The Amber Sword Volume 1 Chapter 29

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Chapter 29 – Tumen’s Legacy.

Romaine and Freya extinguished the campfire and followed Brendel who had started running. They guessed that Brendel’s sudden change in his behavior was due to that piercing light. Freya did not understand how it was created.

Romaine had an idea as to what happened back then as she saw the soul gem in his hands.

[Ah. That’s right. He gave me a ring. I really like the spiderweb design on it.]

It was rare in this world to create a design using spiderwebs, but she liked things that were uncommon.

[I wonder if it has the same magic like the one on Brendel’s hand.] She knew that his ring was unique and was able to command the wind to slay his foes.

It was a side of Brendel that she had never seen before, and she looked curiously at his back. She felt that the things he did were full of mysteries and secrets.

“Brendel, what happened?” In contrast to Romaine’s carefree attitude of ‘I just need to follow Brendel.’, Freya was more serious than her. She thought that her responsibility was to take some of Brendel’s burdens off.


“Nothing much of importance. But we need to leave this area immediately.” Brendel suppressed his uneasiness and replied. He pulled out the Elven sword, and it glimmered against the barren boulders. He really did not know how to explain to Romaine and Freya about the ‘Mana Absorption’ effect.

It was like an osmosis process where a Magic Artifact of a higher rank took energy away from a Magic Artifact of a lower rank. But it was incredibly rare for a Magic Artifact below 40 OZ to do something like this. However, it was impossible to explain these gaming world’s jargon to Freya and Romaine.

Freya looked at him with a worried face but did not inquire any further.

Brendel studied the valley. There did not seem to be any movement below, but he felt insecure in his heart. He requested Freya to wear the armor and told Romaine to prepare the rope.

Freya was already wearing normal clothes on her, so she took out the ‘Half Plate of the Wind Empress’ and started to put it on. The only drawback was that she had no prior training in using heavy armor, so there was no hope of her wearing it quickly.

On the other hand, Romaine was anxious and a little excited. She wanted to help her out but was afraid of Freya scolding her. Even though they were friends, Freya’s anger was not something to take lightly, and she knew that she might actually create more trouble for her.

[It should be fine to wait for the girls to be done.]

Brendel was more worried about the creatures being attracted from within the valley from the powerful mana ripple.

He could not help but raise the card in his hand. He was shocked that the Gerald’s most important possession was not the ‘Thorn of Light’, but was instead the card in his hand.

[A magical artifact that is possibly above 40 OZ. Just how amazing is this thing?]

In the long chaotic era of the past, the Human and Elven wizards were unable to solve the problem of adding Grade 2 power into magical equipment. It was only until the ‘Year of the Twilight Moon’ (Chaos Era: Year 471), which was when a genius was able to finally solve it.

This genius was Tumen, the Elementalist Emperor.

He invented the technique of implanting Holy Sigils into items, which solved the problem of imbuing them with Grade 2 power. From then onwards, creating magical items that were over 40 OZ and above became a reality.

He did not think the card was some form of sealed Holy Sigil, but he had never seen such complicated Sigil patterns before. It was not the Elven’s Wind Empress Holy Sigil, neither the Kirrlutz’s Fire God Holy Sigil nor the Irendar’s Water King Holy Sigil.

He stared at it for a while and felt a headache coming on. Tumen’s techniques that were handed down underwent many evolutions. Logically, the current Holy Sigils in this era could never be as complicated as this.

[Perhaps an Ancient Artifact?]

As he was trying to figure things out, the card in his hand suddenly floated without warning. It fired a pillar of light in the gray sky, and a few moments later, another pillar of light shot out from the southeast mountains in response.


Brendel was unable to react and watched the event unfold in a stupor. He immediately wanted to find a table and flip it, because the ripple of Mana had turned into a Tidal wave of Mana. He figured that even the Madara’s undead army miles away were alarmed. A resonance meant that this was a ‘Combination Item’.

The worst part was how the other item that resonated was within the Zevail’s mountain pathway.


Both Freya and Romaine spoke at the same time. They knew that the card in Brendel’s hand had to be a problem.

“I’ll explain to you in a moment, have you worn the armor?” Brendel took a final look at the valley as he asked urgently.

She nodded.

The powerful mana reaction had already attracted the servants of the Golden Demonic Tree. He saw the shadows of several Rotten Beast passing by from the dry cavern from below. He did not dare to delay any further and told them to throw any items that would drag them down. He then set off by following the narrow path along the steep wall.



Rations and water were supposed to be precious commodities, but they could not carry it right now. Brendel carried a few basic equipment and a few bundles of rope. Everyone kept a torch, and they strove to fight for every second. As they continued advancing, more and more Rotten Beasts gathered in the valley, as though the entire Zevail mountain had come alive.

Brendel’s heart raced when he looked below. There were countless creatures. The first batch of monsters would take at least ten minutes before reaching their campfire. Even though there might be a few Rotten Beasts who managed to see them, the number was ultimately inconsequential to Brendel.

He was more worried about the Demonic Tree Guards that might have changed their patrolling routes from this sudden change. They had to reach the center portion of the Zevail pathway before the guards found them. That was the only area for to be able to defeat the first patrolling team.

He knew these guards had just crossed the river in this place, and even if they turn back now, they needed two hours. He had grinded this dungeon back in the game countless times, and he was only worried about the differences in this world and the game.

Fortunately, they were just ahead by a single step. The three saw a batch of creatures wrapped in ivy arriving on the eastern side, and they discovered each other at the same time. When these Demonic Trees stood at their full size, they were approximately two times the size of a human. They were also wrapped with aerial roots and were eyeless, but they had membranous organs on their limbs to detect sound. (TL: Wiki aerial roots to get a description.)

They were also differentiated by young and mature Demonic Trees. The mature Demonic Tree had high agility and ran on the mountains like they were on flat ground. They were also adept at climbing and was Brendel’s biggest threat. Fortunately, there was only one mature Demonic Tree for every ten young Demonic Trees, and it coincided with his memories in the game.

“We need to reach the mountain’s peak before them.” Brendel’s palms started sweating when he saw the Demonic Trees getting closer to them.

There was a huge boulder at the peak and could be used by detonating an explosive to loosen it. It would roll down and crush the Demonic Trees, then close off the entrance from the valley. Brendel did not have any explosives, but he had the Ring of the Wind Empress.

His agility had fallen by 0.3 because of the paralyzing poison. He would have easily gotten up to the small flat plateau on the peak of the mountain if he was at his peak, but he had to rely on the girls now.

They did not really understand what he was thinking, but they nodded. They were currently treading on thin ice, and even though Brendel did not say anything, they knew the monsters were trouble from his anxious demeanor.

Freya and Brendel managed to get to the peak, while Romaine lagged a little behind with a pale face while panting. There was a mature Demonic Tree that appeared on the other side. It was a level 22 monster and Brendel knew that if they fought, they had zero possibility of winning.

Brendel took off his ring immediately and threw it at Freya. He shouted: “Wear this ring on your index finger. Find the weak link holding the boulder, aim at it and activate this ring with the command ‘Oss’. Do you understand?”

She caught it and paused: “Brendel?”



“I’ll distract this monster, hurry up.” Brendel wanted to have Romaine do it instead as he would have another helper to cover him, but Romaine was still behind them when he looked back.

[This is the result for lazing around regularly.]

He shook his head.

Brendel took a deep breath. He was so tense that his body felt numb. Even though he presented himself as calm and composed in front of Freya, it did not mean he was not afraid. The enemy had the power of a strong Grade 1 rank. Without the Ring of the Wind Empress, he found it hard to believe that he could reliably match the opponent.

[4.5 OZ strength, 6 OZ physique, 2 OZ agility. Toughness and defense are extremely high. Its skin has corrosive poison, well versed in range attack, and has the ability to bind someone. It’s weak against fire and slashes.]

He mentally recalled the opponent’s stats. This mature Demonic Tree’s stats were not so different from the Elite Rotten Beast, but he knew there was a great difference in how they battled.

Brendel was still thinking of the opponent’s differences, while the ivy on the Demonic Tree suddenly seemed to come alive. Countless ivy branches suddenly came at him. He evaded to one side and rolled to evade the ivy branches that looked delicate, but they pierced through a boulder like steel pikes with a hissing sound, and the surface of the boulder started smoking. Fear ran freely through his veins.



[A corrosive attack. This is the most frightening aspect of the Demonic Tree. Typical weapons would not be able to hurt them, and instead, get ruined by their corrosive nature.]

The Demonic Trees knew that it had missed when it heard the sound. It moved its ivy to the side and whipped at Brendel again. He hurled expletives at it in his mind but continued to evade it. The ‘Iron Whip’ continued to sweep over the surface and hurled stones everywhere.

Rock pieces struck the area above Brendel’s eyebrows and immediately caused them to bleed, but he did not dare to utter any sounds. He gripped the ‘Thorn of Light’ tightly and advanced when he saw a gap.

He took a few steps forward but immediately paused.

A series of words appeared in his retina.

“Summon the Holy Sword?”