile, but he immediately pointed at Dia who was curiously studying the forest’s plants: “I can understand Felaern, but what is with the situation with her?”

[I can understand the choice with the older sister, but why the younger sister? Though it might be a good thing if a second lucky babe searches the loot. I approve of this transaction!]

“She’s here upon Sir Tamar’s request,” Amandina said.

[Oh, come to think of it, the younger sister had been acting as an assistant to Tamar, but what request—]

“Ah, she’s here to collect materials for him?”

Amandina nodded: “But I’m not sure what kind of materials can be gotten in this place.”