The Amber Sword Volume 2 Chapter 73

TL: So I kind of peeked at chapter 73 and 74, and I decided to kind of TL ch 73 (first draft). Looks like the plot is thickening up quite hard with a possible 4 way fight.

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Chapter 73 – Deceptive currents

‘The Power of the Mountains’ was a pair of vambraces. (TL: You don’t say. )

A pair of vambraces was considered as a unique weapon that was usually used by monks. It was uncommon to see warriors and hired mercenaries wearing them, but Brendel was interested in getting them.

If Ekman was allowed to grow into his complete form, he would drop the sword ‘Lightning Sunder’ as well, but Brendel did not waste time trying to figure out a plan to stop a level sixty-seven elite boss, who would easily destroy them with just a flick of his finger to unleash the corresponding Element that he had.

The current Buga might have unlocked his Element, but there was a huge difference between humans and corrupted creatures with a god’s blood in them. Unless he was able to attain a perfect self and reach the Golden Blood, he would have a great disadvantage against mythical enemies.

[Putting aside that level 62 Dark Gold-ranked weapon, even a level 45 Gold-ranked weapon is enough drive gamers crazy. The damage output would be several times of what the Thorn of Light can do. Some players who got these weapons even deleted their characters to start over again, just for the sake of showing off their weapons.]


Brendel was willing to redo his plan to level up just to get the vambraces. There was a definite chance to get the item in contrast to the sword, Lionheart. Many kings had sought after it in the history of Aouine, only to fail. Furthermore, it was only a level seventy Gold-ranked weapon.

[I might have a few clues to get that weapon, but given my history within the game, the chance of finishing a quest like that might as well be finding a needle in a haystack. But if I’m able to get the vambraces, then I should consider planning my character’s path around it—]

He rubbed his forehead, as he suddenly realized that he was chasing after a delusion. Currently there was no sign of the Tree Shepherd, let alone the ‘Paper Cards’, and to finish it off, it was still a question if Makarov and Buga was able to kill the God Acolyte.

[Safety should be my first concern. Getting greedy after that should be the way to go.]

Brendel started to plot out scenarios to exact details. If he had the knowledge of what was to come, his plans made him an impossible foe to beat.

[Even though the Tree Shepherds are frightening opponents, but they are nothing more than that.]

Brendel had faced three of the twelve Tree Shepherds and defeated two of them. Even though he did not have his original strength, his foresight and experience were kept at his peak.

The God Acolytes were not without their weaknesses.

“Power of the mountains?” Amandina’s eyes were slightly perplexed as she asked in confusion: “What is that?”

“Uh….. I’m just thinking of a famous treasure in this area. There are rumors that it’s within the Silver Elves’ ruins, but it’s just that no one has seen it.” Brendel had to find a suitable excuse for his mistake. He could not say that Ekman, who was a God Acolyte, was going to bring it over to him.

He still had no intention of letting his image become a mentally troubled person in Amandina’s eyes.

Even so, his words still drew Amandina’s ire with her eyes complaining. She sighed: “My lord, now is not the time to consider this, right?”

“Most certainly.” Brendel could only offer a dry smile: “I was just a little distracted.”

But his words could only fool himself. Amandina was incredibly perceptive. She looked at him with doubt. In her mind, he was a careful and brilliant knight who would not be merely distracted by something unimportant. He seemed to be constantly thinking about something, and even though it looks like the things he did were not connected together, it was clear that he had planned them from the very beginning after the dust had settled.

Amandina was very suspicious of the fact that he was able to do something like that. A great plan might be great indeed, but the level of which Brendel exhibited was something akin to precognition, and that he was merely waiting for events to come to pass.

She had thought of several reasons as to why he had that air around him, whether it was because of having huge confidence or exceptional insight. The only possibility that she did not consider was knowing the future. Even the seers in the royal court could only predict the direction of great events, and that only gods would be capable of such feats.

She certainly did not imagine at all that Brendel was not from this world.

“Momentarily distracted?” Amandina frowned slightly and showed her small displeasure. “My lord, if there are things that you don’t wish to tell me, I won’t ask for it either—”

Brendel felt like he was suddenly a victim who had been blamed of great crimes. He had secrets that he could not say because it was really impossible to do so.



[Mother Marsha, how do you expect me to talk to them about these things. Even if I tell them, nobody would believe me, and just give me a label of a madman. This is a deal that will never be in my favor.]

He could only explain patiently: “Miss Amandina, I assure you that I have no intentions like that……”

But before he finished, Romaine came to the conversation after she roamed around without anyone know where she went, and promised in an excited manner: “I won’t ask for your secrets too Brendel! I promise!”

Brendel glared at her. If there was anyone who was capable of creating great chaos, she would definitely be at the top.

In the end he sighed and raised his hands: “Never mind. Let’s get down to business. The two of you must pitch your tents closer to my own tonight. Don’t take off your armor and don’t sleep like a log, understand?”

Amandina immediately checked her surroundings with a pair of watchful eyes. “Why?”

“I’ll explain it during then.” He turned around and saw Romaine nodding in an exaggerated manner, but her face clearly showed that she was not paying attention. Brendel’s eyes narrowed dangerously. He knew her character all too well.

“Dearest Romaine, I know you too well. You had better stay awake all throughout the night. Don’t think that I don’t know you will sleep like a little pig, where no one can wake you up other than Mother Marsha.”

“But my aunt says that a woman will grow old quickly if she doesn’t sleep.”

“I didn’t see you turning old when we didn’t sleep in Bucce for several days.”

“But the Madara undead will catch up with us if we sleep!”

“The situation right now is the same……” Brendel said exasperatedly.
================= Eke’s Pov =====================
Eke was able to differentiate the fennel and cinnamon spices that were transported from the Silver Sand seas. He had trained his abilities to discern poisons in his trainings, and differentiating spices was a part of his training.

Still, the spices in the air nearly caused him to sneeze. Right now, Eke wished his heart would stop beating, but it was still pounding loudly in his chest.

He shut his lips tightly so that he would not leak any sounds out. Even if he wanted to breath in deep gasps of air, he could only resist in doing so. His lungs were screaming for oxygen and his mind was assailed with dizziness, and perspiration poured down from his forehead. The white bags that were made from wool were blotched with dark areas.

“Who are you people? What are you doing here?”

Eke was not able to see that man, but he could guess who it was. It was the second squadron’s leader, Captain Capo, and the familiar comrades he had in the mercenary group.

[Don’t come over here— Turn around, everyone. Don’t let these fucking bastards get suspicious!]

He stared at the shadows that covered the opposite wall, afraid that he would miss even the slightest details.

He prayed in his heart to plead with Mother Marsha to let Capo and his men leave immediately. It was impossible to imagine that they would leave unless a miracle happened. Even though he knew Makarov left some of his men behind to keep watch over him, it was more alike to having them to take care over him. Capo cared the most for him, and he was the first teacher that taught him how to use a sword. Everyone, even his stepfather Makarov, knew that he was hiding in the town.



[They probably even know the fact that I slipped back into the inn. I know you care a great deal about me, and you always treat me like a child, but these damned bastards are not from the ‘Paper Cards’! Do you really think I’m afraid of them? Why don’t you understand this father?]

He clenched and unclenched his fists.

[I can’t let the enemy notice me. But Capo and the others aren’t their match… And these bastards are like devils who wouldn’t bat an eyelid even if the whole street is flooded with blood!]

Eke struggled with himself. He wanted to jump up and warn Capo, to yell at them and flee. In the youth’s heart, Capo was his friend and teacher, and he wanted to fulfill his moral obligations to him. His eyes felt wet.

[…… There’s a mission that’s more important than both of us. I can’t let these bastards get away with their plans.]

“Where is that young man you were chasing?” Capo said.

Eke’s heart skipped a beat.

“Hand over Eke, we saw you chasing him!” There was a another voice that was younger, and sounded even more impatient.

[Chris, you bloody moron!]



Eke’s hand subconsciously went to his sword. His whole body was trembling. Then he heard a familiar laughter so cold, that he thought needles were entering his spine.

“Ahahaha, all of you are indeed together with him—”

================= POV ends ===============