The Amber Sword Volume 1 Chapter 10

TL: Edited 30/05/2017. Edit: Decided to change Fenix to Fenris.

CH 10 – Emergency first aid in the battlefield

Sophie stared at his character stats in a daze. There was a glowing stat there.

[It’s fine…… Even if I leave that world, I have no regrets left behind there. Right, I should concentrate on my situation now. One step at a time, what should I do with my ability points?]

The 10 AP (ability points)  he got when he raised his level should be used as soon as possible. Under the dire situation now, even the slightest improvement in power was an improvement over nothing. It appeared to him that increasing the sword rank or a combat-related skill was a pretty good choice. Anyone else would probably have chosen this option. Still, he hesitated as he had thought of something else.


He dismissed the character window in his mind, and it faded from his retina. He raised his head to look at the militia, only to find them still reveling from the victory earlier. He stiffened for a moment before he shook his head with an austere expression.

This was a terrible sign.

He gestured to Romaine to help him move towards the group, before raising his voice and asked: “Do you all really think you are safe now?”

His voice was not loud, but everyone present had their voices silenced, and the forest became quiet enough to the point where one can hear a pin drop.

Sophie’s authority was still in their minds. The young militia had not forgotten who directed them to victory.

The earlier warning he had given had turned to reality.

They suddenly became self-aware and realized it was certainly not the time to celebrate. Their lives were practically controlled by Madara’s undead troops, and yet they had the time to make merry. They felt a surreal feeling creeping over them as they realized this fact.

Thus everyone stopped and cast their gazes on him. Sophie was currently very weak, but there seemed to be an air about him that would lead them to victory.

Everyone believed that.

Even Freya sighed quietly. This was supposed to be her responsibility, but she and her subordinates were not able to control their emotions. She had forgotten that she was even the leader and the responsibilities that came along with it.

The ponytail girl showed pangs of regret when she became aware of that.

“Bandage your wounds, clean up the battlefield, and remember what you have learned in your training. Do you really need me to remind you?” Sophie also sighed. These headless chickens were more of a newbie than a newbie could ever be. It was fortunate that their stats were better than a normal NPC.

He rubbed his forehead.

The young soldiers of Bucce started to move. They stanched the wounded soldiers’ bleeding, swept up the battlefield, and took the swords and armor from the skeleton soldiers. Their chain armors were much better than their leather armor in protection.

Another person extinguished the campfire under Sophie’s instruction. Sophie wanted to knock his head against a tree when he gave the order. They actually lit a fire in the enemy’s rear position.

Freya originally wanted to see what she could help with as Brendel was not familiar with them after all. But she soon realized that it was completely unnecessary, and no matter what he did, he had done things far better than what she had considered doing.

She could not help but fidget with her hair, her mind was full of questions; They were both militias, but was there so much of a difference between Bruglas and Bucce?

[How could this be?]

Freya had always thought the people that came from the city could not be any better than they were, she started to feel dejected in front of the youth called Brendel.

On the other hand, Romaine did not care about her situation too much and happily went along with the others to gather the loot. It looked like the future merchant girl was only interested in selling them.

Sophie glanced at the cheeky kid whose name was little Fenris when he went over to the unconscious Jonathon.

“What about Jonathon?” Fenix asked everyone.

This question made everyone look at each other. A strange silence spread everywhere.

Indeed, he was one of the youths in the village, and could even be seen as having a close relationship with all of them. Jonathon was the timidest amongst them, but they still did not expect he would do something like this.

Even though he had no choice, his action was equivalent to a betrayal and it hurt them. It was as if their innocent friendship had cracked, and showed how distrust between humans came about.



Freya also had no idea to repair the relationship between them. She was also deeply hurt. Even if she wanted to speak up for him and protect everyone in the militia, she had no confidence to persuade the others.

And if she spoke, she might force them into a decision and there would be no chance for them to remain as friends.

Everyone in the militia held the same viewpoint. They were just naive teenagers, and they were straightforward and weak at the same time. They cast their eyes on the only outsider here as they hesitated.

And Sophie sighed.

“Miss Freya?” He asked her.

“I, I don’t know……”

“Then bandage him. We don’t know if we are even capable of stopping the bleeding, perhaps he will die before tomorrow’s sunrise.” Sophie sighed again.

Everyone exhaled with relief at the same time. It was Sophie’s order and they just needed to follow it. It was an excuse to run away but even humans needed to escape from time to time.

On the other side, Sophie beckoned to Freya to come over. She looked puzzledly at him but came over.

“You know how to perform first aid, Miss Freya?” Sophie asked.

“Just call me Freya,” She nodded: “I learned a little, from Captain Marden.”

[Captain Marden?! The heck, that old dude also teaches first aid here!?] Sophie nearly choked.

In the game, the first NPC that taught emergency first aid in the Grinoires region was a Doctor Borg from Fortress Riedon. That NPC would give a mission to collect fifty bundles of flaxseed before teaching the skill, and the majority of the gamers considered it to be a major pain in the neck; to the point where they immediately skipped the quest and went to Bruglas to learn it instead, where they simply needed to pay ten silver coins to the Holy Cathedral of Fire there.

Even though the market price of 50 bundles of Flaxseed was a small difference compared to the ten silver coins, it was much more troublesome to acquire them.

[This is an undiscovered secret!]

Sophie got all excited at learning something new, but suddenly realized he could not go back to his old world.

His excitement quickly died down but still asked her with enthusiasm: “Can you teach me a little?”

Freya took a deep breath, gritted her teeth and glared angrily at him. The bastard had just told her she was unskilled at bandaging earlier.

But she was not a petty person to get her revenge back, so she thought for a while before asking: “What do you want to know……”

“The important things to take note of and the way how to wrap them.”

Freya did not reply immediately and went over to his side to check on the girl who fainted near Romaine. The latter had abandoned her with a face of excitement when she went to gather the loot.

The girl did not seem to have sustained any other injuries and only fainted.

Freya turned back to look at the pale youth and hesitated for a while.

“Let me take a look at your injury.”

“That’s fine, I know my injury well enough.”


“Enough, what exactly did you learn from Marden?” Sophie changed the topic.

“…… Mainly on how to wash the wound, to stop the bleeding and bandage it.”

Sophie’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. It was something from within his soul, not a voice or words, but he clearly received a message:

‘Freya is teaching you the skill ‘Emergency first aid’ and requires 8 AP to learn it. Do you wish to learn the skill?’

He exhaled slowly.

[Holy s— I want this! And it even appears just like the same format as the game, of course I want to learn this!]

The Emergency First-Aid skill had the ability to stop bleeding and prevent the infection of wounds. It was a skill that ignored the surroundings and raised the chances to succeed compared to a random bandaging and was something that he urgently needed. Only the army priests from the Holy Cathedral of Fire were able to perform this skill and it was virtually unheard of for a militia to know about it.

He accepted to learn it and a message immediately came back:

“There is no suitable profession found for learning emergency first aid, which profession do you wish to assign the skill to?”

Sophie placed the skill under the Civilian Soldier profession. Unsuitable professions would take twice as much AP to raise a level. However, the Commoner’s profession was stuck at level 1 and skills cannot be leveled higher than a profession’s level.

Freya taught the skill in detail to him, but she quickly realized he was staring at her blankly without any reaction.

She blinked once before fury burst up from her heart.

[You’re trying to find an excuse to take advantage of me you bastard!]

The young girl’s hands curled into fists and she became so angry that even her ponytail trembled.

[How could you do something like this to Romaine, she had her heart practically given to you!]

She tried her best to curb her anger and waved her hands in front of Sophie but there was no reaction. If she did not consider him to be an injured person she would have sent a flying kick over. But right at this moment, Sophie’s eyes blinked as he regained his senses.



He checked his skill set again and was satisfied from learning the skill. At least he would have the confidence to navigate through the future battles.

It was an important requirement to have the ability to heal the team members. He was one who planned ahead and thus abandoned the idea of learning sword skills or combat abilities. But when he came back to his senses he saw Freya’s displeased expression.

“What’s wrong?” He looked puzzledly at her.

“Were you listening?” The girl asked through her gritted teeth.

“Of course, and I already learned it already.” Sophie answered naturally.

“You-” Freya nearly fainted from the lack of breath. “I have not even finished teaching, and you already learned it?” She glared at him with a severe lack of trust.

“Of course.”

Freya wanted to punch him in the eye. When she wanted to argue back at him, someone shouted from the sides.

“Captain Freya. We can’t stop Jonathon’s bleeding, could you come over quickly and take a look?”

Freya was about to set off but Sophie said: “This is a good time, how about letting me do it?”


Freya’s face was of great distrust.

“Help me over.”

“D, don’t overdo things.”



“Then I’ll ask Miss Romaine to help me over?”

“In your dreams, I’ll never let her near you ever again, you shameless lout!” Freya snapped in refusal but still helped him up.

“Shameless lout?” Sophie paused blankly, not understanding why he got yelled at.

“You know what you did.”