The Amber Sword Volume 2 Chapter 100

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Chapter 100 – Fallen (5)

[My fucking god, why not claim that I’m your grandfather too, you stupid fool!] Brendel already regained his senses and started to curse Redi in his mind.

Makarov still managed to make use of him even though he escaped to the east to avoid such a situation from developing. He took a deep breath and penned it down inside his mind. When he had the time, he would visit Lantonrand and get the score even. Right now, he needed to deal with the dolt in front of him.

[I’ll probably lose ten years of my life if I have to talk with this crazy person any longer.]

But before he had the chance to speak, Sanford had already cut into the conversation: “So to sum it up Redi, you joined hands with the Paper Cards Commander, Conrad?”

Brendel turned to look at Sanford, only to witness his calm face with a pair of cold eyes. The latter did not have much expression on him, except that he was mildly disappointed. Brendel did not think this friendly youth had a steely side to him.


Redi was surprised by Sanford’s words. He looked at his former allies who were glaring at him with anger, then back at Sanford’s gaze who made him shrink back.

But these angry gazes stoked his feelings to resist and he scoffed coldly: “It’s that simple. Can’t you see that Makarov has abandoned us? The old fucker had only treated us like usable pawns. Why should I continue to work for him? Why can’t I choose a better option?”

“Thus you came over to kill us and display your loyalty to your new owner?” Sanford’s voice was biting: “I am your best friend. These men and women were once your comrades. Makarov had wronged you, have we wrong you too?”

Redi was silenced.

He gritted his teeth and hesitated for a while. He struggled to find a reply as he answered with a guilty heart: “I didn’t wish to kill you in the first place. If you join me, I’ll still treat you like my comrades.”

“I don’t want your pity!” Sanford replied in disgust: “I treated you as my best friend because I thought you had the sense to do the right thing. I must truly be blind not to see for what you are!”

“We’re the same as well!” The remaining Grey Wolves Mercenaries spoke bitterly.

Brendel watched the scene unfold in front of him, but he was constantly on the alert to see if the situation changed. However, Sanford suddenly turned and bowed to him.

“Ser Brendel, Redi is right in saying that Makarov had abandoned us. The old commander had treated us like family for over a decade, whatever hatred that we have is negated by that fact. From this moment forth, we are a group of pitiful worms who is being hunted right now. If you would lend a hand to save us, we will pledge ourselves to you and fulfill whatever task that you have for us. We merely wish to live.”



Brendel was slightly surprised and he looked at the rest of the mercenaries, and realized that the refugees more or less accepted Sanford’s suggestion. It was clear that the youth had considerable influence amongst them.

But he tilted his head and looked at Redi: “Though it is true that I can save you, that bastard over there said that I have a deep relationship with Makarov. Even if that’s the case, can you still accept it?”

“That fool has been taken over by the mere thought of revenge. He is no different from a moron! Who would believe what he’s saying?” One of the mercenaries with a burly figured snapped.

Brendel turned back to Sanford and the latter merely nodded.

He was secretly laughing inside as that he thought the moron Redi did not entirely do bad deeds. At least he did managed to send over a group of veteran mercenaries for him.

However, his face was serious and said solemnly: “That matter can be discussed later. It seems that I have some personal grievances with this Redi. Once I take care of him, we can discuss further—”

Brendel peeked at him, but that apparently was a terrible move because he saw Redi’s smug face. He had opened his mouth in an exaggerated manner which made Brendel feel really irritated to the point where he wanted to rip a new one for him.

“Ha! Ha! Ha!” The white-haired youth laughed three times. “Take care of me? Ser Brendel, oh, or should I say, Ser Eke. It seems like you have not understood the situation you are in. The disciples here are the elites amongst the Disciples of the Black Flames, every one of them has the strength of a peak Silver-ranked fighter, not to mention miss Scarlett here who has the strength of a Gold-ranked warrior. With such a force on my side, you are actually arrogant enough to say that you want ‘to take care of me’, haha, with just thirty silver-ranked guards? Your joke isn’t funny at all.”

He walked to Scarlett’s back as he spoke, reaching out to her face in order to pat it. However, the latter batted his hand away and glared coldly at him. He coughed once in embarrassment to clear his throat. It was good that his former comrades did not notice his plight.

That was because Sanford and the others were shocked at the strength of his forces, and even wondered how the crazy fool managed to get Scarlett working for him. They only saw that there was something odd about her, as though she did not recognize them at all.

They subconsciously took a step back. Were they going to die today?

They looked at the their new ‘boss’, but everyone was stunned at his reaction. That young ‘merchant’ actually had the time to comfort his female companions—

“Don’t worry, you can ignore that narcissist.” Brendel turned over and unexpectedly patted Romaine’s face with a convincing voice.

“I-I’m already ignoring him, w-what are you doing, don’t randomly touch a girl’s face!” Romaine’s eyebrows were raised high, and quickly prevented his hand from taking any further advantage with a loud voice and blushing face.

The Mercenaries of Lopes merely looked at the squadron of twenty odd Silver Elves’ heavy infantry behind them. They were certain of who was the one going to be in trouble. Their lord might look like he was a straightforward person but he was actually a sly and devious person, and there was no way he would let himself get into a disadvantageous situation.

The Grey Wolves Mercenaries could only look on and scream inside their hearts as they looked at Brendel’s reaction.

But Brendel’s actions of ignoring Redi had the effect he wanted. The latter was trembling with rage from all the humiliation from Conrad and Brendel, and barked like a rabid dog: “Attack! Attack! Kill them all! No, leave their leader alone, I will let him know the price of offending me—”

He quickly calmed down: “The two women beside him, keep them alive as well—”

He planned to repay Brendel’s humiliation a hundred fold and licked his lips with anticipation.



But Brendel merely looked at him and raised his hand.

[Did he signal for me to wait?] Redi looked at him with a confused look. It was late for him to beg for mercy when his orders are already given. The disciples had already rushed out with a fervor and would not stop for any other orders. He thought it was just as well for the disciples to attack them and let Brendel know the meaning of fear.

“Continue to pretend, you bastard—” He muttered angrily.

The Grey Wolves Mercenaries’ immediately paled. Their limbs were cold and shivering, but they still took up their weapons and intended to fight to their deaths. They still clung to their namesake and oaths for the Grey Wolves Mercenaries.

Redi glared at their resistance, as though he wanted to enjoy looking at the idiots who wanted to oppose him. He quickly saw Brendel who was smiling and mouthing a few words. They were not asking for mercy. He pieced each word slowly after a long while before they were formed into a coherent sentence:

“Unfortunately, you’re too early.”

[I’m too early?] Redi did not understand what it meant [Has he gone crazy from the shock of seeing my men?]

When Brendel’s hand was lowered, the twenty odd expressionless Silver Elves immediately acted. When they did so, Redi’s expression completely changed.

He was indeed too early. If he came later, even though he still could not do anything to Brendel, at least he would not have sent himself to a death that he could not avoid.

The Grey Wolves Mercenaries, the Mercenaries of Lopes, Amandina’s expressions changed.



The Silver Elves’ bodies suddenly lit up with all sorts of colors that gathered on their armor and weapons, as though a rainbow had formed in front of them. These signified one thing.

The powers of Elements.

The strongest heavy infantry of the Silver Elves who were the match for the Knights of the Holy Cathedral in this era!

Redi wanted to slap himself for thinking that the Elves were suited for only a few professions. The disciples could not wake up in time from their crazed trance and were drowned by the dazzling light.

The swords were drawn from the Silver Elves’ sheathes, and the disciples and demons’ heads flew up in the air as the twenty odd lights charged forward without stopping.