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The Amber Sword

A VR RPG gamer gets teleported to a parallel world and sets out to save the kingdom that is doomed to tragedy.

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The Strategy to Become Good at Magic

Sue Lin the protagonist gets teleported to a parallel online gaming world she’s playing in, reverting back to 4 years old. Watch her cause mayhem in that world!

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The latest game is too amazing

A loner kid plays the VR RPG Another World, but was actually teleported to a parallel world without him realizing.

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About me

I was addicted to Fate/Stay Night’s story many years ago, and I have been reading ever since. I’m translating a few webnovels into English so you can enjoy it as well.

I also like drawing and I graduated under a number of teachers in end 2016. I’m looking forward to improve both my art and translation, and I hope you guys enjoy my works.


Currently closed ATM.