The Amber Sword Volume 2 Chapter 157

TL: Chapter 3/12 batch.

Chapter 157 – Breaking Dawn (10)


The peals of thunder interrupted Brendel and Kabias’s glares at each other.

The youth felt a strange sensation on him and looked at his clothes; the fabric of his clothes was standing up. When he looked up, he found flashes of lightning continuing to descend in the inner city with continued tremors to the ground.

Brendel was immediately on the alert.

Nothing happened after that. After the sudden show of noise and light, there was nothing but silence. Brendel finally made his move to go forward to the inner city gates with his sword in hand, but when he did so, Kabias immediately walked forward with great strides and blocked his path.

Brendel sighed as he looked up to the giant skeleton: “Why, Kabias, have you not received enough punishment?”


Kabias’s jaw unhinged itself with a laugh: “I don’t mind trying.”

Brendel’s expression darkened. The sword in his hand was lighter than the others he had so far. When he raised his sword against Kabias; it took a step back, wary of his Element Power but had every intention of making him stay where he was.

He frowned. Kabias was a cunning individual who had several surprises during their battle. Without knowing what exactly happened in the inner city, he dared not advance carelessly.

[Use the White Deer Statue? No, Rothko is hiding somewhere in the dark. His ability in magic is much higher than me. Playing this game in front of him is unlikely to go anywhere. And why isn’t Medissa reporting the situation to me?]

Brendel’s tried sending his thoughts into the city gates several times, but there was no reply. Just when he sighed out of frustration, a feeble voice finally echoed in his mind:

“My lord, time is limited. There’s a powerful undead general—” Medissa said between coughs and growing weaker with each word, “called Iam—”

Medissa’s voice ended. There was a chilling realization when he felt the connection to her was completely severed. Her card had entered the Planeswalker’s graveyard, and he felt a pain in his heart for failing her.

[Iam— Iamas? Fuck, why is that bastard here! Why is Tarkus’s right hand here and not fighting alongside him in the southern-east region!?]

That name set off an explosion in his mind. The thought of the chilling golden mask made his hair stand on end.

[Even if it’s to sign an alliance with Randner himself, why would Tarkus send out such an important general out here? Damn it, what are these undead planning?]

Countless thoughts ran through his mind. Iamas’s name and Medissa’s death had shocked him, but he maintained a poker face all the time. He glared at Kabias before he walked closer to it. The latter stared at him, puzzled. It did not understand why he suddenly became impatient, but its sole mission was to stop the youth in front of him.



The Skeleton Lord readied itself into a stance, gripping the short spear tightly.

Brendel clenched his teeth. There was no time to deal with a troublesome foe here.

“Kabias, I’m going to give you this one last chance to back down. If you still wish to go back to the Mountain of the Dead to rule over your land, now is the time to do so.”

He could no longer waste any more time. He revealed knowledge about what only the undead would know.

“You seem to be very familiar with us.” The flames in Kabias’s eye sockets flickered warily as it spoke.

He ignored the question and stabbed his sword into the ground with a metallic clang. He folded his arms and looked at Kabias like it was already defeated.

“What, young human, are you trying to surrender?” Kabias said with a mocking smile.

“Kabias, you fool, watch out—” Rothko’s voice appeared from the streets.


“There’s mana activity coming from him!”

Kabias pointed its finger at Brendel while being on its guard: “You mean to tell me this twenty years old youth is not only a Gold-ranked swordsman, he’s also a wizard on the side? Have you become stupid from experimenting too much?”

Rothko’s voice was silenced. He too thought it was impossible. Even one who was blessed by Marsha could not become an all-rounded person. Someone who possessed dual identities of both a Gold-ranked swordsman and a wizard was something out from legends. Only Saints from the Holy War possessed that power.

The King of Flames, Gatel.

The Grand Priest, Farnezain.

The Empress of Wind, Osor.

The Paragon Apostle, Eirelannt.

The four saints led the various races to war against the Dragon of Darkness and triumphed against it. Even their great leader, the Emperor of Eternal Death, Loptr was no match for any of them, both in abilities or reputation.

They were not wrong to discern the flow of mana coming out from Brendel, but the mana ripple from him was not from a wizard—

But a Planeswalker.

Brendel’s glare seemed to focus on Kabias, but he was actually inspecting his Elemental Pool from the Character Sheet. (TL: Elemental Pool)



[Ten Fire Elemental Points, Eight Elemental Points for the other Basic Elements, no Light or Dark Elemental Points. No matter how many times I look at it, I’m disappointed. It’s an utter mess now with Medissa gone, and I can’t change the situation with my abilities. This means I have no choice but to use my last trump card.]

He sighed deeply and closed his eyes.

Kabias retreated slightly. Brendel did not take the initiative and even closed his eyes. The bizarre sight made him even more cautious.

“Mana is gathering around him, Kabias!” Rothko warned it again. The mana gathering around Brendel was the entire Mana Pool of a Silver-ranked wizard.

“I can see that for myself, there’s no need to worry—” Kabias said. There was indeed no need to worry about a Silver-ranked wizard.

[I-I’m watching someone as talented as the Holy Saints in the legends…..]

Rothko had no words for the situation in front of him. He started to wonder if it was a mistake to attack the youth. His potential was out of this world!

When Brendel opened his eyes, the chill aura in them which was affected by his Element Power was replaced by something else.

“The fourth hour in the morning. Matteya calls this hour ‘The Slumbering Darkness’. It is the period where the living is in their deepest sleep.” Brendel glanced at Kabias: “If I did not recall wrongly, the undead calls this the Midnight Morning. It is the time where the Dark Energy is at its peak. Am I right, Kabias?”


Kabias tightened its short spear in response.

“I just want to say this. It is true that the world is shrouded in darkness before the sunrise—” Brendel raised his hand and threw out a Card of Fate: “But the Darkness is also in my favor!”

The card landed on the ground.

“Card of Fates: Mercenaries of Lopes, Reshuffled into deck, Resummoned into field!” He said as his Wind Elemental Points drained instantly.

Twelve mercenaries appeared in the streets on top of the summoning circle with their weapons ready in front of Kabias and Rothko’s shocked eyes. The mercenaries looked at each other in confusion, not understanding what happened. The Nightsong Tiger was first to respond as he asked in his mind:



[My Lord, what happened here, did you reset our card?]

Brendel nodded in response.

Kabias’s eyes went across the mercenaries. The Soul Fire in his eyes flickered slightly.

“To think you’re a summoner as well, young human. A Silver-ranked wizard capable of summoning twelve Iron-ranked living creatures. I have not seen or heard of a spell like that. You are certainly no common man, Brendel or Viscount Gaston.” The Skeleton Lord looked at Brendel once it was done scrutinizing the new enemies: “But would the situation change if you add numbers to your side?”

Kabias shook his head in mocking laughter.

Brendel did not seem to hear his words. He looked at the twin Wild Elves sisters.