The Amber Sword Volume 2 Chapter 85

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Chapter 85 – The story of fishes swimming in Chaos (7)

Brendel had been thinking of ways to break through the Tree Shepherds’ plans from the start. Makarov brought them along with the intention to attract the enemies to them, and also the very same plan that doomed the gamers in Brendel’s memory to be utterly wiped out.

[Even though the plan to escape was delayed by the arrival of those two, we managed to escape the ambush. While that cunning fox used this plan to trick the enemies into thinking Eke is amongst us, I’m sure he doesn’t know there’s an Altar here.]

Brendel believed that his own plans were superior to Makarov’s plans, as he was confident in his own experiences that were forged along with other gamers who had spent a lifetime in the game.

The currents of the water had changed, but the fishes swimming in it might not follow the currents.

The gamers who later explored the land found out bits of historical content from the Altar. The monks from the Holy Cathedral of Flames were the first to discover the temple approximately one hundred years ago from the first era of the game, but the records were mysteriously erased as if they never existed.

Amandina glanced at Brendel’s unfocused gaze into the valley, and looked at the direction at where he was looking at. She saw dense tree crowns but was unable to discover anything. She checked his expressions again, only to discover his solemn looks, and forced back her questions into her throat.

She had guessed for herself that Makarov had planned to use them as baits from the very beginning, and was quite furious over his actions. She subconsciously placed Duke Rhun’s and the people associated with him into a list where they were not welcomed.

Brendel continued to lead them down into the valley.

There were two mercenaries who were ahead of Brendel to clear a path for them. Brances and vines were constantly hacked away with their swords, and periodically cast dim light reflected from the stars into the group’s eyes.

Brendel checked the Stats Window and paid 2 Wealth to keep the Card, ‘Mercenaries of Lopes’ to keep them in the field. He currently had 10 Water EP and 150 Wealth.

He suddenly canceled the Stats Window and narrowed his eyes as he discovered the two scouts ahead of him had stopped. They looked at each other as they had discovered something in front of them, then turned their heads to Brendel.

“My lord, there’s something in front…..”

“What is it?” The Nightsong Tiger was the one who responded with a strict voice.

The two scouts were the youngest within the group and had the least experience. He had the intention to train them, but did not expect their inexperience to embarrass him. He moved towards them with large strides as he spoke, almost like he had wanted to cover up the mistakes that his subordinates made.

But he was also stunned when he pushed the shrubberies away to get a better look.

It was an large open clearing that was about the size of three hundred meters wide, and in the center of it stood a temple that was covered with vines.



The Nighsong Tiger raised his head up subconsciously to study the entire temple; he was almost able to imagine how the grand structure would look like under the sun. Even now, he could almost feel how glorious it looked like in the past under the dim light.

Brendel had also gone forward to look at the reason why they stopped.

It was a temple that had tall marble pillars shaped into an arch with intricate patterns carved onto it. It was nearly sixty feet tall and the overall design was certainly a temple to worship the Elven Goddess.

However, many of the Gods had already died and became star constellations, leaving behind only their Will and Laws that shaped this world. The temple had already lost much of its former glory as it lost its divine protection.

“Wow!” Romaine exclaimed.

“This is……” Amandina was also stunned.

“The holy temple of the Silver Elves.” Brendel said.

He had seen much of the grand designs in the game. The Elves and Dwarves’ cities took his breath away when he saw it for the first time.

“This building used to be the burial grounds for the Elven Royal Family. The humans had left them untouched throughout history because they treated them as sacred allies, starting from the timeline of the War of the Holy Saints when they defeated the Dragon of Darkness and continuing unto this day.”

“But why would the burial grounds for the royal family be turned into a temple?” Amandina turned around and asked.

“The ancestral kings of the Silver Elves swore to protect their territory for all eternity. Their Elven Goddess had asked Mother Marsha to allow their souls to forever reside in this land.”

“A ‘Nest’ of Heroes?” She asked again.

Brendel nodded.

“But why did it get abandoned?”

“History states it was due to wars, but in actual truth the Ancestral Kings did not wish to participate in wars between humans. The citizens of Aouine nearly angered Mother Marsha as well because of the civil wars, so the real truth was covereed up.” He cast a meaningful look at Romaine and Amandina: “You won’t find this in any historical text.”

Both of the girls nodded without asking why, as Brendel would have answered ‘This is recorded in the wizards’ historical records!’.

“This Altar might still work.” Brendel’s words stunned everyone.


“Calm down everyone, it’s just a possibility.” Brendel was certain that the chance to activate the Altar was one hundred percent.

[According to the research done by the gamers, the ‘creatures’ that dwell within can exist for thirty days, which is more than enough to finish the quest here.]

Brendel’s words did not soothe Amandina or the Nightsong Tiger. Both of them were greatly excited of the possibility of the advantages that could have if it still worked. It was as if a treasure chest was in front of them, which could either contain treasures or was actually an empty box.

The Nightsong Tiger licked his lips before he asked Brendel in a low voice. “What are your orders, my lord?”

Brendel turned around and looked at the mercenaries behind him, then pointed at two of them: “Two of you are Elementalists right?”

“Yes, my lord.” They nodded at the same time.

“Do you have men who use the crossbow?”

“Yes.” The Nightsong Tiger immediately picked two more mercenaries out: “Is two enough?”

“Yes.” Brendel took a coiled rope out from his backpack. “Come, the four of you. We need to practice a bit of combat tactics.”

Amandina frowned: “There’s going to be fights?”

“Don’t worry, it’s just a Spectral Knight.” Brendel answered nonchalantly before he saw the Nightsong Tiger’s incredulous face. He looked at him in confusion and asked subconsciously “What’s wrong?”



“M-my lord, did you said ‘Just a…… Spectral Knight’?” The Nightsong Tiger asked with a bizzare look on his face.

Brendel coughed once. He suddenly realized that the Spectral Knight was a level thirty-five Elite Undead which was easily stronger than a Silver-ranked fighter. The gamers had even described the encounter as a ‘mini boss’.

Since then, however, the gamers had researched deeply into finding the weaknesses of the various Undead, and he was easily able to handle the spectral knights even with a lower level with tactical means.

Brendel consoled him: “Don’t worry. The Spectral Knights have a specific weakness. As long as you listen to my commands properly, it’s not difficult to defeat them.”

The Nightsong Tiger looked at his lord, partly doubting his words but also trusting in his knowledge. Any common mercenaries would have fled the area immediately, and they would roared at Brendel with spittle.



‘Are you crazy? Do you have goat shit for brains? A Spectral Knight is one the most terrifying Undead you can encounter! It can move swiftly in the forest like a horse undeterred in the plains, and kill someone without even making a sound! Anyone below the Gold rank should run because it would have fucked us up to our deaths with their weapons!’

The Nightsong Tiger instantly shooed away a voice that crept into his mind. The twelve mercenaries they had here would be easily slaughtered by the enemy, and even if they had twice the numbers, they would also be done in.

However, the mercenaries were summoned by Brendel, so the Nightsong Tiger merely nodded. Amandina observed his fearless attitude and merely served to convince her that he was a loyal retainer.