The Amber Sword Volume 2 Chapter 84

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============ Conrad POV ============

“Why is it, that you don’t wish to tell us where they went?” Conrad chortled with mirth, smacking the flat blade of the dagger on the girl’s cheek: “Why do you want to risk your dear life for that group?”

The cold blade reflected the dim light seemed to emit a chilling feeling to her, and she twitched once. She lightly gasped and answered with a pause on every word: “…… My responsibility…… for failing to defeat you…… Only the weak….. would save themselves…… by betraying others.”

“I…… am…… different…… from…… you.” Her half-opened eyes hid the burning fury within her.


“Really?” Conrad did not get angry: “But you see, I’m not a patient man. As both you and I know, the Grey Wolves Mercenaries have seventy to eighty of their men here. I’m actually quite certain that not everyone is willing to sacrifice themselves for other strangers. I don’t need to remind you that mercenaries are mercenaries, after all. There is really no need to be so loyal. If you think about it, the results won’t change and I’ll get my answer. Why do you still want to persist in resisting? I can assure you that I don’t enjoy killing, so I’m giving you one more chance, little girl, otherwise you’re going to that useless goddess Mother Marsha.”

Scarlett’s eyelids twitched, and he waited with bated breath. In the end the girl gritted her teeth and shook her head.

“The other mercenaries…… are not me.” Her reply was curt.

“Then farewell, little girl.”

Scarlett tensed her body and paled. She was a normal human being who still feared death at the last moment, but it still did not overcome her willpower. She feebly clenched her fists and waited for her fate, closing her eyes tightly while two streaks of tears flowed from them.

Conrad turned his head.

The high-ranking Disciple of the Black Flames who had stood behind Conrad throughout the interrogation nodded his head once. It was just like what Conrad said, the mercenaries were already in their trap and there was nowhere to run. There was no need to worry. Even though the mercenaries were not afraid to die in battle, they would not easily give up their life to meaningless loyalty or honor.

Makarov and Buga needed to keep their secrets, but the men under them did not.

Conrad took the dagger and plunged it into the girl’s chest.

The disciple looked coldly at this scene. The red blood that flowed from the girl did not look like a life was ending, but more of a painting to be admired. She gurgled and her body convulsed a few times, causing her red hair to flutter about. Her eyes opened wide and she looked like she was thinking of something in her final moments, but they quickly became vacant and void of all expressions.

Her willpower and strength were quickly leaving her own body.

[Am I dying…..? Eke…… do you know…… that I really like—] She felt extremely sleepy, but felt something was placed onto her chest before she fell to a sleep she would not wake up from.

“What is that?” Conrad turned his head back and asked.

The disciple had placed a glowing dark ruby on the girl’s body. In a few moments, the ruby extended dark tendril-like lights around the wound. The dark lights passed through the veins of the girl and her body quickly gave out a faint crimson glow.

“The Divine Blood of a God.” He said.



“Do you wish to awaken her as an undead?” Conrad asked.

“No.” He shook his head. “This woman has an Element Resonance with her weapon, and even defeated our high ranking disciple with just her current status as a Silver-ranked fighter. This means that her potential is very high, and with such a tender age as well. What I gave her was the blood of the Lightning God, Cabal. If she raises as an God Acolyte, then this gamble is worth it to me.”

“Blood from a high ranking God?” Conrad narrowed his eyes: “You’re a lower ranked bishop. How did you get your hands on the blood jewel when you don’t even have the qualifications to handle it?”

“A mere coincidence. Luck plays a great factor, as dictated by the highest truth in this world, chaos.”

Conrad gave an incomprehensible hum in response to that, and looked back at Scarlett. The tendrils were gradually turning her body into a cocoon.

“The chance for failure is very high.” Conrad said.

“The loss is acceptable.” The disciple said coldly.

“You can do whatever you want, my next move is going to launch an attack. You had better stay back. Makarov and Buga are not your common fodder. If both of them put their lives on their line, my chances to survive are not that favorable.”

Conrad got up and place his white gloved hand on his sword. Even though he could supposedly lose his life, there was no tremor to his hand. The disciple knew that he was in charge of their current mission, so he did not oppose his rudeness. He moved to one side to allow Conrad to pass, then spoke suddenly: “The group that left the Grey Wolves Mercenaries, is that truly ‘Eke’?”

“The possibility is almost certain.” Conrad continued to walk towards the edge of the forest and spoke without turning his head: “Regardless of they do, they won’t be able to escape here. If I want them to die here, then they would assuredly be dead.”

The disciple merely gave a sneering smile at Conrad’s declaration.

============= Brendel POV ===============

The silence was quickly broken within the quiet forest —

“My lord, do you mean to say you knew that Eke was Duke Lantonrand’s son since the beginning?”

“Of course not, Miss Amandina. I was only suspicious of his identity in the beginning.” Brendel sighed. “But seeing Miss Yula made me certain of that fact. She is not only a Star Seer, her other identity is Eke’s fiancee. I had seen them before in the Black Tower.” (TL: Black Tower probably refers to where the wizards congregate.)

[A lie, of course. I haven’t been to the Black Tower in this world yet. Not that anyone’s going to break my lie anyways. But it’s true that Yula is Eke’s fiancee and the most famous Star Seer in Aouine in the future. At the same time, her capabilities in the battlefield are beyond imagination.]

Brendel clearly remembered that Yula was a Chosen, and her blindness was proof of that. Mother Marsha favored certain humans, but mortals were imperfect and unable to receive such pure divine energy, resulting in a damaged body.

Over Vaunte’s long history, only two Chosens did not have any defects on them. One was the King of Flames, Gatel, and the other future emperor of Madara who possessed the Mercury Staff. The other Chosens might have been famous, but they were still flawed.

[Telling them that Yula would be a Grandmaster Brawler who awakened her Element status and was at a peak level of 115, will be treated like a running joke. She aided the Princess Regent and the Goddess of War to form a stalwart defense against Madara. Right now, her abilities as a Chosen have not awakened yet— Hold on, is there a possibility that she awakens her abilities in this battlefield?]

Brendel wanted Yula’s abilities, but she was already in Eke’s faction and they were still loyal to the Royal faction. The civil war would temporarily shake their loyalty, but the couple ultimately emerged victorious and pledged their support for the Princess Regent. Unfortunately, the two prodigies died in the war and left behind a daughter, Airrah Lantonrand Orphelon, who led the Aouine’s final resistance against Madara.

At that time, Brendel had left the frontlines to join the Knights’ Order, Glace.



Brendel rapid thoughts were interrupted by Amandina’s reply who sounded like she doubted him.

“You mean to say that the fight between these two mercenary groups are a cover for the nobles’ civil war, while Makarov is actually Duke Rhun’s retainer? The Grey Wolves Mercenaries are actually the guards of Eke, and the mercenaries of Paper Cards are hired as assassins?”

“No, the majority of the Grey Wolves Mercenaries probably do not know the real truth behind their commander.” Brendel explained: “When Duke Arreck was in control of the political arena, the entire family of Duke Rhun was nearly wiped out by assassins. I’m sure you have heard of that incident.”

“Yes, the nobles’ blood that was shed on that day caused great political changes in a month. It’s not possible for me to be ignorant of it……” Amandina’s eyes shimmered.

“Duke Rhun knew that the assassination was coming, and he planned to send his only son away. This is the truth behind that incident; he used the deaths of his other family members in order to protect his only child.” Brendel sighed and answered wearily.

Amandina did not respond after listening to Brendel’s explanation. The fights between nobles were bloody and difficult. From a certain point of view, Duke Rhun’s actions were understandable.

Romaine merely glanced around, seemingly disinterested in this topic.

“Then instead of an assassination, they would want to capture his only son to threaten him?” Amandina asked again after a short while.

“Yes, an astute observation.” Brendel praised her: “Duke Rhun is currently the strongest supporter of the royal family, and if someone wants to act against them, they would naturally need to shake this ‘pillar’.”

“That would mean……”

Amandina frowned with worry. Even though a chaotic civil war was an advantage to them, she was still a citizen of Aouine, and did not wish to see the worst outcome happening.

“No more than three months.” Brendel said.

“Makarov also knew about the movements of the Paper Cards and the Disciples of the Black Flames from the beginning? He used his own mercenaries as bait?”



“Most likely.”

The girl took a deep breath and sighed wistfully. The entire Grey Wolves Mercenaries consisted of more than a hundred men and women altogether. There were people who had served Makarov for over a decade.

She understood that being merciless was the only way to survive in a cruel war, but she still felt a certain chill spreading throughout her entire body when she experienced it first hand. She cast a glance at Brendel’s youthful face.

[I wonder if my lord is going to be like them in the future……]

Brendel’s eyes were already placed somewhere else as he prepared himself to solve a troublesome problem.