The Strategy to Become Good at Magic chapter 108

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Chapter 108 – The ‘bestest’ dancer in history




“Dance, dance……”

After a long period of silence, and it was unclear if it was a trigger or someone who wanted to incite the crowd, people started murmuring and then one person led the crowd with these two words, followed by everyone echoing this line, and it was a tsunami of people encouraging Sue’s group to dance……

“What does this mean?!” Sue rubbed her chin with interest: “Miya’s fan club?! Mayo fanatics?!”

(TL: Raws were trying to make a food pun, localized into mayonnaise.)

“Fanclub? Mayo?!” The Demon general and Fedrus were curious.

“…… There’s no common slang usage with country bumpkins,” Sue choked a little and was gloomy, “What I mean these people seem to be worshippers of Miya?”

The little prince thought on it: “Perhaps. I do remember there are crowds who act as protectors for the popular nobles. These people would act foolishly when these nobles travel or perform.”

“Are they paid?!”

“No. They envy the nobles. Possessing beauty, status, and honor…… Anyone would dream of becoming such a radiant person. They would imagine about walking in the successful nobles’ shoes, receiving applause and cheering.”

The Demon general added as well after Fedrus finished explaining: “These people are capable of getting closer to the nobles. The more loyal these guardians are, the easier it is for them to enter the nobles’ eyes. Perhaps they are able to receive a little aid from the nobles’ families?”

One was the adoration of the fans, the other was talking about bootlicking and receiving something. They saw things differently because of their different positions. Sue finally understood after their summarized explanations: “In other words, it’s about celebrities and groupies.”

She thought there would not be any fan clubs when this world was lacking in the entertainment department. She did not think that it turned out that people adored the nobles.



Another two new terms, the two of them were already numbed to the fact that this poor-communication barrier was happening every once in a while.

“Nothing!” Sue shook her hand: “I mean to say that I feel relieved and happy. I didn’t think that Miya’s fan club was made up of criminals who had such an organized structure….. Do you think they know your identity?!”

“Unlikely. They probably wouldn’t dare to shout at us so arrogantly if they knew.” The Demon general’s smile was so brilliant that it could kill ladies: “You know, Fedrus and my ‘guardians’ have a much larger number, but we rarely perform or engage in competition.”


One was the highest ranked Demon living amongst the human race. It was akin to the CEO of some company traveling in a foreign country. The other was an important prince of the kingdom, a recognized successor by the ruling leaders…… A small noble could not compare to these two.

A so-called bestest low-profile person.

The three’s conversation was completely drowned out by the passionate shouts from the crowd, who could only see them talking to each other with their heads close to each other.

No one should expect that a person who was frequently in the news be recognized easily if they walked in the street. There were no visual mediums or magazines. People in this were well-known only because they frequently sought attention when they traveled.

Most of the time, the typical citizen would look at the royal family on some large gathering from afar.

Fedrus’s prevalence in the academy was at the level of ‘legendary’. Everyone knew there was such a person in the school. However, no one knew which chibi was the prince……

Miya raised her hand and quelled the audience’s voices. The group immediately stopped rioting as if they had been trained well. The young girl raised her chin with pride:

“Perhaps the three of you are looking down on us dancers?! Or is it…… you’re afraid of losing your dignity if you start dancing?!”

It was a damn taunt. This was a naked taunt……

The Demon general and the little prince were becoming hot-blooded because they were not careful, and they both looked at Sue with glittering eyes to find out what her response was.

“True, true, we’re looking down on you quite a bit,” Sue nodded without losing her composure under the crowd’s eyes.

If she did not throw mud at the others right now, then she would be flinging mud at herself. She thought it was silly to look down on herself.

“……” Miya’s face became scarlet and she nearly jumped: “What did you say?!”

Sue looked at her in condescension: “I’m a Count from the Demon race! My fees are expensive.”

“You……” Miya wanted to say something, but the frightened dance teacher came over quickly to placate everyone: “I’m sorry, this child is a little rash.”

The teacher thought that Sue was a fellow colleague, but she did not think that the latter’s background was so prominent. Miya’s grandfather and the crowd were like commoners instead. Even Miya’s dad had to pay respect to Sue if he saw her. Miya who had no rank or clout and a mere child from a noble family would end up in tragedy if she tried to fight Sue……

Evil had triumphed over justice. The black demon witch had successfully pushed down the innocent girl with her background and ended up leaving with a victory with her two sidekicks.



The crowd was stunned and at the same time rubbed away their cold perspiration. No one knew why there was an etiquette teacher from the Demon race, and that she even had an alarming status. This was like a level 90 expert player wielding legendary equipment to PK newbies, really, just the aura alone made it impossible for anyone to fight.

Everyone was distracted for the remainder of the dance practice. They were primarily analyzing the overall details of the trio’s sudden appearance. Even the young Miya was left with a merciless blow. Even though she was a noble as well, it was clear who was more important.

The adult male’s identity was dissected. Judging from his unique crystal clear purple eyes, the students had sufficient reason to believe he was also from the Demon race. One could expect that it was apparent for someone like him to be a bad person by coming into contact with that etiquette teacher, so even though he did not do anything that was overbearing, the crowd still put him as someone from the evil faction.

The last person was the mysterious chibi….. Even though some clear-minded people pointed out that he had human features, and opined that he was not in bed with these two people from the Demon race, the majority thought that he grew into a bad egg by mixing up with these two people from the Demon race at such a tender age……

Miya frowned as she pondered on things, and her classmates who had a good relationship with her hurriedly consoled her: “It’s fine Miya, we’re behind you.”

“No, I’m not worried about this,” Miya was puzzled, “I just find it strange, I feel like I have seen that little kid from somewhere.”

“Your relative’s children?!” Someone asked.


“Perhaps it’s some random noble’s child?!”

“…… Maybe.”

“Do you recall which noble it is?!”


The classmates smiled at Miya after hearing that answer: “Since it’s not someone with a strong impression, then he’s probably not someone important. You can’t expect to remember everyone in the school…… Relax Miya, he’s just a brat.”


At the same time on the other side, Sue was also congratulating the brat: “Now you can relax, right? I feel like your performance has completely offended her. Unless that girl is someone who hides her malicious intentions deeply, she wouldn’t choose you. And based on my observations, she doesn’t appear to be someone like that……”

Fedrus did not become dejected at all from being rejected. He patted his chest in relief: “I’m really lucky.”

The Demon general smiled. It was unclear whether he was unlucky or not. Judging from the situation, Fedrus was helping his older brother Tegwyn by giving him a supporting faction…… Well, it had nothing to do with him and it did not affect the Demon race regardless of who became the future king. It was not as if the humans could give away a city to his race……

The queen was furious when she came to know of this outcome. She was figuring out how to get his son helpers, and yet he went out and offended Miya to the utmost limits. Never mind competing for the throne from the same starting line, it would be good enough if Miya did not drag Fedrus down out of anger when she learned his true identity.

Thus, Sue was invited to the palace by the queen halfway through her classes. The reason was simple, she was invited to be a competing dancer……

“Me?! But I’m not even six years old.” Sue was shocked.

Her first reaction was to wonder if the queen got a cold from a misplaced blanket during her sleep. It was not as if she did not put her eyes on the prize money, but anyone with a pair of healthy eyes would not pick an undeveloped loli over so many beautiful girls, right?!

“Age isn’t a problem.” The queen waved her hand and spoke generously: “There has never been a restriction to the dancer’s age in regards to the kingdom’s festival. As long as it’s a young girl.”

“Perhaps you don’t understand what I mean. I feel like I’m not considered a teenage girl right?!”

“No, it’s you who don’t understand what I mean.” The queen blushed a little, coughed dryly and maintained her composure to emphasize: “What I mean is if you are a YOUNG GIRL! ….. Then it would be fine.”

Sue had to repeat the words in her head and ponder on it once before she understood: “Oh….. Mmhmm, a young girl!”

Just spit it out. Being a virgin was the criteria. Why did the queen have to be so subtle and caused her to nearly fail to understand?

The queen was already someone’s wife and her child was even talking about marriage, so why was she being bashful!

The queen was relieved that the chibi girl finally understood: “Of course, there are a few children harvest dancers competing, but the main reason why most of them are not competing is that they have not trained as long as the older girls did.”

This time it had something to do with age. After pausing slightly for a while to find the right words, the queen continued to persuade the little girl in a subtle manner: “In truth, I think you are very capable. If you train during this period and familiarize yourself with the harvest dance, it might be possible for you to win.”

Get to training, and you will be rewarded! The most important thing is getting your attention away from my son. Stop leading my son astray, damn it……

Due to the fact that Fedrus still needed recovery potions made, the queen was unable to offend Sue. She could only save the kingdom in a roundabout way and isolate Fedrus from Sue.

What about after the harvest?! If it got to that point then it would be another solution, how hard was it to find something for Sue to do, it was only a matter of getting her to accept it…….

“But what if I don’t win anything?!” Sue started to squirm at this juncture: “There’s no prize for the second place, and if I lose because of age, how hurtful and how wronged would this feel……”

“There’s a prize!” The real hurtful and wronged queen quickly nailed things down and submitted to the blackmailing: “The truth is this year’s new prize system isn’t announced yet, but the second place has a prize……”

“How much money?!”

“One thousand gold……. Uhh, two thousand……. Three…….” After watching Sue squint her eyes and yawning like she was not very interested, the queen gritted her teeth and steeled her heart and put out an agonizing budget with tears pouring down her face: “Four thousand gold coins! The second place gets four thousand gold coins!”

“Wow— that’s generous!” Sue’s eyes were glittering and she asked with interest: “How about first place?!”

You still want the first place?!

The queen spat out blood and smiled forcefully: “The first place is naturally eight thousand……” The king offered four thousand coins, so four thousand plus her four thousand was eight…… The Elven King’s nostril hairs! Did this damn kid fail in basic calculations?!

“Why don’t you give a round figure?!” Sue was greatly unsatisfied.

“…… It’s because this number is auspicious.” The queen answered with determination and quickly covered her face. She nearly collapsed, what the heck was she saying gibberish for, sob, hic…….

The palace’s money was definitely easier to earn. The royal family’s income was provided by the public, and to put it more accurately, it was not very stable and did not have a fixed income. But the level of this unemployed type is at the ultimate stage. The income of the public was distributed to how much the public earned. There were even bonus funding when it came to celebrating the festivals.

Of course, the king gave out rewards as well, but these rewards were the king giving out face, while the nobles would provide respect and show their loyalty with monetary aspects….. The former was a symbolistic gesture, but the latter was meaningful and substantial.

This back and forth made it clear as to who really got the advantage, but the one who got taken advantage off was willing to do so. Honestly, there were many people who want to present their tributes but were unable to find a way to do so.

Sue had always acknowledged of taking money from the citizens and distributing it to where things mattered the most. Of course, distributing to where it mattered most meant giving the cash to her…… She was now a citizen of the Tobias kingdom, and it was not overbearing to get some pocket money from her country right?!

After talking conditions over with the queen, Sue finally agreed to let the queen send her the person who would teach her in the school tomorrow. After thanking the queen’s generosity and hospitality, she bid her farewell with satisfaction.

Just as she reached the outer areas of the palace, she met someone who had close contact to her near a field of flowers. The guard Ryder was still as kind and warm like he would always be so, and he accompanied a lady strolling across the palace.

(TL: Sue impersonated Ryder and accused his fellow guard of cheating his fiance in front of the latter’s supposed father-in-law in chapter 86. Ryder is now in love with rival’s fiancee. Can’t recall if the name is wrong.)


“Oi! Someone left his post and is using the palace flower garden to get a date. Are you leaving it alone?!” Sue pointed at the two who were not far away and asked the guard who was escorting her.

The guard took a look at the pointed finger’s direction and replied: “Captain Ryder isn’t working right now. He’s acting as a personal guard to accompany one of the royal magicians in the palace. As long as they don’t enter the restricted places, we won’t interfere.”

“Oh?!” Sue found a juicy piece of gossip and remembered that she earned a sudden wife in the past. Her eyes were glittering: “Then that babe is the daughter of the royal mage?!”

The guard was greatly shocked: “How do you know that?!”

“Uh, I have a little source of information…… Come to think of it, the Captain of the Fourth Guards, how is he nowadays?!”

The guard thought the source of information was Fedrus leaking out the news to the little girl during their idle talk, though he was not sure why a prince would be interested in the guards’ gossip. But he was still moved…… He was such an approachable prince…..

“You’re asking about the original Guard Captain?! He wasn’t getting along with the other guards and tried to taunt them several times. He has been transferred away, still a captain and his access are still the same as before, but he’s no longer in charge of the outer palace’s area……”

“Where is he in charge of?!”

“…… Patrolling the castle’s walls.” The guard covered his face and silently mourned for him.

Sue was mourning as well. Transferring to another department was still divided into good and bad. Patrolling the outside walls was different from patrolling the palace.

The former meant that one had to suffer the sun and rain with bad equipment, and the only thing that they would be eating was dust. The latter was filled with morale and their equipment was shiny, having the chance to meet with another kingdom’s highest ambassador, and if they got to show off one day, it was completely likely to get promoted to a high post.

Was this considered as life being unpredictable?!

Sue absolutely refused to admit that fellow’s misfortunate was caused by her. It there was anything to be blamed, it was his luck…… Honestly, if that guard was really faithful to his fiancee, why would he unable to resolve such a small misunderstanding?!

Her mischief was merely an agent, the biggest reason was that the fourth captain and his fiance could not withstand the trials….. Yeah, it was definitely like that.

“Don’t come any closer!”

While Sue was being distracted, the warm atmosphere suddenly changed and the girl seemed to be suddenly angry and stared at Ryder with tears in her eyes: “I was really wrong about you.”

“What’s going on?!” Sue grabbed the guard with great fervor.

“This…… I’m actually not sure about it too.” The guard looked on helplessly with a gloomy expression: “That girl frequently fights with Ryder, usually it’s nothing big and just trivial things, but….. Forget it, it’s a common thing between couples and you wouldn’t understand even if I tell you.”

Hoh, the guard was looking down on her?!

Sue rubbed her chin, then put on a sinister smile: “How do you know that I don’t know?! ……Let’s bet on it, if I can make them a couple, how about a hundred coins?!”

It was a friendly gamble. 100 gold coins was not really a stressful thing for a royal guard with high pay. Furthermore, he felt that it was quite amusing that a child was trying to pretend to be an adult, so he accepted it while holding back his laughter, wanting to see how the Sue was going to handle it.

Sue adjusted her clothes, changed to Miya’s appearance, then changed herself to the age of five…… After the disguise was ready, she put on an adorable and innocent expression and pranced over, butting into the rigid couple and pulled on Ryder’s clothes: “Brother Ryder.”

Ryder paused for a moment and looked down. She found the girl’s appearance to be familiar, but he could not remember which noble’s child it was, so he asked puzzledly; “You’re?!”

“It’s me, I’m the younger sister of my older sister, have you forgotten me?!” The little girl blinked with dissatisfaction.


“My older sister asked me to give you a box of desserts.” Sue handed over the desserts she swept away from the queen’s room, and waited till he took them over stiffly: “My older sister asked, why do you keep refusing me?! Is she not as good as your lover?! My older sister is so pretty and talented and gentle and good at cooking and……”

The girl next to Ryder was immediately on her guard, pulled Ryder over and asked Sue: “Who’s your older sister?!”

“My older sister is my older sister.” Sue’s eyes were looking kind of stupid.

“Ryder?!” The girl narrowed her pretty eyes and questioned the man beside her.

Ryder was smiling wryly: “I also don’t know who her older sister is.”

“You!” Sue’s expression turned into a sad one: “My older sister loves you so much. Even though you refuse to accept her, how can you forget about her?!”


The girl was feeling smug from the bootlicking remarks and nearly laughed out loud. In the end, she held it in and managed to stop the corners of her lips were going up too much. She puffed up and declared: “Tell your sister that Ryder loves only me.”

Sue was first shocked, then turned sad, and in the end ran back with tears and sobs into the arms of the guard who accompanied her:

“It’s settled in one minute. Remember to pay me when we get out.”

The guard nearly dropped to the ground. This child was too cunning. There was a trick like this?! The most depressing thing was that she knew how to disguise herself when she did bad things……. Huh, why did this face look a little familiar?!

“Commander, this child is?!” The inner palace’s guards were one rank higher than the guards outside. Ryder had to put one hand on his chest and salute before standing straight up to ask.

“Uhh……” The guard did not know how to explain her identity and had to answer ambiguously: “This is a guest of the queen, I’m about to send her out…….”

The queen’s guest!

The lady’s alarm was ringing loudly. Her rival’s background was that strong?! Fortunately, Ryder was loyal to her…… She thought for a while before sighing with considerable relief.

Ryder was also misunderstanding things, and he dared not to ask who Sue was again. He pulled his girlfriend away, and the latter was feeling delighted and gave him face by obeying him, and her eyes were filled with love when she peered into Ryder’s eyes……

The guard tried hard to keep his dignity to send Sue out of the palace until they were far away, and then he pressed his chest in sorrow when he was out of sight:

“My gold coins…….”

“Well, I told you I could get them together.” Sue took off her disguise and put out a hand, giving him a sign that he should pay his debt willingly.

The guard took out a bag of coins without reservations, waited until she kept it away before he asked: “How did you know that the girl will reconcile with Ryder with this method?!”

“Are you asking the obvious, the quarrels between lovers are mostly about minor things right?!” Sue eyed him with distaste: “Like being late to dates, or forgetting to buy gifts on special days, saying something that’s not to one’s liking…… Trust me, women have about ten thousand ways to pick something wrong about a guy, like disliking the fact that you didn’t accompany her when you’re busy with work, or when you’re finally with her she dislikes the fact that you’re not good enough……”

Sue gave a long sigh with insight: “These habits are basically habits. The better a life a girl has, the more she likes to nitpick. So the best thing to do is not to let her idle….. She wants to seek excitement right, I’ll give her that huge rival lover, now she would be busy with hooking up with Ryder, along with a part-time job of finding that hidden rival, when would she have the time to cause a tantrum?!”

“……” The guard was speechless: “Where did a small child like you learn something like this?!”

“I’m also someone with free time.” Sue shrugged.

“……” Then you should go make yourself busy, please do not become too carefree……

The guard could suddenly understand a little why the queen wanted to get this child to compete against the harvest festival dancers. If it were possible for him to vote, he would be willing to vote for her and get this child to put more effort into competing, rather than let her continue to be idle.

Sue’s attitude to someone who gave her money was quite good, and she accepted his opinions and encouragement. She expressed that she would put in her utmost effort into the competition. She must not lose the eight thousand coins, but even if she lost because of her age, she had to earn that four thousand coins.

Since the guard and Sue had the same thoughts, their conversation was naturally cordial and the atmosphere was nice. When Sue was sent out to the Magical Beast bus-stop outside the palace, the guard had already talked about meeting his girlfriend several times every week.

Of course, when Sue gave a few sinister laughs, he suddenly smacked his lips in regret….. D&*$ it! He got along so well that he thought he was speaking to a bro. Why did this kid give such a bizarre feeling?!

When she got back, she saw Fedrus sitting on her bed. He was getting along with the three other girls, looking like a hecking good boy who did not lose his dignity while keeping a gentlemanly air, keeping them all three in conversation without making them feel left out. He even had the timing to speak about interesting topics, leading these drooling girls to idolize him…… Just this scene alone showed that he was really quite a successful prince.

Fedrus unintentionally turned around and discovered Sue, who had been observing outside the window for ten-odd minutes. He jumped in delight, wanting to pounce on her as his elegant mask broke into pieces immediately: “SueSueSueSue! You’re finally back awooo~”

“Don’t move.” Sue scooped the chibi and dragged him by the collar with a very trained hand, flew into her room quickly and shut the window: “This is the 17th floor, and you dared to jump out from the window. Are you afraid you’re not going to die quickly?!”

“Did you bring Mocobibi pies?!” Fedrus asked with great expectations.

“…… I brought them.” Sue smiled at her tonguetied roommates in embarrassment, feeling like her kid was making her shameful: “Do you want to try it as well?!”

They had no problems with that.

It was quite the temptation to any underage adult to eat the signature dessert from Alfred’s Confectionary. Furthermore, they were girls….. The three ate Sue’s desserts happily and provided their own collection of pudding and fruit juice. After everyone was fed and watered, the three girls became tactful and went out to have a walk and left the two children in an empty room.

“What did mother find you for?!” Fedrus was worried the whole day after he learned that the queen escorted Sue off during class, and because he dared not to contact either of them through the Magic Mirror, he could only find the most stupid solution and wait for Sue in her dorm room.

Sue pulled her hair back to show off a golden wheat earring hanging from her right ear: “There, it’s this thing.”

“You entered the competition for the harvest dancers?!” Fedrus was so excited that his face was red: “Why?! Did mother request that?! He said you will be chosen?!”

“She only wanted me to try my best, and the palace will send someone over to teach me the Dance of the Harvest….. Even though there were words of praises, I feel like your mother was not really telling the truth.” Sue shook her head: “To put it clearly, the queen wants me to be busy with things and not bring you everywhere. I should at least disappear until the harvest festival is successfully done with, and that Miya and her family making her final decision between you and Tegwyn……”

Fedrus was greatly shocked: “How can my mother do this!”

“Why can’t she?!” Sue laughed: “If my noble son sticks with a wild girl from a forest the whole day, and that lass did many things to offend others and continue to act wildly without getting worried about the inheritance which is about to disappear……. Truth is, your mother has done well. If it’s up to me, I’ll just chase away that shameless girl.”

“Sue?! ……”

Sue sighed, not knowing how to explain these things to a child who did not understand the complexity of the world: “First of all, you lack communication with your mother…… If you act like a child when you encounter these events, then you can’t blame others for treating you like a kid.”

“I’m a kid, yes, but I at least know what makes me happy with the decisions that I choose.” Fedrus’s eyes were quickly red.

“But your mother is thinking about the results of the decisions that you make in the far future.” Sue patted the chibi’s head: ” Your life experience is limited to the six-seven years that you experienced, and your mother has walked out a far longer distance…… She knows the conditions that you need for a better future, and these things are something that you wouldn’t know right now because you haven’t walked as far as she has. It’s natural that you don’t see as much as she does…… This is why she acts on your behalf to choose the smoothest road for your future, and hope that you listen to her and walk down the path, forever becoming a prince without any worries.”

A child did not know that a good education was necessary for a good job and with a good job, one would have good food to eat and a good house to live in with a good wife….. Playing was the happiest thing right now, but who would always be innocent their whole life?!

Sue was willing to help Fedrus under the appropriate circumstances, but if she was to think from the queen’s point of view, who would believe in a girl who was younger than her son?!

Even if she was invincible in a fight with exceptional talent int alchemy, she was just someone powerful and smart…… who did not have any life experience.

“To get someone to accept what you’re thinking, you must first get their approval, to let them believe that you have the capability of making the right judgment.” Sue grasped the prince’s paws: “This is the second point that I want to make. You still don’t have the power to make people approve of you…… And this isn’t about your magic or fighting skills, it’s also about your wisdom and thinking.”

“Are you saying that I’m stupid?!” The little prince objected unhappily: “I have a few subjects that have been acknowledged that I have the foundations down. There are people who are two times older than me who had not been tested yet.”

“…… I don’t mean this,” Sue looked up at the ceiling speechlessly, feeling that the topic was about to be changed.

“Then what do you mean?! Are you trying to abandon me?!” Fedrus was about to weep: “My uncle is right, you have other little boys and you won’t like me anymore…..”

The topic was changed……

@&*#! She should take out some time to kill that Slane bastard!

Sue gritted her teeth and reminded herself to write this task down on the most conspicuous spot in her journal.


Realizing that her logic would be something that a child would not understand, she could only issue a death order: “In any case, do what you are supposed to do, don’t get involved with the things between your mum and me, and definitely don’t go back to the palace to cause a tantrum…… Your mum can’t lose face!”

“Okay!” Fedrus nodded. Then asked hopefully: “Then if I listen to you will you want me?!”

“….. Yeah!”

“Mmm, then I’ll listen to Sue!” Fedrus clenched his hand with determination and swore.

In the end, it was good to be a dictator. Said something and something was obeyed…… Sue sighed with a tearful face. She knew she was not good material to be an older sister, instead of suddenly trying to pretend like she was one, she should just wash up and sleep early……

That night, the Demon General and Ash congratulated Sue through the Magic Mirror for being watched like she was someone important. Later when they got to know the conversation between Fedrus and her, they laughed till they were almost rolling on the floor while clutching their stomachs.

Even though they had their unique styles, the two pretty much offered the same opinion. Sue did not need to do something like this at all. No matter how smart the little prince was, he was still a kid, and it was impossible for him to understand logic that was too deep. The queen was a noble lady who lived in the royal palace and experienced many dark plots. Therefore she was naturally suspicious and careful…… Also, one who had never come into contact with Sue in the Dark Forest would never believe in her abilities, so it was normal for the queen to have her concerns.

After getting their opinions, she discovered their words were roughly the same as what she had told Fedrus……

What was the use of worrying, he should just do what he was told, even if the sky collapsed there would be someone else holding it up, what was the use of worrying, were you too bored in your life, huh?!

Sue was ashamed and admitted she was indeed too bored, before cutting off the two after feeling the burn and reflected her actions in her bed.

She was actually trying to have good intentions, and it was because she was afraid that Fedrus would be unhappy with his mother for interfering too much. A kid did not understand anything, and if she continued to do things her way or let things be, then she might carelessly allow someone else to cut into the mother and son’s relationship…… The royal family, well, it was the darkest place where people are killed without a drop of blood.

The queen’s appointed teacher indeed got the approval of the school the second day successfully and began a special dance lesson during Sue’s free time.

The royal dance teacher was stunned on the first day’s special lesson. The little girl indeed did not know anything about dancing, but as long as she danced a set, Sue was able to imitate it on the spot. What kind of speed was this?!

After groggily ending the first day on the job, the dance teacher reported to the queen in a very conservative and unclear way, as she suspected that what she was an illusion.

The queen mistakenly thought everything was going smoothly, and kept away the Magic Mirror in satisfaction, and ended things by telling the dance teacher to report once a week. She had to arrange people to help Sue get into the first few rounds in order to continue to keep her busy in case the latter was eliminated too quickly and she became idle.

The second day continued, and the dance teacher was shocked. The little girl did not forget the dance’s every step and was even better compared to yesterday. It seemed like she had been learning the dance for several days instead.

The third day the dance teacher was astounded.

The fourth day the dance teacher was feeling numb.

The fifth day, the sixth…….

When the week’s training was over, the dance teacher reported to the queen in tears. The little girl had learned all the dances to the harvest festival without a single error and she was performing elegantly and naturally, and there was no need to continue teaching her……

Sue was nonplussed when she saw her talent frightening the dance teacher away. She merely asked one sentence “Are you willing to teach me the harvest festival dances?!” with the reply of “Of course.”

Then….. Then the skillset was recognized to be taught successfully; she was just grinding the levels these few days……

Dancing, hmm. It was not a combat skill or life skill, just something that was used for entertainment. The experience required to level up was naturally low enough to make one feel relieved……

“I’m a genius…..” Sue praised herself shamelessly.

Ash nearly choked to death on a piece of barbequed meat. He coughed violently several times and downed half a glass of water, calmed down from the impact and glanced depressingly at Sue: “Do you mind not saying something so frightening when I’m eating.”

“Sue’s the best.” Fedrus was the most satisfied person at this result, and gladly help praised without holding anything back in delight. The faster Sue learned, the more time she would have to play with him…… Of course, this was a little stressful for him at the same time, he was at least praised to be a talented person, how could he be left behind by this much?!

“Yup, remember to praise someone with more gusto.” Sue taught the little prince with a joyful mood.

“……” Why did it feel like something was wrong when she said it?!

It was actually a coincidence when Sue found out that she could learn skills just like in the game…… This was during the time when she learned the etiquette from Fedrus, to think it would apply elsewhere and work well….. What made Sue satisfied was that the skills had no restriction on classes, this was a naked cheat!




TL: 牛B, TLed as ‘bestest’. But lol this term is a whole can of worms.

Explanation time.

Not sure if anyone has eaten Peking Duck before, but it’s possible to blow up into the skin of a duck, so when you cook it with heat, the skin becomes extra crispy as it separates from the fat, incredibly tasty (I apologize for the horrifying imagery).

It’s possible to do it to pigs as well.

But cows? You can’t separate the hides from the fat, it’s too thick and tough. But apparently the impossible happens and it’s separated anyways (blow cow skin). So it’s used to describe F**king Amazing, but it can also be used to call out disbelief.

Keep in mind that’s it’s originally used as a disbelief callout and was a really uncivilized term (blow cow SOMETHING) before it turned (cow force).