The Strategy to Become good at Magic Chapter 104

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Chapter 104 – Antidote, blessing in disguise


“I……” The queen wanted to curse aloud, but she held it in and finally regained her composure: “I’m going to issue an order out now. I’ll get the stewards to go to the various warehouses and wait for instructions. As long as the herbs are in the kingdom, they will be handed over to you.”

“I’m afraid we will have to trouble Your Majesty to give us separate passes as well, allowing our Dark Priests to enter the Academy and assist in the procedures to create the antidote.” The Demon General nodded as well.

“These are the lines I want to hear.” Sue was quite relieved.

Thus, Sue, the Demon Race, the Queen’s messengers gathered at the Academy of Light’s Alchemy Room to work together and create the antidote.

This situation was a blessing in disguise. Even though Sue and the little prince were poisoned at the same time, they still managed to get an original sample of the poison. As long as she had that, it was not a problem for Sue to make an antidote.

Putting aside the problem of the antidote, there were many questions waiting to be answered.

First question: Who exactly poisoned the wine, and what were the timing and location?

Second question: Why did the mastermind suddenly become so impatient? Or did the kingdom’s situation suddenly changed?!

Third question……

“S*$@! It seems like some ingredients are insufficient.” The messenger was holding on to a mirror that displayed the queen’s appearance like a funeral’s photograph, and the most respected woman in the kingdom was stomping the ground with fury: “Sue! Can these ingredients that you requested be replaced with something else?!”

“I think not. Even if there are replacements, I’m unable to put in the time to research on them in my condition.” Sue massaged her temples and shook her head, looking out from the corners of her eyes at the Magic Mirror. She took several deep breaths: “This poison is really quite strong…… Hey, have you still not calculated the ratio for a reasonable formula?!”

“Child, this is a challenge,” the Demon race’s researchers expressed their unhappiness: “the composition of making a new medicine is complicated, and making a new antidote isn’t as easy as throwing all the ingredients to make it…… Certain formulas took decades and even centuries, you need to be patient”

“I’m actually not impatient, but I’m afraid I’m out of time.” Sue reached out for a pail and puked blood into it: “If it’s just blood loss, it’s still fine, but now I’m feeling symptoms of dizziness, and I estimate I have approximately half an hour before I lose consciousness…..”

“Sue?!” The Demon General was in great shock: “Didn’t you managed to drag out the poison on the little prince for a long time?!”

“That’s because I managed to cure a portion of his fatal conditions, and I only need to suppress the rest,” Sue sighed and continued, “the problem is, that medicine that I gave him was made with a very rare black lotus. Also, even finding the other required materials would be a troublesome thing. How would there be enough time to make a new potion to delay my conditions?”

“The Dark God above……”

“Listen, I have a few things you need to help me to do.”

“…… Ok, go ahead.”

“First, you need to get me a few notice slips to ask the school for acceptance of my sick leave. Have the queen stamp it, I believe she will help with this small matter…… Bananas! Just who exactly set up the rules at the Academy of Light, skipping a class is the equivalent of deducting ten points from the exams?! Also, my wages for living expenses are due tomorrow, remember to get them from the palace.”

Black lines formed on the Demon General’s forehead: “Don’t you have anything else important to do other than these small issues?!”

“Important?!” Sue thought about it and nodded: “There’s indeed something…… Ahh, that person whose name I don’t know, bring the funeral photo of your queen further away, I have some secret stuff to tell the Demon General.”

Once the messenger brought away the Magic Mirror and left them alone, Sue took a moment to pant, then pulled the Demon General over and spoke in a whisper: “If I really lose consciousness, remember to petrify me like Fedrus, the potion is on the table. In fact, there are various flavors…… Then go to XX Street XX Building XXX Unit Number and catch Eins, and……”

She flipped over her palm. A sealed flask was taken out and placed onto it, with the contents of the flask transparent like the purest water: “Find a chance and get him to drink it…… Then find Eins’s dad and tell him this. If I die, Eins dies, if I live, Eins lives……”

“That Eins……” The Demon General’s eyes shone.

“Don’t tell the queen about this matter for the time being,” Sue hurriedly pulled him down, “and also tell that man that this is my final compromise……”

As long as Fedrus and she were fine, then he and his son would naturally be fine. But if she or the little prince were to die, then his son Eins would accompany them, and that man would also become an infamous criminal of the kingdom……

In the earlier encounters that they had, Sue and Eins’s father kept a subtle balance and tacit understanding. Even though the man was quiet and did not take initiative to go after the little prince, he did not become a traitor to his master and go over to Sue’s side either.

There were many different types of bad people. For example, people who were afraid of death and would turn their coats if things did not go right. These people were typically small-time villains. But there were bad eggs who were prepared to die and persist in their actions, becoming a high-class villain, a total villain filled with pure evil, someone who was above the low-level scum…… Well, good and bad people really did not have many differences. They were just simply going about their different ways, and employing different schemes…… That was all.

Other than Sue scaring Eins’s father appropriately, she did not intend to force him to submit or do something similar. It was enough that everyone knew what was in their hearts, and there was no need to drag things out into the open.

But she did not expect that man to try and force her hand when she did not want to do so…… Did he really think that she was unwilling to go after an innocent child?!

The Demon General nodded after thinking for a while: “You try and hold on as much as possible, I’ll send my men out to find that Eins.”

“I think I can’t hold on.” Sue gripped the Demon General’s sleeves, suddenly bending over to puke out a mouthful of blood. This time there were several black-colored strands in her blood. She gritted her teeth and gave her final orders before she lost consciousness: “Find Eins now, then pour the Petrification Potion down my throat…… Remember, I want the blueberry flavor……”

So who affected the people around them the most?

It proved that Sue was the one who had the biggest impact. Besides the Demon Race and the Teen Wolf Ash, the students and teachers in the various classes, especially the Alchemist Teacher who still could not decipher the secrets of the flying broom and recreate it, wanted to find out why she did not attend classes, be it openly or secretly.

Sue actually had a pretty good social relationship in the school. Even though she was small and did not really have fun with the other kids, she had a seemingly good personality, smiled most of the time, and did not get involved with quarrels with other people, despite the tricks that she played on people.

This was why everyone had a good impression of her during this short period of time. As the adage said, “You don’t raise your hand and smack someone who smiles……” (TL: 伸手不打笑脸人, it’s a Chinese adage where you don’t feel like hitting someone if he apologizes. Sue must be smiling all the time and saying I KID I KID—)

The second place belonged to Eins. Even though he was shy, his dad loved him. While that man had an incredibly furious expression after being contacted by the Demon race, he still provided his strength and assistance, starting work immediately, using his position to assist in gathering the ingredients and helping out the Demon race.

The saddest one of them all was actually the little prince. Even though he had the title of a kingdom’s successor, his identity made it impossible to reveal the truth. No one dared to let the citizens know that their prince was poisoned in the Academy of Light. It was the blemish of the royal family, and also the stain of the Academy of Light. It would have seriously affected the citizens’ stable mood too.

This child was pitiful, because even if he had to die, he had to die in a way that would not dirty the environment……

The formula that Sue left behind was incomplete, but it was effective enough to call it an antidote. The question was whether there were sufficient ingredients in the warehouse, and that it would be difficult to create enough portions.

Fortunately, Eins’s father put in a great amount of effort. Even though he was very willing to let Sue die early, his son’s life was still in her hands. He had no choice but to become a traitor this one time, getting the ingredients that were lacking in the others’ hands. Then the Demon race’s alchemists quickly calculated everything to ensure the recipe’s success, then finally creating it…… The mediocre antidote that was done in one day and night.

After the potion was downed, it was time to wait for the results. When Sue woke up, it was already the third day. When she looked at the Demon General beside her, her first sentence was:

“How many classes did I sleep for?!”

The Demon General was momentarily silenced, and he did not have the time to answer before she spoke again: “Did they consider me as playing truant?!”


In the eyes of the students, being sick was not something terrible. The key thing was that being sick would mean there would be a legitimate excuse for resting, and that was something that made people envy the most.

“Why isn’t Fedrus awake yet?!” The queen’s voice came from the other side.

Sue followed the source of the voice and saw a mirror facing another bed. Of course, the queen was not looking at her, but at the little prince lying beside her.

“I guess it’s related to our bodies’ quality.” Sue felt Fedrus’s neck and wrist to determine his pulse: “He had been poisoned before and putting it as an analogy, the poison went through my skin, while the poison had already reached his organs.”

“You mean that Fedrus cannot be saved?!” The queen was so agitated that the magic mirror shook, indicating that her emotions were unstable.

“Let me look at the solution you came up with,” Sue turned to the researchers from the Demon Race.

A parchment was soon handed over. Sue received it and changed a few lines: “Try this…… If I calculated correctly, a perfect antidote will have an orange-purple color liquid that moves like a whirlpool.”

“How would you know that?!” The Demon General waved his hands to get the researchers to work, while he asked like a curious reporter.

“….. This question is a little complicated. I feel that with your current ability, you wouldn’t understand. Just forget about it.”

The queen asked in a hurry: “Based on your changed formula, the antidote would save Fedrus?!”

“It would at least cure his poison, but it will take time to nurse him back to full normalcy.” Sue consoled her before looking around, speaking wistfully: “It seems like my social connections are pretty bad. The people around me are a few demons and a mirror…..”

What was with this cold atmosphere? Never mind about the others, it was too much if Ash was not around right!

Tsk, to think she even drank with him under the moon.

The Demon General was finally relaxed after seeing that Sue was fine, and he laughed: “If the others are unable to help out, we won’t let them in to disturb your rest….. Though Ash was highly dissatisfied with the arrangement and brought his wolves to wait outside for a full day. The Wolf Beastman teacher from his clan dragged him away last night.”

“Alright, then I’ll bear with it and forgive him,” Sue patted her chest to test out her body’s condition before sighing: “those who are well-liked have poor luck…..”

“It’s no wonder you managed to survive in the end.”


With Sue participating in the creation of the new antidote, it was finally completed after several improvements. The little prince had a true blessing in disguise and the poison that was in his body for nearly a year was completely removed. There was nothing else to be worried about…… As long as he rested well and drank the appropriate potions to help with his recovery, the genius of the royal family would come back very soon.

The queen at last cut off the magic mirror after Sue’s assurance. She had been looking at the mirror for the past two days, and only closed her eyes for a few minutes even when she had to rest….. Even though the royal family was sort of bad at expressing their feelings and appeared stoic all the time, Sue thought that the queen had done her best for doing this much.

After seeing off the royal messengers, the Demon General looked at Sue with a smile, then got up to call another person in.

Sue was momentarily stunned at the visitor before she smiled:

“Hello, mister.”

SHe forgot about the person who was more worried than the queen. The parents in the world were to be pitied.

The man had a dark face and pursed lips: “Now you can remove the poison on Eins, yes?”

He must have been blind to actually think that the little girl was suitable to be his son’s friend. He clearly sent his adorable kid to a bandit, and certainly did not expect that the bandit was a heartless person, to go after Eins…..

The classes that taught ethics were indeed worthless. When those saint-like protagonists were moving about in the past, it must have been paradise for the villains and supporting leads.

“There’s no antidote,” Sue said, then hurriedly continued her explanation upon seeing the man’s expression, “little Eins isn’t poisoned. He only drank a relatively strong sleeping potion…… Hmmm, it might be a little too much for his size. If he’s left alone, then he would be weakened without taking in food and water, till the point of reaching death. But waking him up would be easy, let him smell something that would agitate his nose….. Or if you’re in a rush, slapping him twice would be okay.”

It was just a warning after all, though it was a fact that no one knew that it was not poison. It would be the best that Eins’s father helped out with everything he had. Even if he failed to rescue both her and Fedrus, she would not let an innocent kid follow them to their graves……

However, it was necessary to show what her position was.

She could tolerate this outcome once and believe that the man would not continue challenging her limits. But if he did, who could tell if her revenge was another sleeping potion or a real poison?!

The man appeared stunned, then showed a twisted expression, then finally relaxed…… After the process of experiencing the various emotions, he finally opened his mouth: “Thank you for letting Eins off.”

“What are you talking about, you’re being too polite.” Sue waved off her hand to indicate that it was no big deal: “Everyone’s a friend. If I really did something to him, how would I be able to face him the next time we eat together and do homework?!”

“…….” The man nearly spat out blood. She could mix up with whomever she liked, but it was best that she stayed far away from his son……

But before he could respond, someone from the Demon race had taken out a flask of liquid that emitted a smell of rotten eggs and woke up Eins. The boy rubbed his eyes in confusion and looked around him in surprise:

“Father, you’re here?!”

“….. Yes.” The man did not know what else he could say.

“Good morning! Do you remember what you were doing?!” Sue greeted him and asked.

Eins thought earnestly for a moment: “I think it was this mister…..” He pointed at the Demon General: “He said that Fedrus and you were in some kind of danger, and needed some kind of experiment to make the antidote. And in the process of making the antidote, they needed my assistance……”

“Yes! The antidote was a success. Thank you for your cooperation, Eins.” The Demon General had a brilliant smile.

“Ehh?!” Eins was very happy: “Did it work?! How was it made? And what did I do? Donate blood?!”

“Eins! I thought I told you not to trust anyone easily, and not to put your life into someone else’s hands…..” The man wanted to cry.

“Yes, but Sue isn’t someone else.” Eins blinked with innocence written in his eyes: “I still remember that you said that our lives can only be entrusted to someone we trusted most…… I feel happy that Sue trusted in me even when she was in danger.”

The man silently puked out blood and turned around to claw at the wall. Sue sighed and clutched her chest and confessed her sins to the Demon General: “My heart….. is being tortured.”

“Sue, you’re clutching your right chest.”

“……” What, it was just that she had a heart that pointed elsewhere……

The man brought back his son who was bad at communication. Even until the end, Eins did not realize that he was being used to threaten his dear old dad. But naturally the man would not speak about it. It was a loss of face, and secondly, he did not know how to explain it.

If he lied in his explanations, then he deceived his son. If he did not lie, then he would have exposed his dark side to his son that he had been trying to avoid……