The Amber Sword Volume 2 Chapter 65

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Chapter 65 – Mercenaries’ code

Brendel was throughly familiar with the background knowledge in the game. While Amandina’s understanding was restricted to the books, Brendel was was a complete veteran. Even though the captain apparently did not use his full strength, Brendel accurately discerned his true strength.

[About a Mid-tier Silver Rank fighter. At this level, he can match the White-Mane army captain of a full corp, and nearly reaches the strength of a commander. This fact makes it clear that this group of mercenaries cannot be underestimated.]


Leto and the other mercenaries were retired, but they possessed the strength of a Mid-tier Iron Rank fighters, and Brendel thought they were no weaker than the group here when they were at their peak.

He had tried asking Leto a few times about their background, but Leto did not wish to talk too much about it.

On the other side, Capo observed Brendel and felt a strange feeling crawl over his heart. His instinct was almost innate. When he looked at his black irides, they were as calm as though the event earlier did not happen. He had visited many places and seen many important men, consisting of Aouine’s nobles, great merchants, people from the desert and even a couple of mysterious wizards. None of them matched the youth’s demeanor, who gave a faint smile like everything was under his control.

It was a look full of confidence as though he knew everything.

For one moment, the veteran mercenary felt as though the youth had seen through all his secrets. He frowned and shook his head, trying to get rid of the ridiculous notion out of his mind. He did not know that was the truth, and Brendel had seen through everything just by observing him a little longer.

In this age, not many people knew Randonian Fencing, including Capo himself. He had learned the swordsmanship when he was young, and he thought it was ridiculous that it was impossible for the youth to know about it unless he was a grandmaster swordsman.

He noted the girls beside Brendel.

[Their clothes seem to indicate they are from Bruglas… While the citizens of the Grinoires region have similar clothes throughout the region, they are relatively different from the mountain folks.]

Capo wanted to speak about this point, but Brendel had stolen his initiative.

“I take it that you mercenaries are not from this village?” Brendel’s eyes looked past Capo on purpose to look at the mercenaries behind him.

Amandina and Romaine stood quietly on Brendel’s left and right when he spoke. Amandina had learned enough political etiquette to know that it was not the time for her to speak, while Romaine obediently blinked her eyes without saying anything through a merchant’s instinct.

Capo looked blankly at him for a short moment.



“Yes, and you?”

“We would pass through Chablis a few times every year. Even though we’re not locals, we’re at least familiar with this place. The truth is I was wondering why Chablis had so many tourists of a sudden.” Brendel lied through his teeth. “Until I saw what happened earlier did I realize you were mercenaries—”

Amandina’s eyes glinted behind his back, but she did not change her expression. Romaine listened with smiles, as though what Brendel said was the truth, befitting of her profession.

“We’re here to accept the invitation to subjugate the lizardmen bandits.” Brendel answered smoothly and calmly without breaking a sweat, making it impossible to see through any mistakes. The veteran mercenary did not think there was any issues with Brendel’s reply, and it was not a secret as to why they came here.

But Capo still held on to his wary characteristics and did not continue talking about the lizardmen bandits.

“You pass by Chablis a few times every year? You must be a merchant. If there’s anything our mercenary group can do for you, please feel free to hire us and we will provide the best service for you.”

He turned his head around to look back as he spoke: “But I have to apologize now. We have a small problem on our side, and I’m afraid I need to leave immediately. If you have the time, I can represent as my commander and welcome you to come to our camp any time.”

Brendel smiled. Capo was obviously irritated that he was wasting his time, and wanted to seek the youth who escaped earlier. He pretended that he did not notice the hidden meaning behind Capo’s words, and expressed himself like he understood something: “I see.”

“This must be a coincidence.” Brendel immediately added.

Capo was ready to leave, but he stopped upon hearing these words: “What?”

“It’s like this.” Brendel smiled and continued his reply: “TO be honest I’m not here for business this time. I’m here to search for a particular item.”

Capo frowned and stopped moving.

“What are looking for?”

“I’m just looking for a rock slate that has ancient text written on it. This particular item is within the Baern ruins, and describes a historical incident about the Silver Elves. As you know, the ruins have been occupied by the lizardmen about one year ago.” Brendel spoke evenly, as though this event actually happened.

“I came to Chablis three months ago to investigate the lizardmen situation. I brought a number of mercenaries along with me with the intention of stealing the rock slate, but I did not expect to meet Ser Capo and the mercenaries with you.”

Capo was completely surprised. “You mean to say……”

Brendel immediately nodded: “Yes, in order to have any outbreaks amongst us, I suggest using the 314th rule in the Mercenaries’ code. We will temporarily join your men and assist you under the condition that we won’t risk our lives. After we are done with the mission, we will part our ways and take what we need. How does that sound?”

There is no formal agreement amongst the Mercenaries’ code, but the rules could solve common disputes.

Long ago, the mercenaries had iron-clad agreements with the people who hired them and typically executed them faithfully, but the mercenaries tend to fight amongst themselves from verbal agreements.

It was only about a century ago before the Holy Cathedral of Fire became the adminstrators for adventurers, that they establish the agreements amongst into a bible, known as the Mercenaries’ code, and ended disputes temprorarily.

This code had been edited constantly and finally became a complete book. This time, Brendel had used a rare code that was established one hundred and fifty years ago in the Northern Aouine region, but there were very few people who brought this rule up in this era.

Capo paused for a while when he heard this suggestion.

“I don’t have a problem…… with this oath.” Capo eyed Brendel cautiously: “But I don’t have the authority to rule on this. If you’re interested, you have to meet our commander. His name is Makarov, and more commonly known as the ‘Maned Wolf’. He’s now in the inn, and you should be able to find him there.”

“Understood.” Brendel nodded. “Then I shall take my leave and not waste your time.”



Capo seemed to come out from his trance and nodded.

Brendel did not mind his reaction. He had planned to make use of these mercenaries when he saw them. Even though the lizardmen in the Baern forest were not malicious foes, it was still considerably difficult for him to lead his current forces to deal with them. If he had the additional help of the mercenaries in front of him, things would be much easier.

[Right now the Sage Slate is nothing more than a piece of rock in the eyes of most people. The value of it rose in the game only after players started to cross other regions. I’m sure I can persuade that commander… but what was his name again? Maned Wolf Makarov?]

Brendel paused for a moment.

[The Blue Woods mercenaries. So it’s them. One of the most famous mercenaries in the southern region… But didn’t become famous only after the Year of the Spring’s dawn? That’s five years later.]

He rubbed his forehead and started to doubt himself.

[A lapse in my memories? Or has something changed in history?]

Brendel did not know that Capo was facing doubts about the youth as well.

============================Capo’s POV===========================

“Captain, who’s that?”

Capo looked at one of the followers who came towards him. He shook his head: “I’m not sure, he appears to be a merchant in this local region.”

“I heard him talking about our Mercenaries’ Oath. I have never heard of 314th rule, is that a fake rule?” Another mercenary asked.

Capo shook his head. He knew that it was true, but it was only after Brendel described the rule that he recalled about it. It was not a particular thing to note of, as there were over seven hundred rules, and people only took care to remember the thirteen core rules. The other rules were just additional interpretation of how things should be done, and there was no strict regulation amongst mercenaries to use these rules.

But Capo felt that Brendel was the most mysterious and not a simple merchant.

“Having more people is a good thing.” One of the men immediately said.



“Not really, who knows if these people are spies from the other side.”

“That is quite true—”

“Don’t worry. If he wants to join our group even for the shortest time, he needs to pass the commander’s test according to the core rules.” One of the mercenaries replied: “The commander is definitely going to let Buga fight personally…”

The mercenary sighed and finished his words. “It’s a pity that Eke brat suddenly created trouble, otherwise he’s going to become the center of attention again.”

The young mercenaries suddenly fell into a silence when the topic suddenly changed to Eke.