The Strategy to Become Good at Magic chapter 109

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Chapter 109 – The ‘stronkest’ adventurer in history

“I’ll be frank with you!” The dance teacher recomposed herself with determination the next day, bringing along the queen’s instructions and faced off with the bizarre genius Sue: “Indeed, you learn very quickly, but just based on the age alone you have already lost to Miya by a large degree. The royal family is willing to give you a chance to obtain the eight thousand coins as long as you are capable of learning the Blessing of Light and perform the true harvest dance, instead of your current form that’s lacking substance. By that time when you do learn it, even if Miya dances any better she would not be your match…..”

“Is it hard?!” Sue directly asked the important question.

“…… Actually, it’s not that hard.” the dance teacher withstood Sue’s despising look and wiped away her cold perspiration, and she gritted her teeth after holding out for a long time with difficulty: “Very well, it’s a little hard, but the queen says that there will be hope if you work hard.”

“……” Work hard? Work hard to do what?! Was it to let her work hard and learn the Blessing of Light, or was the queen working hard to chase her away from Fedrus?!

Sue rubbed her face that was full of exasperation: “Very well, who’s going to teach me that true dance?!”

“You have to research this yourself.” The dance teacher handed over a small book: “The Blessing of Light is part of the Light magic system. It’s a magic spell purely made to bless the harvest…… There are quite a few people in the academy who know how to cast this magic, but very few harvest dancers are capable of casting it.”

A technique book?! That would be easy.

Sue was delighted upon the first look after taking the book. Aye, it was Life Magic, and it meant that it was far easier to grind out the skill compared to a Combat Technique.

But after looking at the conditions, her tears fell freely…… *#$@! Who was the bloody fool who wrote this technique?! One had to be level 60 to learn it!

Sue finally understood why it was not a dancer who learned this magic spell. A required of level 60, and based on the qualifications of this world, a level 60 caster was already at the level of a grandmaster wizard okay!!!

A graduate of the Academy of Light only needed to attain an Advanced Certificate, and it was still a long way away from a Grandmaster Wizard. Based on the young girls who danced in the past, it was likely more than half of them were not even at the point of graduation. The people who could reach level 60 were really few even when they get to that graduating age. But even if these geniuses who learned the spell quickly enough, where would they find time to practice a dance?!

There were definitely pretty girls who were capable of dancing and casting magic, but the thing was that they would no longer be young when they reach that level, and most of them would be mothers with children…… These girls who had been ‘unsealed’ were no longer qualified to dance in the harvest festival…… (TL: Try adding 2 particular letters to the word flower if you don’t get the meaning here.)

Sue was conflicted as she flipped the book and realized that she was indeed not at level 60. She was also unclear how many levels she was still lacking.

There were no Stats Windows in this situation, and if she was still in the Lost Forest, she could still level up by finding monsters. There was no chance for her to grind XP after she left that place. Sue only knew that she was roughly on the way to level sixty, but it was hard to say how many hurdles she had to cross…… Did she really had to lock herself up in a cave and attack monsters for several days?!

Sue was lost in her own world. The dance teacher stretched out her hand and waved it to summon the girl’s soul back: “Child, are you alright?!”

“If you say I have a problem then I have a problem, if you say I don’t have a problem then I don’t have a problem……” Sue was conflicted inside.

The dance teacher’s lips convulsed once, and she was also conflicted: “Then do you have a problem or not?!”

“Erm……” Sue scratched her head: “How about you make a guess?!”

The $@#&!

The dance teacher had completed her mission and she could not be bothered to continue wasting time with a child who had poor communication skills. She bowed a little and bid farewell:

“I will be staying in the Academy of Light during this period. If there’s anything you need you can use the magic mirror to contact me…… I wish you happiness.”

[I’m not happy at all…….]

Sue saw off the dance teacher with tears in her eyes, and once the latter left, she immediately packed her things and darted out of the classroom with a howling sound. She was off to apply for leave……

It was necessary to apply for leave and no matter what hole she sealed herself in, she had to inform the school in advance. The price of playing truant in this school was not inviting her parents or detention, but it was to deduct real points from her exams…… Bananas! If she missed five classes, there was no need to think about passing the exams any longer even if she scored full marks.

If she got her break, she still had to think of the fastest way to grind XP. Was the Demon race any good to rely on?! Usually, these people were going against nature in those novels, like having seducing X and getting XXX fluids from people, absorbing their XP to raise their levels……


She was thinking about the wrong genre…… Her tears were running down freely.

Maybe she should discuss with Ash, it did seem like his wolves could make a formation and she mow them down to grind XP?! It seemed like those wolves were high XP……

She was clearly going crazy……

With the royal court’s permission as proof and the guarantee from her past results, Sue was very successful in getting the permission to take a break.

[Now to login and save my progress.]

Sue got the teachers to sign off and confirm the permission slip…… When all these troublesome things were done, she was already out of the Academy of Light by the time Fedrus got to know this piece of news.

Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending……

(TL: Original CN line 风萧萧兮易水寒。佳人一去兮不复还 is a poem about how the wind is blowing and the water is cold because of it, and the person in question would not return until his mission is done, except that the pun here changes the man into a beauty. It was originally about an assassin going off to kill the emperor of the Qin dynasty.

I have no idea how to TL this without a long context, so have another random poem.)

“Uncle, sobbbbb I have been thrown away……” Little Fedrus took out the magic mirror with great sorrow and complained to Slane.

“Urgh……” Slane deeply experienced the outcome of spoiling a child for the first time: “My adorable little Fedrus, your situation cannot be called as being thrown away, Sue is only leaving for a short period of time…… Trust me, she will be back very soon.”

“But there’s no need to leave school to learn dancing and study magic right?” Fedrus could hardly suppress his sadness: “Uncle, she applied for a full week of leave.”

“About this…… Perhaps she thinks that learning outside would help her focus more?!”

“Why?! Is it because I would trouble her if I’m next to her?!” Fedrus asked in tears as his eyes turned into a rabbit’s. (TL: The saying goes where rabbit eyes are red.)

Slane was temporarily silenced, not knowing how to answer such a difficult question. Yes?! Then that child in the mirror would probably cry to let him see it. No?! Then was he not shooting himself in the foot and overturn his previous reasoning?!

After holding it in once and again, Slane sighed and directly asked: “Very well, my precious one, what exactly do you want?!”

Come! Mete out your conditions! As long as it was not about murder, arson, or stealing girls to gift to a prince, I would do anything! There was no choice since he was an unlucky uncle…..

“I don’t know what to do as well, I’m just sad……” Fedrus was lamenting.

“……” Slane’s eyes were filled with tears as well. Yup, he was also very sad.

Sue was very excited upon gaining freedom. Even though the students were allowed to rest every week, this lawfully applied leave had a completely different feeling from the usual break.

The fact where the others had to stay in the academy, while she was able to run outside as an exception; this feeling was so good. The comparison of happiness was that she had something when others did not……

That was happiness.

It was why so many students liked to skip classes. It was even said that a student’s life was not complete without skipping class once. The key point was about the idea of ‘skipping’, and not doing whatever after skipping class…… Even if she wanted to stare at paint drying in the streets for the entire afternoon, who could stop her!

Lawrence’s first reaction was to go berserk when he saw Sue reappearing on a non-break day. He was only relieved when he saw the official note of excuse, and he immediately heard her say:

“Hi~ Let’s go to the borders to clear the monsters in the Lost Abyss this week~”

Lawrence finally collapsed completely.

The Lost Abyss was a terrifying location that everyone in the continent knew. It was not pointing to some random deep hole, and it actually meant the location where monsters were born or creatures turning into one.

Just like how a mountain spring existed somewhere, there would be a poisonous marsh in nature. This world did not have peaceful lands everywhere, and there would be at least a few sectors where humans did not explore successfully or got used to. There were definitely a few areas where anyone would show an ugly expression of distaste at the same time if someone mentioned it.

As an example, while the capital had clean and tidy places where the nobles lived, there were also dirty and shady places where the poor lived, even if nobody wanted to look at it. It was an existence that could not be avoided.

The Lost Abyss was an existence similar to these slums in the cities. No one cared whether someone was doing some biochemical experiments or activating a nuclear bomb there, but these slums were not fit for living.

The Lost Abyss perhaps had some chaotic Mana Elements, or there might be some magnetic fields affecting it, in any case, the creatures with weak mental stats would gradually become violent and turn into monsters, even becoming something that thirst for blood…….

The various races in the continent classified these monsters as Abyss Demons, which meant that they had lost their reasoning.

The Demon race expressed their dissatisfaction over this name, thinking that this was a discrimination against the Demon race, and was unwilling to let these ridiculous creatures to take up their race name.

Unfortunately, the name had taken root into people’s hearts, and very quickly it spread like wildfire. When the Demon race tried to rectify this situation, the name had been fixed and thus they had no choice but to give up……

Putting aside these small bickerings, the wars between the various races had stopped for a long time. No one could keep on fighting forever. In addition, there were too many races, and it was hard to control the entire world, thus more people were in favor of having friendly relations and peaceful development.

Of course, armies were still needed. It was like how you had a great relationship with your neighbors, but no matter how good your relationship was, you would still lock your doors at night when you went to sleep, right?!

So the usual day for these armies from the various races was to defend the borders. The other task was to clear the Abyss Demons that were likely to leave the Lost Abyss, as well as clearing up those that had already left the Lost Abyss……

These monsters’ XP was high, and there were military points to be redeemed, and the best thing about it was the fact where no other gamers that swarmed like locusts were vying monsters from her…… When did she ever enjoy such a treatment? This was even better than playing a single player game, Sue was so delighted that she nearly drooled…… and cried tears…….

“Sue, have you thought carefully?! These Abyss Demons have no reason to them. They are beasts that fight with only instinct left in them.” Lawrence wanted to cry. Even though he was willing to challenge the limits, it was under the premise where he did not seek death on purpose: “Plus the permission slip that you have stated that you are going outdoors to study magic……”

[Do you mean to think that you will break your chakra points under the extreme situation of life and death, girl?!]

Lawrence who had listened to the myriad novels about Wuxia from Sue was suddenly distracted by this thought, and he started to suspect that Sue was losing her marbles from all those unrealistic stories and came up with such a crazy notion.

At the very least, he would never want to have a chance to explore in any of the Lost Abyss places.

If the Lost Forest’s monsters were frightening because they were strong, then those monsters in the Lost Abyss were frightening because they were insane……

Because even if the Abyss Demons were not powerful, they would still hunt their prey with their lives. Even if they break their claws or fangs, or even have just had a head left, they would still attempt to bite their prey without letting go……

These monsters were not hunting just because they were merely searching for food, they simply killed because they wanted to kill.

“I already thought about it carefully.” Sue was determined as she clenched her claws: “Pursue wealth in the midst of danger!”

For the eight thousand gold coins, she could consider doing it even if it meant betraying Lawrence once, and furthermore, she had prepared enough potions and bandages, as well as upgrading some of her more useful healing techniques.

As long as Lawrence and she were not killed instantly, she was certain there was no problem in keeping them alive, and if there was really no choice, then she could summon her white tiger and fly away……

Sue had considered all aspects and felt like she did not miss out anything. Even though the legendary Abyss Demons sounded scary, it was nothing more than a high-level dungeon in her eyes….. The monsters without intelligence were good monsters, as it was easier to gather them up compared to those monsters with intellect.

Lawrence saw that Sue’s mind was made up, and there was no use in persuading her. He could only beg with tears in his eyes: “Then can I say goodbye to my father and the others?!” It was possible that he could not see the sun the next day. After all, this event was just too dangerous.

“A man leaving the house for just a week, is it necessary for you to drag your feet……” Sue put her hands on her waist irritably: “Get going, finish your goodbyes quickly and we can leave faster. Do you want me to send you there?!”

“…… That’s not necessary.”

In order to deal with it quickly, and most importantly avoid crying like a river when he saw them, Lawrence chose to contact them with the Magic Mirror in the end. He placed the various Magic Mirrors on the wall, and he spoke to everyone at the same time:

“I’m going out, it’s do something with Sue, I probably need a week before I can come back…….”

[If I don’t return in a week, then there I won’t be coming back for the rest of my life.]

Lawrence sighed inwardly in sadness. He really did not know if he should tell the place he was going was the Lost Abyss….. Perhaps he should forget it, it was pointless to let others worry about him.

The various mirrors twinkled. The former leader of his gang who was the son of the guild leader spoke happily: “Oh what a coincidence, this week’s The Pink Night is out of stock, but I heard there are still copies out there, help me buy one back.”

Assistant’s son: “I’m currently being punished in training and I’m unable to answer right now.”

Vice-assistant’s son: “I’m currently being punished to write lines and I’m unable to answer right now.”

Dad: “I’m currently busy with guests, let’s talk again when you’re back.”

Guild leader: “Remember to learn from Sue, it’s a good chance to learn some practical skills, but your trip’s expenses cannot be charged to our public records……”

Nobody was worried about him…….

Lawrence watched the row of mirrors dimmed on the wall, and he felt like he had been abandoned by the whole world, and his heart was ripped into fillings for meat dumplings……. Did this group of people really feel it was safe to travel with Sue?!

With the access pass that could access the whole kingdom from the queen, Sue did not have any problems moving about in the entire kingdom. As long as she did not enter some secret location, she theoretically would not have any issues.

The Magic Guild Association’s personnel checked and confirmed the access pass to be genuine when Sue went to borrow the use of the Teleportation Portal.

They expressed shock at the idea of a youth and a young kid going to the borders. The monsters at the borders were rampant, and the guards that were always stationed there were all elites. No matter how the personnel looked at them, these two looked like they were there to be appetizers for the Abyss Demons, making them wonder why the latter wanted to go there.

The head of the Magic Guild Association wondered about the legality of the access pass, and to take responsibility for a future flower of the kingdom, he quickly contacted the royal court and reached the queen. The queen also expressed surprise at Sue’s destination, but after frowning and pondering for ten minutes, she finally nodded and expressed her support.

“If she wants to go then let her do so! Don’t worry, this child is far more frightening than you can imagine……” Was it frustration or a relieved expression, one could not say, and the queen replied with complicated feelings.

Thus, Sue and Lawrence got the permission to use the Teleportation Portal, and transferred to the borders and moved towards the Lost Abyss……

Everyone knew how terrifying the Lost Abyss was. Other than the well-trained army, the typical squad of adventurers would rather take the long route than go near these places. These monsters had no notion of the powerful hoarding territory, and they were all bosses that wandered around without any principles. If these adventurers were not careful and entered too deeply, then they might alert a bunch of monsters that mowed them down. The monsters were numerous and these adventurers might not even know how they died.

Sue looked at the border army killing the Abyss Demons as though she was looking at the past NPCs in the game. The game would progress in a similar fashion with major activities. If the players were too weak, the system’s armies would move out with full force and arrange a formation to suppress the monsters and charge forward without fear…… Yup, to put it directly there was no technique involved at all.

Just as Sue arrived at the battlefield, she saw an army fighting a wave of monsters to death. What kind of fighting that would be unto death?! It was a soldier stabbing a weapon through a monster, while letting it clawing him, and they were like friends who injured each other like an agreed arrangement without anyone gaining a disadvantage…… Naturally, the army still had an advantage. They were more experienced and had just a little more intelligence than the monsters. They knew how to bring a group of priests and keep them protected in the absolute center of their formation, allowing them to heal the injured or apply buffs……

Sue rode on the white tiger and found a place on the high ground, whipping out a few dishes to treat Lawrence who was staring at the epic scene with shocked eyes:

“Come, come, have something to eat first, we can go help them later.”

“Err……” Lawrence looked back and saw Sue still had free time to enjoy her food and drinks, and he could not help but roar out hurriedly: “Are we going to just watch this from the sidelines?!”

Even though he did not want to come here, when he reached their destination and saw this scene…… Any typical hot-blooded man might be a little agitated. So the currently hot-blooded Lawrence naturally could not stand Sue’s choice to do nothing and simply watch.

“Kill stealing is an immoral thing, be careful that the others will curse you!” Sue criticized Lawrence strictly.

“Kill stealing?!”

“It means that when others are grinding monsters or killing bosses, and you try to stick your nose in, these people might misunderstand and think you’re stealing their XP or loot drops.”

“……” What sort of nonsense was she talking about?! Lawrence rolled his eyes and resisted the urge to do something rash: “I don’t understand what you’re talking about, but any hot-blooded citizen should take the initiative to help if the kingdom needs help. This is the bottom line for a human being…..”

“What sort of qualifications do you have to help out?! Do you believe that if you dare to charge into that battlefield, those monsters will be daring enough to cut you into ribbons?!” Sue also rolled her eyes and looked down on him: “Fine, even if you don’t get killed by those monsters, and you successfully meet up with that army…… Do you believe that you will get killed by them or be taken prisoner if you dare to approach them within ten meters?!”

What a joke. Having passion was a good thing, but if two living people mysteriously appeared on the battlefield, any disciplined army would definitely be suspicious of them.

Sue wanted to let Lawrence know where they were exactly before trying to help out…… This was the borders!

Two unknown characters appearing at the borders, especially when the army were fighting a real battle, the latter would not bother listening to your explanations or identities.

These soldiers certainly did not have any mood to see people appear as though they had a golden aura on their bodies.

A magic missile would even be polite as a warning, heck, one would know the meaning of excitement when everyone unleashed their projectiles on them.

Did Lawrence really think it was a novel? Once the protagonist appeared, he would be elevated to a hero, and everyone who saw him would throw flower petals and kisses?!

Just dream on.

Sue refused to go down, and Lawrence could only stomp his foot at where he was. Fortunately, the commanding officer discovered their presence and sent over someone to inquire about their identities.

“This is the borders of the Tobias Kingdom, controlling the Lost Abyss in this area— The Ackley Basin! …… Which kingdom do you two belong to? Please show your papers or proof to prove your identities and leave this area quickly, or you would be treated as spies!”

Lawrence immediately suffered a blow from this brusque questioning, his heart immediately turned cold, and all that hot blood in him turning into fragments of ice: “W-we……” How did it end up like this, how did it end up like this?! He was a good person……

Lawrence wanted to cry.

Sue gave a calm smile, took out the proof of her identity and the access pass from the queen, handing over her magic mirror as well and said:

“We are adventurers who are here to take part in subjugating the Abyss Demons. We will stay here for a week. This is the access pass given by the queen with her own hands, and this magic mirror connects directly to the palace. You are free to confirm with the queen as much as you want……”

“You?!” The scout was shocked, and he took a good look at Sue from head to toes, then at the stack of things in his hands, unable to recognize whether she was making a joke or fooling him…… Such a young child apparently could not have any abilities, but the papers and magic mirror were there, surely she would not lie to him when the lie could be revealed so easily right?!

After considering for a few seconds, he decided to bring this painful matter to his commanding officer. His pay was not high and this incident was not included in his job scope……. He nodded to the two of them while holding the documents and magic mirror: “I’ll pass these two items to my superior and ask him what he intends to make of these things…… Would the two of you follow me?!”

“Do you include food and lodgings?!” Sue hurriedly kept away the snacks that were not eaten and asked.

“…… Once the previous question is confirmed, the general will decide.” The scout had black lines on his head, feeling deeply that today’s mission was the most bizarre situation he had ever encountered in the army…….

When the commanding officer vanquished the last wave of rampaging monsters, he was also dizzy for a moment: “Did you say that you were sent by the queen to subjugate the Abyss Demons?!”

“If you don’t believe it you can ask the queen directly…… Or if you think that I did something to the mirror, then you are free to use your own magic mirror to contact the royal palace.” Sue shrugged: “If it was not for the queen’s permission, do you think we can use the Teleportation Portal from the capital and come to this area?! You can check the records at the local Teleportation Portal…… Freshly baked out of the oven.”

[Hmm, that does sound like logical reasoning……]

The general still found it hard to believe, and he quickly sent out men to check the Teleportation Portal’s records, while he contacted headquarters with his magic mirror, and the headquarters transferred the magic mirror’s request to the royal court, then to the queen….. After a large chain of troublesome contacts, the queen’s reply was finally transmitted back after ten minutes, with four words: “She is not lying!”

The general wanted to cry upon the confirmation of the news. Even though he was delighted that the queen was concerned about the Abyss Demons’ rampage in the borders, but what was the use of sending two people?! Especially when there was such a small child……

Your Highness! Did your royal head get slammed by the palace’s doors?!

At that moment, it was not just the general who felt depressed. Even the queen was feeling no less depressed than he was. Once the magic mirror’s contact was cut off, the queen was so sad that she nearly went back to her room to weep…… The Elven King’s socks! Her reputation, reputation!

That two stupid children were too audacious, especially that young girl, she dared to boldly claim that she was sent out to vanquish the Abyss Demons?!

How dare she!

The man at the borders and the woman in the palace were on the brink of going crazy, and only Sue was still as calm as before. She looked at the general who continued to be in a daze after confirming the facts, and she could not help but wave her hands to bring up the question again: “Bro, how goes the confirmation?! Yes or no, come on just give me a reply……”

If the queen refused to help out, she could only go on her mission secretly. It was not possible for her not to do so when all these XP points were already in front of her eyes and it was a waste to let them go.

“Queen?! Yes, the queen……” The general looked at Sue’s eyes like he was looking at an Ancient Magical Beast, swallowed once, and opened his lips with much difficulty: “The queen says, you are indeed sent by her……”

The Elven King’s underwear!

All the soldiers who were pretending to be busy but eavesdropping nearly went crazy at the same time…… Having a child to subjugate the Abyss Demons?!