The Amber Sword Volume 2 Chapter 111

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Chapter 111 – Planeswalker’s Legacy (1)

“These…… are?” Brendel’s eyes looked a bit vacant.

“They like exactly what they are, my lord,” The Nightsong Tiger’s lips were formed into a straight line to show a sense of mystery and calmness, but his light brown irises were filled excitement: “These are all Cards of Fate!”

He opened the book, flipped the pages and pointed at the cards.

“I know what they are, but why are there so many cards?” Brendel’s eyes were glued to the thick lambskin pages.

There seemed to be six cards in every page and Brendel guessed there were approximately nine thick pages in this book.

“Hmm,” The Nightsong Tiger’s eyebrow strained a little: “I think it’s better to let Ciel answer my lord—”


“Ciel? You know him?” Brendel looked up at him with a questioning look.

“Yes. The cards in your deck are linked together. From a certain point of view, we exist in the same Dimensional Space that my lord created. If we are not summoned, we will stay in the lands that make up the space. The Land Card that you possess pays the Wealth and Element Points required for us. It goes without saying the higher the Card’s rank is, the more wealth you need to pay.” (TL: I understand this as, Land Card is used to pay for summoning a creature, and when a creature goes into the graveyard, it goes back to that specific land.)

“Right.” Brendel took note of the Dimension Space, and checked the remaining resources he had.

– Nature Element: 6 points
– Water Element: 6 points
– Wealth: 67 points
– Reputation: 17 points
His bag also contained Element Crystals; half of them were Fire Crystals.

“You didn’t tell me these things before.Also for some reason, these words doesn’t sound like something you would say.”

The Nightsong Tiger laughed: “Haha. You’re indeed sharp, my lord. These are Ciel’s exact words. I’m simply acting as a messenger.”

“You can converse with him right now?”

The Nightsong Tiger nodded.

“I see,” Brendel said: “If that’s the case, ask him to tell me exactly how the Dark Bishop came to get hold of this collection. I remember that you told me that only Planewalkers, his summons and their permitted followers are able to see them for what they are. Why did this bastard have so many cards? Was he a Planeswalker or something similar, or did you get these cards from something else?”

“No, this is definitely taken from the Dark Bishop, but they are different from the normal cards, this is a Legacy-”

“Wait, what is a Legacy?” Brendel interrupted.

The Nightsong Tiger paused for a while as though he was waiting for an answer, then looked at Brendel and said: “Ciel says that a Planeswalker’s life is finite. When a Planeswalker reaches the end of his life, the cards that he collects will be sealed. Under this condition, the cards will materialize and turn solid. Even a normal person is able to see and touch them in this state. These cards would appear to be no different from a fortune teller’s tarot cards to them. However, to a Planeswalker, they are assets and wealth left behind from another Planeswalker. There are other reasons as to how a collection of cards can be discovered but this is the primary reason.”



“You mean to say that the Dark Bishop got them by chance, but he has no idea what they are?”

“Ciel says that possiblity is very high, but he also says that it might be possible that my lord’s conjecture the Dark Bishop is a Planeswalker, is the correct answer.”

Brendel shook his head, if it was true that the Dark Bishop was a Planeswalker, he would have used the cards on him. Ciel’s reasoning was most likely the correct answer, but he was trying to flatter him.

“If that is the case, isn’t it possible for Planeswalkers to steal each other’s cards?” He asked after thinking for a short while.

“There’s the possibility, but the majority of the Planeswalkers wouldn’t fight to the death over them. Many of the cards are not unique and unless they are truly insane, very few will kill over these cards.”

“What do you mean by unique?”

“There are many duplicate cards in a different location at any given time. Even a newly formed series like the Eversong Card can have similar cards. My lord is able to summon a Highland Squire, Ciel, to work for you. Other Planeswalkers are able to do the same and summon a Highland Squire, except they would summon other names and not specifically Ciel. There might be conditions and rules for their summons to appear, but once they do so, they will not change—” The Nightsong Tiger suddenly shrugged as he raised his hands: “If my lord wants to summon a female eye-candy mercenary commander, with golden flowing hair and azure eyes to work for you, that wouldn’t be possible. Of course, the first half of my reply is from Ciel, the latter half is my humble addition.”

[Are you telling me that I have a preference for older men?] The corner of Brendel’s eyes twitched.

“Your input is unnecessary. You mentioned something about seals earlier, does that mean I’m unable to use these cards directly?

The Nightsong Tiger nodded.

“And why is that?”

The cards were brought closer to Brendel.


“Take the collection, look at the cards and you will know.”

Brendel took over the book and touched one of the cards.

– 1400 Reputation

Words immediately popped up, and he focused on the card to get a better look.
– Platinum Angel
– (The Immortal Alliance XIX)
– Requirements: Willpower 40, Mana Points 50
– When Platinum Angel is on the battlefield, the Summoner will not die from injuries.
– Maintanenace: When Platinum Angel is in the battlefield, pay 10 Willpower, 10 Gems every day.
– ‘The secret of immortality is buried in the Angel’s heart.’
– Conditions: Pay 1400 Reputation to unseal this card.



[1400 reputation?! Marsha above, I don’t think I can even steal that much, are you toying with me!]

Brendel nearly dropped the card from his hand. The Highland Squire Card gave 1 Reputation per day and he had got 17 reputation from it thus far. Ever since the card went into the grave, it stopped giving out resources.

He stared at the faceless Platinum Angel which was drawn in a painterly style wordlessly for a moment, then moved on to the next card subconsciously:
– Balm of Life
– (The Immortal Alliance X)
– Requirements: Light Element Points 10, Mana Points 50
– [Divine Equipment/Wondrous Artifact]
– Tap card and pay 5 Light EP. Restore half of your life points and shuffle Balm of Life and your graveyard into your deck.
– ‘The life stored in this bottle doesn’t suit my taste, neither does it taste fresh, but at least the effect is there.’ – Baron Cinder
– Conditions: Pay 2000 Wealth to unseal this card.

Brendel bit his lips to resist throwing the card onto the ground. There was a bit of wealth saved up by him, but it was definitely not 2000 wealth. He started to wonder if the Nightsong Tiger brought the book over in order to hurt his pride. The cards looked really powerful, but it was impossible for him to do anything with it. He glanced at him and thought for a while, but he did not recall anything that he did wrongly towards the mercenary. He flipped the pages with suspicion but discovered the quality of the cards became lower and lower, and at the same time the cost was much more acceptable.

[Lord of Holy Flames, Time Relapse, Iona’s judgment, Lion Nirya…… White and Black Cards occupy half of this collection’s cards, then there’s a few red cards, as well as several Land cards.]

Brendel ignored the cards which required high amounts of Wealth and Reputation. A few cards had the requirement of the Planewalker to have a certain level, which he also ignored. He was still at level 1 and there did not seem to be anything in the cards that would raise his level. The Nightsong Tiger also expressed that he did not know anything about raising the Planeswalker’s levels.

Some of the cards required things or terms that Brendel had not seen or heard any hints about them. They were some strange resources needed, or he had to have specific lands and even barriers. The card ‘Time Relapse’, for example, required to have the profession ‘Wizard’ at level twenty. He flipped through the book and discovered there were ten cards that he could afford.

[Vanguards of Blood, Black Earth Lion, Hymn of Light, Loxar’s market, Rougen’s Swamp, Land of Eternity, etc, etc…… Pristine Archangel. I can unseal three of them with what I have right now. The first thing I need to get is obviously the swamp for Dark Element Points.]

Brendel unsealed the card and paid 10 Wealth for it. When he inspected the card, he realized that regardless of whether the card was tapped or not, he would still only get 1 Dark Element Point. It was much weaker than the other land card that he had.



(TL: That other card is the Land of the Holy Tree card. He killed the Golden Demonic Tree and got that. Only untapped Land Cards can be installed with certain things. There’s a gold mine card installed on this card so he can’t tap it, otherwise he can’t get the Wealth. If he does tap the land card, he gains 2 Nature EP and 1 Water EP. Tapped cards reset every day.)

But it solved half of the requirements to maintain the Unicorn Knight, and it was a matter of Wealth points now.

Therefore he chose to unseal Loxar’s market. It provided 2 Wealth points and 1 Earth EP per day, and if he tapped it and paid 2 Reputation, provided 6 Wealth. This unique Land Card required 50 Wealth which prevented anymore redemption of other Land cards. (TL: Medissa requires 6 wealth and 1 Dark EP per day.)

The third card he unsealed was the Pristine Archangel.

– Pristine Archangel
– (The Immortal Alliance III)
– Light Element Points 50
– [Angel creature/Knight, level 20 Elite]
– When Pristine Angel enters the battlefield, shuffle one non-black Card from the Graveyard into your deck.
– Pay 1 Light EP every day when Pristine Archangel is in the field.
– ‘The light of mercy descends from the sky, the messenger of the Gods emerges forth from the light.’

Although Brendel was able to unseal the card, he had no related Land cards that paid Light EP, and he had no Light Crystals either, so it was still a dream to get Ciel or the Wind Spirit Spiders out from the graveyard. He patted the Nightsong Tiger’s shoulders and told him to tell Ciel to wait a little longer.

“…… Hold on, didn’t you tell me the last time that only the Dark Element Cards are able to retrieve the cards in the graveyard?” Brendel suddenly looked suspiciously at him.

“…… I was guessing.” The veteran mercenary hesitated for a long time before he answered.

Brendel felt tears forming in his mind from frustration.