The Amber Sword Volume 2 Chapter 159

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Chapter 159 – Planeswalker’s battle (2)
Brendel opened the book, his finger landing to a particular page.

[Seventh page, second row.]

– Unlocking this Card requires 100 Wealth.

The image of the Card centered in his eyes.

[Unlock it.]

The 381 Wealth that he had gathered from not summoning Medissa in the past month dwindled instantly.


[The stars in heaven shall cast its shadows upon the chaotic mysteries. Display Card of Fate: Eternity Orb.]

He held the card up with his thumb and index finger as he spoke in his mind.

– Eternity Orb
– (Visionary Artifact IX)
– Costs 10 Will, 10 Mana Points
– Artifact/Fantasy-ranked rarity
– Pay 5 Will and Tap the card. Choose a Card that has entered the field and copy it.
– The Eternity Globe can copy only one card in the field when used.

Brendel paid 10 Fire EP as Mana to cast the card. It floated into the air and turned into a mysterious Magic Formation. A moment later, an orb the size of a fist appeared with seventeen smaller mercury spheres revolving around it appeared and hovered around Brendel’s shoulder.

Kabias was taken aback by the appearance of the artifact. The moment it appeared, it suppressed the Soul Fire in the Skeleton Lord’s eye sockets.

[A Fantasy-ranked artifact? Impossible, a mere Silver-ranked summoner and an Iron-ranked Elementalist summoning a Fantasy-ranked artifact! I can’t let him cast any more spells—]

It was the first time the Skeleton Lord felt Brendel’s threat to be true. It let out a guttural roar and rushed forward to attack him.

Brendel also felt the same pressure from the lack of time. He smoothly slid out the second card and placed it down, while spending 5 Fire EP to activate the Eternity Orb and put it into a tapped phase:

[The light of mercy descends from the sky, the messenger of the Gods emerges forth from the light.]

– Pristine Archangel
– (The Immortal Alliance III)
– Costs 5 Light Element Points
– [Angel creature/Knight, level 20 Elite]
– When Pristine Angel enters the battlefield, shuffle one non-black Card from the Graveyard into your Deck.
– Pay 1 Light Element Point every day when Pristine Archangel is in the field.
– ‘The light of mercy descends from the sky, the messenger of the Gods emerges forth from the light.’



Kabias’s short spear was mere meters away when Brendel pointed his finger at it. A bright light burst forth, and white feathers decorated the air. Four pairs of wings guarded Brendel’s flanks and intercepted the short spear’s thrust with two sharp metallic screams.

Kabias’s Soul Fire shook when it realized it was being blocked by something strong enough to stop its charge. Two swords had crossed their paths against the short spear. Complex runes and patterns were carved from the hilt to the bright swords’ beveled grooves. Few would be to identify them as the heaven’s ancient language, derived from the Gate of Order’s sacred words. The only ones who were able to understand them were the proud citizens of light.

The two angels made of light forced back Kabias’s spear and took to the skies. They raised their chins proudly with scornful expressions. Their swords were placed together in an angled cross that would stand in its path if it tried attacking again. Brendel continued to flip his book while he looked at Kabias calmly.

“Two Silver-ranked creatures will not be able to block me!” The Skeleton Lord spat out each word.

Brendel’s response was a short chortle, causing Kabias to go insane from fury and it started charging towards him again. He wasted no time and summoned one of the two cards he had retrieved from the graveyard.

[Highland’s courage.]

Amidst the white light from the Magic Formation, came the bumbling youth who rubbed his hair vigorously as he charged out from it with his familiar voice: “Marsha above! My lord! I didn’t expect you to get me out so quickly; you’re truly the wisest Highland Knight from— Gaaah!”

He emitted a strange yell as an angel was knocked over his head and crashed into the nearby ruins.

Ciel was frightened enough to be at a loss for words. The defense from the angels did not last very long against Kabias’s Power Break.

[Ninth page, third row: Bitter Ordeal.]

– Unlocking this card requires 80 Wealth.



[Unlock it.]

The image of the card centered in his eyes like the previous card.

– Bitter Ordeal

– The Wolf’s Den II
– Earth 10
– Event/Search
– Target summoned Creature receives 250,000 XP.
– ‘To a Lornian, the Wolf Den’s altar was more of a safe harbor for the souls.’

– State which Creature to bind to.


Brendel tossed the card towards Ciel who was still clutching his head and running about like a headless chicken.

The image of the card disappeared, and another card appeared in front of Brendel in physical form:

– Highland Wizard

– Knight IX
– Costs 5 Water Element Points
– Living human/Wizard, Level 45 creature
– When Highland Wizard is in play, you gain 5 Reputation Points.
– Pay 2 Earth Element Points per day when this card is in play.
– ‘Highland’s courage.’

Brendel took a moment to read the effects before his eyes instinctively went to Ciel. He looked up and saw a light shining onto Ciel, standing there in confusion when his simple long robes suddenly changed to a new shinier robe. Two long mysterious flower patterns were woven into it, while three white circular patterns decorated the sleeves, signifying that he was a Wizard of the Seventh Circle. Ciel looked at himself in a daze when a short golden staff suddenly appeared onto his hand.

“This is……” Ciel was still in a state of a shock when he somehow felt a disturbance in the air. The second angel was knocked back into his direction. The youth who had become a Master Wizard immediately reacted without thinking and created a soft cushion of air, gently bringing the angel up.

“I’m a Gold-ranked Master Wizard!” Ciel looked at Brendel in utter surprise and delight.

“Ciel, Time-stop Barrier.” Brendel nodded and gave his next order.

The wizard immediately pointed at the charging skeleton with his staff, shaking his head and disapproving of its reckless charge: “Laws of Time: Stagnate and Imprison—”

A transparent barrier formed around Kabias, and it realized its actions were slowing down. It turned to the source of magic and realized there was a wizard behind Brendel.

[A Highland Master Wizard of the Seventh Circle!!! Does this bastard have an endless supply of reinforcements, how many Gold-ranked subordinates does he have?!]

Kabias’s Soul Fire shook and dimmed as he saw yet another summoned creature. He felt the signs of failure shrouding over him. A wizard did not have the prowess of a warrior, but their offensive spells were incredibly powerful. A Highland Wizard’s spells were mysterious and nearly impossible to avoid.

Even if Kabias had a higher level, it was no match for Ciel once it got trapped in his magic. The fact that it had charged straight into his Seventh Circle spell meant that it was already doomed.

The only possible way it could think of was to reach Ciel before he cast an offensive spell, but Brendel was standing behind him with that accursed book, and it shut down the Skeleton Lord’s final delusion.

“Farewell and good riddance, Kabias.” Brendel shook his head in utter annoyance.



His expression at the Skeleton Lord was akin to looking at a piece of filth, causing it to roar out in a fury. However, the barrier seemed to cast layer upon layer of magical restraints upon him, causing him to move as slow as a snail.

[Wind Spider Spirits.]

Brendel had far more mana compared to the time when he used it in the auction. He summoned fifty of them, and they landed across the streets. Everyone looked at Brendel in confusion when they saw the low-level creatures that were weaker than an Iron-ranked militia.

The spiders were existences that could deal with said Iron-ranked militia because of their numbers, but it was utterly useless here. Even if they were used for scouting, the angels that Brendel had summoned were far more efficient and effective. Thus his action was suspect of wasting mana.

But Brendel went about in his own world, calling up the cards he had left.

[Display Holy Swords, Sun Blade, and Golden Battle Flag—]

Brendel picked out the Holy Swords card after a moment, paid for the cost and attached them to the Wind Spider Spirits card.

In that instant—

Everyone saw numerous swords hovering high up in the air, and when they looked down across the floor, they saw a corresponding spider below it. But when Brendel smiled and raised his hands, they realized the spiders were somehow controlling the swords when they gathered behind him to form a huge formation.

“This……” Ciel looked at the sight before him at a loss for words.

“I’ll give this move a name—” Brendel glanced at him before turning back to Kabias who was still trapped in the barrier: “The Dragon Knights Formation.”

He cast his hand forth—

“Dragon Knights, attack!”