The Amber Sword Volume 1 chapter 1

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Volume 1 – War of the black rose

TL warning (updated 07/05/2017): This series will contain profanities.

Also if you’re a new reader, take note that the protagonist is named “Su Fei”, and the English equivalent is Sophie. There has been indications of the in-text characters stating the protagonist’s taken name to sound like “a female’s name” later on. I had originally planned to reveal the Chinese name only when the protagonist revealed it himself, but there has been more than a few complaints about having the protagonist having a girl’s name, so I’ll put it here in advance to warn you.

In a recent poll as of the update, 35% of the Yay(change the damned name) did not beat the 45% Nay, while the remainder said I don’t know, in regards to changing the protagonist’s localized name of Su Fei. Given that the protagonist takes on a masculine name quickly, I have decided to leave it as it is.



Just a warning.

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Ch 1 – The person in the dream

“Warning: Severe hemorrhaging, Imminent death.”
“Warning: Heart function is deteriorating, Imminent death.”

When Sophie woke up, his mind was still reverberating with the loud warning sounds after that dire battle. It was a piercing sound that cut across his mind over and over like a dull knife, causing him to have a splitting headache.

He remembered he was supposed to be in a game with his friends from ‘The Godly Force’ defending the Orrgesh mountainous region against Madara’s undead army. The ashen skies were howling with freezing winds, and countless Shadow Creatures streamed down from the dagger-like mountain peaks. The enemy forces were without end in sight like black tidal waves pouring in, comprising of thousands of skeletons with necromancers hidden amongst them, while bone dragons and blood-curling wraiths circled in the sky.

Surrounded on all fronts, they were definitely doomed in that battle.

[This bunch of bastards from ‘The Flaming Thorns’. Putting your shitty incompetence aside, you fucking idiots actually managed to drag our allies down by allowing the enemies to surround them.]

His first reaction was to curse in his mind.

He then finally had the heart to check his status by the Game System. It was a delightful surprise to find that he did not die, as Madara’s army tended not to leave anyone alive. But he immediately creased his forehead. His injuries were a little too ridiculous. Not only did his heart was dealt a fatal blow, he even had carrion poisoning.

[Wait, carrion poisoning? Did I not complete the mission to gain the ‘Pristine Physique’? Why would a body with the ‘Silver Bloodline’ get affected by this low grade dark status? A Bug? What the heck are you doing, devs?]

He did not have too much time to question this thought, the youth coughed weakly and lifted himself up from the dirty floor matted with dust. He thought that it was a small matter to be afflicted from the Weakened status, and it was enough to find a priest to get rid of it. The urgent thing was to stop the bleeding before he died.

Even though he was not an elite pro-gamer, he was certainly an experienced veteran and he understood the situation quickly just by checking him own body with a glance, even without relying on the Game System.

Sophie groaned once, and pulled off the skeleton which only had half of its body left. It had been pinning him down, even though these low level soldiers had about the same presence as thin air to him.

[Come to think of it, this is already the forty-fourth year into the second Era, and Madara is still conjuring up these low leveled grunts? What use do these skeletons have other than to waste Soul Energy? Just as expected of the undead wizards’ brains from Ogador, their minds are affected by the negative energy and have been rotted away. None of them know what the word change is.]

He even had the mood to complain, but he realized in an instant he actually had trouble pushing the skeleton away. Just as expected, the punishment from having a Weakened status was nothing to sneeze at; he was able to easily push away a bone dragon with his bare hands during normal times.

Sophie cast his mind back to when he nearly died with such an affliction.

[When was it? Around a few months ago. ‘The Godly Force’ guild’s battle prowess is nothing to laugh at. If it was not for the useless bunch of gamers from ‘The Flaming Thorns’, I would have probably continued to keep my undying record. ]

Once he thought about this point, the youth could not help but feel waves of depression. The Holy Church Alliance’s epic failure would certainly bring up a lively discussion on the forums. He groped around for his bag but he could not find it at all.



“This bunch of Madara thieves!”

He could certainly curse at them all he wanted to, but he still needed to find a way to stop the bleeding. At this time a healing potion would be the best, and if that was not possible a bandage would also suffice.

[There shouldn’t be any problems finding something like that in the battlefield. Why is this place so dark……?]

Normally the bags from grunts doing the thankless tanking were left alone. The stuff inside them are mostly healing pots and bandages, especially bandages. He even saw a noob carrying a bag full of bandages, and he laughed as he recalled that sight.

[What a joke, do you really think if you carried bandages you’re going to be saved from death?]

He subconsciously prepared to climb up, but he was stunned when he turned his body around towards the dim light in the area.

[Wait, is this the Orrgesh mountain region?]

He should have seen the scenery of dystopia before his eyes; White naked spikes that should have jutted out from the steep slopes, littered with corpses and vultures flying all over the battlefield, the broken Grays flag with a bright cross fluttering on the hilltop.

But this was not what he saw.

There was no ear-piercing northern wind blowing through the Orrgesh region, no wraiths flying across the silent shadows, not even the dry, bone-chilling air.

It was like a hallucination when he still believed he was in Orrgesh, and when it vanished, he came to realize he was sprawling on the floors of a quiet and broken old house. The smooth wooden planks were nailed in onto the ground, and there was an eye-catching pool of dark red liquid……

He could not help but paused there before touching his chest subconsciously. A series of penetrating pain interrupted his actions and he yelled loudly with his teeth bared. This blood was from him, this injury was also on him…..

[Where am I? What is this pain! Is the VR machine spoiled?]

He felt the house was slightly familiar to him. On the first floor was the living room and kitchen, and on the second was the corridor leading to the various bedrooms. The cellar was in the basement.

Yes, this was the building design in the Aouine’s southern region, and even though this house was a little old, it was not something a commoner can afford to live in. One could guess that the former owner of this house had some form of status.



Aouine’s southern region. Sophie went into a trance as he tried recalling memories that were buried long ago. Gesund’s mountains and the melodious flutes from Bucce’s bordering towns were like a distant dream.

[But the lands have already been taken over by Madara…]

In his memory, the Aouine kingdom had long perished, indeed, it was during the third Black rose war.

“Why am I back in this place!”


“Bucce……. Bucce……” Sophie repeated this name.

[What are these… new memories……]

He remembered.

‘His’ name was Brendel and born in Bruglas. His blood was half Kadireig which came from his mother, but he was not considered a noble even though he had his mother’s noble blood. That was because his father was a commoner. Even though his grandfather participated in the November War and received the Candlelight Emblem, ultimately it was just a household with a single knight which had lost its luster.

[No! What the hell are all these crazy settings? I’m not Brendel!]

Sophie’s heart raised a series of alarms but a voice subconsciously came out and immediately sobered him.

“I am Sophie, and am also Brendel.”

A cold dread immediately washed over Sophie’s spine. He held his breath as he found there was a little something extra in his memories. Brendel’s memories were poured into his mind like a torrent; a stranger had intruded his very self by force without his permission.

Sophie’s breaths were rapid gasps and his pupils widened in shock. He quickly remembered that hopeless sword swinging from that frightening skeleton. He tried to shrug off that scene, but as his memories piled up he got mentally exhausted instead. His mind throbbed painfully and his forehead was full of perspiration.

“Hah.” He suddenly recalled the event of the big battle in Orrgesh. The Grays Church knights fought a fierce battle against Madara who surrounded them and pushed them to the brink of despair. He remembered that ‘his character’ was killed by a necromancer.

After that green light swept over him, the world turned to darkness…..

That was how the game was supposed to be set up. The death would persist for twelve hours.

[Can someone explain to me why a normal death in the game lead me to here?]

[…… To this world?]

His mind was a scattering mess. If there was a word to describe his current train of thought, it would be ‘ridiculous’.


He understood what happened to him. He got teleported to another world!

His soul crossed over to his world onto a dead person called Brendel!

No, more accurately it should be combined into one…

Sophie grabbed onto the floor planks tightly. His fingers’ joints were a little numb. He looked at his own arms. They were a little long and there was signs of malaise from his pale skin. Even though he was prepared for it, he could not resist a jump in his heart. His skin should be a healthy beige color descended from the Mongolians and not something so pale!

His heart raced as he became flabbergasted. Even though he had the entire nineteen years of the former owner’s memories, it could be said he did not know anything about what he was experiencing right now.



He felt what the youth Brendel had in his life.

His aspirations, his desires, what he loved as well as what he hated.

It was like he had just been reborn and lived nineteen years. His everything was like Sophie’s everything, as if it they were one and the same. These two very long dreams that merged with each other made him felt lost.

“I am Sophie.”

“But I am also Brendel.”

A sense of sluggish exhaustion gushed out from Sophie’s innermost heart, and covered his entire body in an instant. In the end, he gave a long sigh and calmed down after a respite.

[Forget it, I should just let it slide since there’s no way I can change things.]

Sophie could not resist shaking his head, and looked at his arm:

“He had the nerve to claim he was number one in swordsmanship with such meager abilities,…..” He could not help but mock himself when he thought of Brendel. Unexpectedly he felt a scintilla of relief.

Sophie became dazed as he remembered a certain event.

This was the ‘Year of the Bustling Summer Leaves and Flowers’, and also known the opening year of the First Black Rose War. In this war Aouine’s borders were completely decimated, but that was also the era where a new renaissance happened.

His first choice was the Aouine kingdom when he first played this game. He was a complete newbie who grew in such a war and experienced the devastation firsthand.

The curtains of the game were raised thanks to the start of this war and accompanied by Aouine’s one-sided defeat. The situation was only reversed only when the Bruglas army arrived to defend the borders. Sophie’s memory of that dire battle was deeply engraved. He had followed the defensive forces into battle and the survivors were less than one out of ten.

He was mostly an average man in his past life, and Brendel was no better.

Brendel’s skills with the swords were literally pointless. The sudden assault from Madara was something out from a classical textbook. Swift, merciless and silent, and when this ancient kingdom reacted from it, the entire army within this region experienced a cataclysm. He must have encountered the Madara’s scouts on this very day.

Sophie suddenly felt an alarming chill climbing his spine again.

He immediately understood that he needed to save himself by finding something to stop the bleeding. The youth struggled towards the empty side corridor. As he examined the design of this house, it resonated with his imagination. He was well acquainted with the building design precisely because he had the most unforgettable time spent here. He shook his head to get rid of this nostalgia.

[Now is not the time to think about this! I need to stop the bleeding right now!]