The Amber Sword Volume 2 Chapter 158

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Chapter 158 – Planeswalker’s battle (1)

In the Laws of this World —

During the day’s second hour to the sixth hour, the Matteya race described these hours as ‘The Slumbering Darkness,’ representing the world’s torpor during this time.

But the Planeswalkers called this period ‘Realignment Phase’. This was the ending phase for them to shuffle any cards in the battlefield, and reconfigure their mana to use new strategies in the battlefield—

“Felaern.” He said to the older Elementalist.

“My Lord, what is your command?” Felaern responded after a short pause. Her guarded eyes were lukewarm without much trust in them. He often asked her to do incomprehensible things in the past month.


“Create an Elemental Resonance with Dia.”


“Create an Elemental Resonance with Dia.” He repeated himself, his face utterly serious.

“My Lord, what…..”

Rothko, who was eavesdropping in the dark street, wore an incredulous expression on him. An Elemental Resonance was used to teach Elementalist’s students to sense the various harmonious notes of the six basic element types.

But that was it; an Elemental Resonance had no other uses. The only answer was—

[[[He’s trying to become an Elementalist right now?]]]

Felaern, Dia and Rothko’s eyes popped out as they had this thought in this mind. It was undoubtedly a crazy notion. An Elementalist had to be acknowledged by the Six Basic Elements, and it was a system that required long years of study like a wizard. There was simply no shortcut to it.

Felaern looked at Brendel with exceedingly troubled eyes. Her younger sister was even more forthright, her bell-like voice twinkling with rage: “My Lord, your idea is a little unrealistic!”

“Dia—” Felaern gritted her teeth as she stopped her younger sister’s complaint.

“Now. Felaern.” Brendel ordered her as he watched Kabias in a readied stance. There was no time to explain things to them.

Felaern finally nodded with difficulty. She closed her eyes and dived into her Elemental Pool. To create an Elemental Resonance meant she had to evaporate her stored mana, and no one would choose to do something like this on the battlefield. However, this was her lord’s command, and she had no choice.




Brendel’s eyes had two lines of green words:

– Detected a Mentor, do you wish to receive tutelage?

[Stats window.]

Brendel brought up his Character Sheet.

– XP: 64420 (Commoner: Level 1 ; Militia: Level 6, 0/200 ; Mercenary: Level 26, 475/55537)

[There’s no choice but to use all the XP I got from solving Makarov’s quest. I had planned to save this for my second profession. Damn it, that quest also had a Perfect Clear bonus XP reward. I can’t even imagine how many months I have to work to get this amount of XP again…… Raise side-profession Scholar to level 15.]

– Scholar’s level has been raised to level 15. You have unlocked a free slot for a new profession class, attached to the Scholar’s profession.

[Accept Felaern’s tutelage.]

– You may learn the profession Elementalist. Do you use your slot?



The moment Brendel answered, the twin Elementalists beside him widened their emerald eyes in utter shock. Felaern took a step back in surprise, while Dia’s jaw was unhinged like Kabias, the latter looking at him like he was a monster. The young undead wizard hiding in the shadows repeatedly coughed as he choked on his saliva.

“What’s wrong? Rothko, what the fuck is happening?” Kabias bellowed as he sensed several things happened at once. Something was trembling in the air, but it was not a wizard after all and had no idea what was going on.

The Six Basic Elements started to surround Brendel with restless delight. The chaotic whirlpool continued to swirl around at Brendel, exulting the birth of a new Elementalist in the continent.

Elementalists, the controllers of the natural Elements, allies of the four Great Spirit Kings—

– You have established a contract with the Elements.
– The Elemental Resonance has caused a change within you.
– You have gained affinity to the Elements. Your innate potential has merged with the surrounding Elements.
– You have become an Elementalist.

When the words disappeared, Brendel was pulled back into reality and saw the sisters’ expressions. Felaern opened and closed her mouth several times with a complicated expression as she looked at Brendel. After a long struggle she squeezed a few words out:

“Congratulations, my lord…… We welcome you the Elementalists’ world.”

“That’s utterly amazing, my Lord!” Dia was looking at him with blind adoration and curiosity.

“Wait!” The Nightsong Tiger interrupted them: “Do you mean to say……”

He looked at Brendel with a look of disbelief. Felaern merely nodded.



A momentary silence filled the area.

“Impossible!” Kabias yelled and broke the silence. It smashed the short spear into the ground so hard that the ground cracked beneath him.

“Rothko, is this some kind of ploy from them? No one can become an Elementalist just because they sensed the Elements, not unless he’s the reincarnation of the Elementalist Emperor Tulman!”

“Lord Kabias, he has truly become an Elementalist! But…..” Rothko rubbed his temples. If he did not witness the entire thing with his own eyes, he could not believe how it happened.

Kabias stopped moving for a long time and stared at the youth in front of him. It managed to squeeze out a response to fight back against the reality in front of it: “Perhaps it’s an unbelievable feat. But young human, what exactly do you think you are achieving here? Are you thinking you can frighten me into allowing you to pass through? What can a fledgling Elementalist do?”

But despite the numerous counters, there was already a small lack of confidence in his tone. Who knew if this damned youth had other things up his sleeves?

Brendel’s eyes turned to Kabias for a second.

He then brought up the Character Sheet once more and checked his data. All Elemental Points had been increased by two points, with the Fire Element increasing by three points.

[As expected, this is much lower than what a gamer would receive. So much for my Elite status. Whatever, this is the first step anyways.]

– Elementalist level 1 requires 6 XP. Allocate XP?

Brendel began allocating his XP into the profession.

– Elementalist level 2 requires 10 XP. Allocate XP?
– Elementalist level 10 requires 610 XP. Allocate XP?

“I—Impossible!” Felaern’s expression changed again, and a word escaped from her lips. She had to be dreaming.

The Elements around Brendel were gathering around him like a thick wall. The speed of how fast he gathered so much Elemental Power was something that she had never seen before. No— this was not a problem of speed. It was as if he was being blessed by the Spirit King!

Nay, perhaps all the Spirit Kings were blessing him!

Brendel did not care about the events around him as he quickly added the XP to his level until he reached level 22 in the Elementalist’s profession. He sighed when he saw the three hundred over XP left.

The main stats for an Elementalist were Willpower, Perception and Health Points. If the side-profession added to his main stats for Strength, Agility, and Physique, he might be able to break his Element Barrier and unseal his Element completely.

[But this doesn’t mean there isn’t any gain from this. 37 Fire EP, 24 Light and Dark EP each, the rest of my other EPs is at 32.]

“The peak of an Iron-ranked Elementalist…..” Kabias repeated Rothko’s words: “Is that it?”

“That’s it.”



Kabias finally sighed. It was afraid that the youth would somehow break his Element Barrier and unseal his Element Power entirely. Even though it was an impossible task, he had already accomplished multiple things that were supposedly impossible. But the world was still grounded in reality, and it thanked Mother Marsha gratefully.

“Remember what I said earlier?”


“I said I was going to give you one last chance to back down if you retreat.”

Kabias looked at him in confusion, before urgent footsteps moving away from the area interrupted its thoughts.

It realized Rothko was running away.

“Rothko, you useless coward! What the fuck are you doing!?” The Skeleton Lord looked over to his direction before it suddenly snapped back to Brendel. Its instinct was screaming at it and had to ignore Rothko.

The latter had taken out a book from his leather pouch attached to his belt. A book with dark leather skin.

“Pity. You ran out chances, Kabias,” Brendel said with a snarl.