The Amber Sword Volume 3 Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 – Territory (5)


Felaern looked suspiciously at the old man, while everyone else was momentarily at a loss for words.

“It’s truly the Lionheart……” Bosley suddenly mumbled and took one step back subconsciously as he looked at Brendel. “…… But how is that possible!? I know King Erik had once said that if his descendants forgot the oaths that the kingdom was founded upon, then the Lionheart would be lost as well, but the Royal Faction have gathered to restore the kingdom and find the glory that was lost for decades, so why is the sword tied to your destiny……”

Brendel took back the Sage Slate and gave a slightly surprised sidelong glance. He could hardly imagine the beggar-like appearance of the old man had anything to do with his job as the Royal Family’s head blacksmith. But despite his eccentric mumblings, the latter was able to read the runic words.

“Grandmaster Bosley, is there some secret to the Lionheart?” He said carefully.

Bosley’s hands stopped scratching his head and looked back at the young lord. He knew he was unable to deceive him, but he was still a little conflicted: “Lord Trentheim, my family’s bloodline has sworn to keep this a secret—”



Brendel waved his hand irritably.

“Is it? Or perhaps it’s because your House Tutius has worked for the royal kings ever since King’s Erik rule, and you’re unwilling to think otherwise? King Erik has also said that the Lionheart would return to Aouine, if the oaths are upheld and glory returned to the kingdom. Regardless of who possessed the sword or when it returns, the kingdom’s fate will be tied greatly with it because of King Erik’s oaths. That is why the person who inherits King Erik’s will is qualified to hold the sword—”

He stopped and stared at the old man before him. The meaning in his eyes was clear.

[Yes, you’re with the Royal Faction, but your efforts are not supposed just to allow the authority of the royal family to stand above the nobles. If you want the glory of the kingdom to return, you must walk the road that King Erik took in the past. Only then will the flames of the Ancestral King ignite the kingdom and bring new life to it—]

He was walking on the same path as the Princess Regent did in the game. She tried to bring Aouine back to its former glory and failed, and this time he was going to do so with his own hands.

He had already walked through the road of darkness in the game; the burning royal palace and cities, the kingdom overturned with its citizens slaughtered and the living suffering under an age of darkness.

Now he was walking through the other road; an unknown, difficult path also dyed with blood and lives, but there was a sliver of hope that lit the path.

Bosley hesitated for a long time as he lowered his head in thought. In the end, he chose to accept the road Brendel offered.

“You’re right…… Regardless of who possesses the sword, this ancient legend will not be wrong. Is this why you refused to join the Royal Faction? Perhaps we have fallen too far, and the road to Aouine’s glory once again require bloodshed and flames, just like how King Erik led his citizens out of Kirrlutz.” He nodded.

“Very well, Lord Trentheim. The White Lion’s Plate Armor is indeed invented by us. Our House’s lineage is unknown to many, but we can be traced back all the way to King Erik’s rule. My ancestor was a blacksmith in the army, and also an attendant of King Erik,” His voice turned slightly proud, “and generation after generation, my House had also worked for the royal family. After King Erik’s rule, his descendants eventually splintered, most notably to the Seifers and Corvados. Eventually, my House turned to Corvado’s lineage and supported them till this day.”



Brendel nodded. He knew about Aouine’s history, and at the very least, Bosley was not lying.

“But there’s one secret that our House had kept guarded at all costs. King Erik led suffering citizens from the Great Eagle Empire, Kirrlutz, and formed into Aouine that we know today. My ancestor was one of the five retainers under him.” Bosley’s voice suddenly turned deeper: “They brought out the Lionheart from Kirrlutz. Many rumors stated that the sword is one of Kirrlutz’s four Holy treasures, but most of them, even the Kirrlutz’s citizens, probably don’t know that the four treasures were actually derived from one body.”

Brendel’s eyes widened as he realized something.

“That is?” He pressed on.

“When the four treasures are combined as one, they would make up the Firestorm Staff. The more commonly known name would be Dyrnwyn, King Gatel’s Sword of Flames. A Divine Weapon.”

Brendel felt his knees go weak and stuttered: “G-grandmaster Bosley, a Sage Slate and the Lionheart’s resonance, is it likely to cause a Divine Resonance?”

“Impossible.” Bosley shook his head, “Even though the Lionheart is indeed a magic sword, it’s not a Divine Weapon. The difference between the two cannot be compared.”

“T-then, how about another possibility? The Lionheart has accumulated power from King Erik’s oaths and turned into a Divine Sword after centuries?”

“My lord, what are you talking about? I know that you’re young and hold a lot of fantasies in your mind, but you should refrain from overworking your imagination. If you see a Divine Weapon first-hand, you will realize that how silly your thoughts are; these weapons can only be made by the Gods.” Bosley nodded with confidence before he suddenly realized he might have insulted the youth.

This made him remember the events on how he offended Graudin, and he quickly lowered his head to show his obeisance, with his heart was full of regret. But Brendel did not care about that, as he felt like his vision was blacking out.

[Holy f—…… I was wondering why I had a Divine Resonance with the Lionheart, and what I did to get such a good karmic event….. But to think my Divine Resonance was with Dyrnwyn!? A sword used against the boss of bosses, the Dragon of Darkness! Damn, no one in the game managed to get the Lionheart, and that’s why there’s no news on this Divine Weapon. Where and what exactly did I do to tie the weapon to me? Just because I said some oath from King Erik? Surely there are countless gamers who did that in the game!]

Brendel rubbed his forehead violently before he shook his head.

“Well, the topic ends here, Grandmaster Bosley. I don’t want any rumors leaking out,” he turned to the guards behind him before going back to Bosley, “and I think you wouldn’t want anyone else to know that the Lionheart has chosen me, right?”



Bosley looked at him in confusion. The Lionheart was a symbol of Aouine’s legitimacy. Because of King Erik’s oaths, Brendel could proclaim himself as the legitimate king. When the Corvado royal family took over the kingdom, they had also declared themselves as legitimate rulers by stating they had the sword, but no one knew that it was already missing. If the truth leaked out, it would definitely affect the standings of the royal family. The fact that the youth wanted to quash this point made it incomprehensible to him.

[Perhaps he truly wants to support the princess?]

Even though he still did not fully believe in him, he nodded in the end as he did not want the reputation of the Royal Family to be hurt. Regardless of whether the weapon ended in Brendel’s hands or how legitimate he was in proclaiming king, he would never swear loyalty to him. He had dedicated his life to the Corvado’s family and spent years in the Royal Faction battling against the opposition. Even if he failed in the political battle, he was without regrets. The only hope he had was Brendel not reneging on his words and helped out the princess.

If the crown prince had the support of the Seifers, then the princess would be the only legitimate representation of the Corvados. (TL: The crown prince’s mother is from the Seifer’s family.)

“My lord, I’m willing to create the White Lion’s Armor Plate for you, but I don’t think it’s enough. Even though it’s the core aspect to create the royal army’s infantry, the training for the infantry……”

Brendel’s face was turned slightly away from the torches, so part of his face was hidden under the darkness. He was smiling.

“The White Lion’s swordsmen, made famous by battling against Kirrlutz in Valhalla a few centuries back. They were famous for having amazing speed and defense. And the secret to the armor…… It’s because it borrowed the designs from the Half-plate of the Wind Empress. Although the combat tactics for them are complicated, that doesn’t mean they cannot be replaced—” Brendel said.

“Y-you know how to employ the White Lion’s combat tactics?” Bosley was looking at him with his mouth half-opened from Brendel’s insinuations.

“What’s the fuss about knowing the tactics that are unpopular? Also, when King Erik fled from Kirrlutz, there was the support of the Elven Kingdom Osor. Did you truly believe that he was capable of fighting Kirrlutz to a draw? If King Erik wanted to splinter off the Holy Cathedral of Flames as well, it might even turn out to be an even bigger war, and bring the First Holy Crusade forward by a few centuries.” Brendel laughed: “The Elven Queen wasn’t too generous though, regardless on both of the White Lion’s Plate Armor or Combat Tactics, they are too weak in comparison to the original. If the original is a Tier 3, then the modified version would be Tier 1…… two grades lower.”

Bosley had heard about these things when he learned the trade from his family as well, but listening to the youth brought about a new sensation: “My lord…… Y-you mean?”

“The original version of the White Lion’s infantry came from the White-winged knights from the Wind Elves. It’s an inferior version.” Brendel giggled: “Even though the White Lion’s Combat Tactics are one the biggest secret’s in Aouine’s royal palace, it’s not even worth mentioning to me. I’ll give you a surprise if you’re able to make a batch of the White Lion’s Armor Plate, Grandmaster Bosley.” Brendel patted Bosley’s shoulders.



Even though he said that the White Lion’s plate armor was inferior, it was nearly impossible for him to find anyone else who could make them in the southern region. It was Aouine’s kingdom secret after all.

“Surprise?” Bosley did not understand how Brendel was trying to make motivate him, and only replied with suspicion.

“Of course.”

“I see,” he answered with a frown, “then, my lord, you know that the White Lion’s Plate armor is a type of Magic Armor?”

“You are referring to the special materials required to make one?”


“Then what do you need?”

“As far as I know, Trentheim lacks a crystal mine that’s pure in mana content?”