The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 107

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Chapter 107 – Kicking the classroom’s door

“You want to see Miya?!” A loyal staff member finally did his job and explained at the same time: “I’m very sorry, she’s having classes right now. The dancing teacher is now teaching the theory and demonstrating it in the classroom as well. Once the students are training on their free time would you be able to see them perform.”

“Thank you.” Sue nodded.

“Also, if you are spectating, please try and maintain your silence or it might affect the dance music and make the students miss their timing.” The staff member had an air of righteousness, unafraid of Sue’s identity as a teacher.

“Understood.” Another nod.

“Also, if you want to request a keepsake from Miya, please ensure to control your emotions and not do something rash. Especially do not request for handkerchiefs, accessories, dresses and other personal items……” The addendum continued.


“Also, and also……”

“Look, just chain that girl up and let us see through the jail bars or something?!” Sue could not help but give out her suggestion.


There were two smart staff members who discovered that their colleague was trying to challenge the female devil, and because of camaraderie, they rushed over to drag him away: “Sorry, sorry, our vice-president is a little too cautious, please go ahead slowly.”

With the help of the staff members, the trio finally confirmed Miya’s classroom’s location. But they were not rabid fans, so they did not plan to barge into the dancing room and affect the class.

Under the little prince’s surprised voice and Demon General’s stumped expression, Sue took out dishes of food and a small bottle of wine, treating them to a tea-break.

Once they were fed and watered, they went to the washroom and came back to find the door to the dancing classroom was finally opened. They entered and saw the students forming into twos and threes in a circle to spectate the girls in the center. The girls were about to start.

“Seems like the classes are usually half-open to the public, but it’s a little special today and there are more people than usual,” Sue remarked and took out three chairs from her Dimension Bracelet, then freely picked out a chair of her choice and sat down.

Fedrus who was used to the spotlight sat down under the gaze of everyone. The Demon General looked helplessly at the two and at the people who were standing.

Yeah, it was a dancing classroom. There were typically no chairs in it.

The two’s actions were too conspicuous and it was natural for everyone’s gaze to be drawn to them. But since the Demon General came along with the two, it was too late for him to cut off his relationship with them. If he sat down, he was not aligned with the public. But if he did not sit down, he would be still seen as an outsider. Heck, he might be plastered with a cuckoo mind if rumors spread…… Not sitting down when there was a seat in front of him, was he not someone mentally ill?!

With the decision of choosing pathetic or stupid and pathetic, he chose pathetic and sat down…..

The dance teacher shot a glance at them, but her glance turned into a gaze and stopped at the Teacher’s Emblem on Sue’s chest for ten seconds. She then looked up and saw the Demon General’s unique eye shape for half a minute, before sweeping her gaze past the little prince…… That sweep only took 0.5 seconds and she nodded at the girls in front of her:

“Alright ladies, who amongst you would like to demonstrate what we learned today to everyone?!”

“Miya! Miya!!”

That little noble girl seemed to be popular even among her classmates. Even though everyone was probably giving face in account of her family background, it was a pretty challenging thing to receive so much support.

A fair-skinned pretty girl with a slender outline walked out with confidence amidst a sea of neat and slightly restrained cheers. She clutched the hems of her dress and then bowed to the dance teacher, then turned around with a nod and smile to her classmates and the spectators:

“I thank everyone for the support. I’m pleased to dance for everyone.”

The dance teacher was very satisfied with her best pupil’s etiquette. Sue secretly bent sideways towards Fedrus and the Demon General:

“This girl clearly hasn’t danced for very long.”

“Why?!” This could be seen through?! She had not even dance yet, right?

The people who were near them were curious about how Sue made her conclusion. Miya was agreed behind the scenes to be this year’s star dancer, as confirmed by the hottest rumors, but there was actually someone who meted out her suspicions?!

Sue nodded to prove her point and explained to the doubtful little prince and Demon General: “Her chest is too small. It’s clear that she did not train her chest muscles.”


The Demon General and Fedrus sweated, while the spectators sweated profusely: “…… This. Maybe she was born that way?!”

Miya, who was about to dance, stumbled. Her proud and confident expression stiffened in an instant. She nearly crushed her teeth with a pale expression…… She heard that, she heard that, goddamnit!

“Hehe, ignore the little old me, twas a joke.” Sue showed her hands and expressed she did not do it on purpose, but she sighed after discovering Miya’s reactions.

It was indeed true that she was spouting nonsense, but judging from her reactions, this little girl’s mind was not very tough, and she did not appear to be a scheming girl who pretended to be innocent.

“Miya! Concentrate on your performance and ignore the others!” The dance teacher did not have a good look.

She heard everything that Sue said, and this person did not even have the intention to hide veil her remarks. Was she here to cause trouble or kick down the dance classroom’s door?!

“Yes!” Miya gritted her teeth and walked out stiffly to the center of the classroom. She did her best to concentrate and took a deep breath, and the music started……

Professionals saw the truth, outsiders were there for cheering.

The thing called art was something considered vague. Even though many idealists stated that art was universal and crossed nationalities, and was something that cleansed the soul than some hard-scrubbing polishing, scum cleaning 100% brute force detergent…… Truthfully, it was unlikely that a song or dance would exude enough charm to shock everyone out of their senses and lose track of time.

If there was someone who managed to do so, there was no doubt, the people there were scammers……

It was simple logic, how many people fell in love in first sight? Even mega-hit stars did not captivate every single person who watched hem.

Therefore if someone managed to lose themselves in the dance or song, that would not be art, it would be Mental Magic.

In conclusion, most of the people there joined in the crowd and cheered……

That abstract painting was really about which color stood out more in people’s eyes. Understanding instrumental music?! It was fine if you were unable to understand it. It would be good enough if you enjoyed listening to a small range or huge range. As long as you were not tone-deaf or had the wrong pitch, everyone would basically accept it.

So what about dancing?! …… $#&*! Who cared about dancing, people were there to see the girl’s shapely body and the flexible waist…… Holy #@*#! That girl just split her legs into a line……

Of course, people could ignore the above, but they would not be so truthful about all these things. Even if they did not understand, they would pretend to do so since the others were saying so. It was for the best, yup, it was not as if they were fighting to make a salary based on the arts…..

Sue stealthily covered her mouth with her lips and threw a lemon candy in her mouth, chewing it to raise her concentration. She glanced at the little prince. He was already feeling bored, looking left and right impatiently. His focus was originally not on enjoying the dance, but to scout the enemy and display a show of force and cause trouble.

The Demon General was more subdued. He did not do something as rude as what the little prince did, but squinted at Miya without showing emotion…… Based on Sue’s judgment and understanding, this bugger was not trying to hide like he had a revelation; he was actually sleepy!!!

But they could not really be blamed. Miya’s dance today was indeed a little boring. The dance seemed to express the elegance and beauty of the dancer. It was indeed pretty to look at the first glance and one could even admire the dance moves, but looking at it too much would cause one to get a little sick of it.

Dancing! Was not really a very difficult thing in Sue’s heart.

It should at least have some kind of crazy moves that made people excited!

Doing the same actions and over was pointless, and people would eventually lose interest at even the best figures.

“How’s Miya’s dancing?!” The dance teacher came over to Sue, and perhaps seeing that the latter was another teacher, very politely gave her face and asked for a little feedback.

“…… Do you want to hear the truth or lies?!”

“……” The dance teacher’s face changed into a weird look, and nodded once rigidly: “The lies first.”

“It’s okay.” Sue thought for a moment before she rounded up things gently.

“…… Then the truth?!” The dance teacher also thought for a moment, and one could not be sure whether she was clutching on to a string of hope to gain her confidence, or that she felt her life was going on too smoothly and needed some torture.

“It’s kinda okay.” Sue’s words were iron-clad.


The Demon General watched the dance teacher leave angrily without a word and sighed: “You offended her. If you don’t clear things up, be careful that she would cause you trouble.”

“Are you serious?” Sue looked back in condescension: “In regards to our classes, I teach etiquette, she teaches dancing. There’s no way at all where we encounter each other. In regards to our statuses, I’m a guest lecturer from the Demon race and a Count. She’s just an ordinary teacher…… It’s good enough that I don’t make her wear red shoes, what kind of trouble can she cause me?!”

“Red shoes?!”

“Ahh, it’s a pair of red shoes that’s cursed. It’s fine if you don’t understand it, just know that you know that it’s something bad.”

The dance was over and everyone clapped thunderously. Sue was surprised by the raucous clapping, and she turned around to find a crowd people around the class that she did not know when they came in. There was even a queue outside the door.

Everyone was giving face. Leaving aside that Miya was pretty and had a good figure, her status was obviously there. These few points definitely got a good impression.

“Did she really dance that well?!” Sue grabbed Fedrus and asked in shock: “Or is your world’s aesthetic views on beauty a little different from mine?!”

No matter how much of a country bumpkin she was, she should not have such a different view from them.

“Just based on techniques alone, she danced quite well.” Fedrus was bored and when Sue took the initiative to ask her, he quickly explained happily: “This is the second subsection of the ceremonial dance for the festival. The main point is to express the dancer’s elegance and nobility, legend depicts that our ancestors in the distant past blablabla……”

The Demon General sighed: “No wonder it didn’t look like a good dance, so it’s a dance for the festival.”

A normal dance was meant for watching, but a ceremonial dance put heaving emphasis into a certain meaning. Each action had a fixed move and meaning and meant for publicity.

Miya finally regained her confidence from the crowd’s passionate applause. She beamed and thanked everyone, then put on a haughty expression and scoffed at Sue’s trio direction, rolling her eyes before going back to her classmates.

“Very good, Miya danced…… quite well.” The dance teacher wanted to say that it was perfect and left a strong impression, but when she thought about Sue’s score, she did not dare to exaggerate her praise and chose to restrain herself: “Now then, would everyone come over and practice the routines that I taught you earlier? You can also choose to dance outside the dance floor……”

Only ‘quite well’?! Miya’s smug expression instantly dropped. She tutted with dissatisfaction. It was clear that she had never received such a conservative score since she was young.

“Never mind, let’s leave.” Sue wanted to leave since the scouting on the enemy was over and she had finished watching the dance.

They should not continue staying there to get hated on, especially when she saw that the dance teacher and Miya rolled their eyes several times, and it was honestly too silly of them if they did not leave.

“Let’s go, let’s go,” the little prince did not object to it, “she’s uglier than Sue.”

“Hehe……” The Demon General chose silence.

The trio got up and Sue kept the chairs away. They wanted to go back to their homes, but Miya discovered the commotion from them. After being made fun throughout the dance, the young girl could not hold it in, and she shouted:

“The three spectators over there, are you not going to join in the dance with us?!”

“Haha, sorry, I don’t have free time,” the Demon General bent his body slightly, showing enough friendliness to a pretty lady.

“Sorry, I’m too short,” Fedrus tutted.

“Sorry, I’m don’t have the mood,” Sue shrugged.


Miya was speechless.

The dance teacher was also speechless.

The spectators were also speechless.

Therefore, the three people were here to smash the dance classroom’s door down?!




PS: I couldn’t resist referencing the red shoes fairytale and instead of translating the CN lingo since it’s about dancing. The original lingo 给她小鞋穿 is that getting the person shoes to wear that are one size smaller and it makes you feel uncomfortable. It’s to screw people over.