The Amber Sword Volume 2 Chapter 79

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Chapter 79 – The story of fishes swimming in chaos (1)

Brendel observed Yula who sat down on the ground filled with pine needles. He quickly realized that the girl’s hair was a lovely pure black that was unlike Amandina’s, which was tinged with a purple sheen.


Surprise streaked across his eyes.

[Amandina’s bloodline probably came from the Miirna’s bloodline, which causes her to have that black-purplish color in her hair and eyes. Over countless eras, that bloodline had eroded and they no longer had special traits related to that race. The only thing left was their appearances. But this Yula girl is probably not from that bloodline.]

“I am unable to say why that is so as well, Ser knight. You could think it as a premonition instead. The ‘Paper Cards’ mercenaries should have nothing to do with the disciples, but they appeared together tonight. Perhaps it is a coincidence, but I would believe in the possibility that this a planned scheme.

If I may, Ser Brendel, I believe that the common man would have seeked for their allies’ help. Even though we do not deserve your full trust, but it would surely be better to have our aid. But you and your men chose to to leave here without any hesitation to preserve only for yourselves—”

Yula closed her eyes and listened to the battle that the Grey Wolves Mercenaries were having with the Disciples of the Black Flames. Her tone did not change as she stated her opinion: “But if I was to change my way of seeing things, this would mean that Ser Brendel has already analyzed the current state of events— That you have known that the ‘Paper Cards’ was following us from the very beginning.

The oddity in your plan was the choice to escape to the east. I would think that a decisive decision like this would mean that you are not a rash person. If the enemies lies ahead of you and yet still you choose to charge forward, then that would be bravery. However, I believe that Ser Brendel thinks otherwise and has a different opinion as to what exactly lies ahead. Perhaps, it’s not guarded by the enemies?”

Brendel did not change his expressions, although Redi had been showing rich expressions of mockery whenever Yula called Brendel a knight.

“As for the reason why Brendel is a knight.” She gave a small humble smile: “That is simply because I heard the lady over there calling you ‘my lord’. Although I was not given sight, Mother Marsha has given me sharp hearing, which really isn’t something that I should brag.”

Amandina reacted by gasping and watching Yula in vigilance.

The blind girl raised her head up to Brendel, her eyes opening slightly. Even though she could not see him, she pleaded with him earnestly. “Ser Brendel, I humbly beg you to help the Grey Wolves Mercenaries.”

Brendel took in a deep breath.

[If Amandina is someone who can aid me as an advisor, then this girl in front of me is a kingmaker. Her senses are sharp enough to send me jitters.]

He studied Yula’s black eyes which had a tinge of brown in them. When he went over her pale yellow skin and delicate eyebrows, he suddenly recalled there was a certain region that he was familiar with.



“I also have a question. Is your surname Phenix?” He asked.

Her eyes have already closed again, otherwise she would have shown great surprise. She felt the area around her chest subconsciously before she relaxed, as Brendel took in all her actions.

He frowned slightly, as if he had thought of more things.

“Yes, my surname is indeed Phenix, and my original name is Phenix Yul. It appears that Ser Brendel is very knowledgeable, and my appearance would certainly reveal itself to them. However, I do not wish to bring this up again. Please call me Yula and let me off with that.”

Brendel agreed to do so. He had guessed of a certain NPC which had the same skin tone and hair color, and she was certainly from the far eastern desert, the Nine Phenix kingdom.

The Nine Phenix kingdom was ruled by nine different clans, and the kingdom possessed an advanced swordsmanship called ‘Sword of the Flaming Lotus’. Many gamers had tried their luck by going to that country, but no one had ever obtained it.

Many of the country’s citizens traveled to Aouine and Kirrlutz, just like the elves who had traveled from the north. It was not rare for different explorers to leave their homeland and travel around.

In regards to Yula’s request, he shook his head. “I am sincerely sorry to say that we can’t help you. I can tell you that the Black Disciples will not be strong enough to cause your commander any real problems, but if I am Makarov I will leave this forest immediately.”

“You……” Redi was so angry he seemed to lose his words for a moment: “Our agreement, you can’t throw it away. The Mercenaries’ Oath…..”

The Nightsong Tiger punched him in the abdomen, causing the white-haired youth to bend over in pain. The Nightsong Tiger shook his head with a look of disdain.

“Stop lying to yourself, your commander doesn’t care about the agreement, even if they are fighting against the Black Disciples.”

“Do you understand our position?”

She nodded.

“Then what would Ser Brendel want? Money? Power?”

Brendel perked up his ears before he immediately shook his head again: “I am interested in all those things, but compared to money and power, I would rather not get embroiled into this troublesome situation. I will give you another hint. The mastermind behind the Black Disciples are the Tree Shepherds. Surely both of you have heard of that name before?”



Their countenances changed at the same time.

“How did we get targeted by them?” Redi asked with skepticism.

But Yula lowered her head in anxiety.

Amandina poked him from behind and whispered: “My lord, are you not letting them plead for help if you keep scaring them? Isn’t the conclusion of this ending going to end with something you don’t wish to see?”

Brendel raised his hands in defense: “I don’t wish to lie to them.”

But under Amandina’s suspicious gaze, he could only offer a more detailed explanation: “Helping them is not impossible, but I won’t let us get dragged into this situation.”

“Then what is to be done?” Romaine asked with blinking eyes.

“They have to rely on themselves.”

“That’s the solution?” Romaine did not believe Brendel.

“Of course it will work.”

“Ser Brendel, what are we supposed to do?” Yula overheard them and understood that Brendel was reminding them on purpose. She hesitated for a while, as if she was considering whether she could trust them.

[‘The Tree Shepherds’ is like a bomb. The Unifying Guild can drive a kingdom into chaos, but the Tree Shepherds have enough clout to create a Holy War. Many of the people in this era probably had harrowing experiences because of them. Since Yula is from another country, she would probably know less than Redi.]

When Brendel looked back at Redi, he discovered that the white-haired youth looked deeply perplexed.



“I have already given you the answer,” Brendel said: “Tell your commander to retreat and leave this area. Judging from the circumstances the Tree Shepherds have targeted you, but they have a certain habit. Once they realized that their plans have been found out, they will most likely back off to plan again. With this, you have gained precious time and I think your commander will take measures to defend the Grey Wolves Mercenaries.”

Brendel might have appeared to analyze things thoroughly, but he was actually following what was on the walkthrough. The things that he did not know were the exact details and why the Tree Shepherds targeted the mercenaries.

However, that did not mean that he was unable to handle them. He had fought against them as long as he had fought against Madara, and there were still cards that he could use to fight back.

Redi looked at Yula once.

“How do we know that what you said is true?”Redi grimaced.

“I am not forcing you to believe me.”

“You…… irresponsible bastard.” He barked.

“We have no need to be responsible to you. Do you understand the situation? It is your mercenary group which is under attack, and my lord is helping you out of his kindness. It is your choice to choose not to accept the advice, if you are so proud.” Amandina’s feathers have long been ruffled by Redi, and openly criticized him.

But once she was done with her outburst, she suddenly stopped and looked apologetically at Yula who was still kneeling down: “I’m sorry, I mean……”

“There is no need to concerned with my feelings.” Yula shook her head. She had been pondering in silence for quite some time, and she merely asked: “I believe that Ser Brendel is going to leave this place, right?”

“Yes.” Brendel nodded.

“You can’t stay for one more night?”

“No, we can’t.”

[The Unifying Guild is one troublesome affair to deal with, having another Tree Shepherds would mean that the future is fraught with dire consequences. Since Makarov and Buga have a strong chance to come out of this without harm, there’s no need for me to meddle with things too much. Well, as long as they follow my advice, that is.]

Even if he chose to leave, it was not as if he had let the Grey Wolves Mercenaries down. The agreement between them was as weak as it sounded, and the only real trouble was if he wanted to work with them in the future.

“Ser Brendel, are you willing to let us go?” She asked again.

“We did not intend to do so, and the truth is we actually saved you. I believe you know this already, Miss Yula.” Brendel replied.

“But are you not afraid we will leak your location to the enemies?”

Brendel laughed and said confidently: “There is no way that your group or the enemies can catch up to us.”

Brendel trusted in his experience, but Redi merely eyed him in silence.

It was clear from his expression that he thought Brendel was bragging. Even though there were many things that shocked him, he thought that Brendel had given himself away as an amateur by heading east, and he planned to persuade Yula not to be deceived by Brendel.